The Legend of Spider Forest (1971)


Directed by: Peter Sykes

Written by: Derek & Donald Ford


.... Paul Greville
.... Anna
.... Ellen
.... Johann

Release Date: Theatrical: 1971 (UK); 1974 (Canada); February, 1975 (USA)



A Nazi scientist and a woman known as a "spider goddess" attempt to develop a nerve gas made from spider venom.


I couldn't understand the story whatsoever so I will do my best to review this as much as possible....
The story shows a prologue with a couple skinny dipping in a lake and then something happens as I couldn't explain it at all but someone gets mysteriusly murdered. Didn't impress me at all though as I've seen stuff like this before.
After the opening credits roll taking place at a forest our main character Paul Greville does some photography and other stuff and meets up with a mysterious one whom is Anna and she runs away. None of the sistuations seem to make sense at all.
Then more pointless discussions and situations in other areas of the film which made me wonder if I was watching a horror film or not as it didn't do anything for me.
After Paul spots a dead body in the forest and then spots Anna running away in the forest he chases after her with a sudden thunder and rain happening out of the blue which seemed a little cheesy while spotting this moment happening.
Then a thug Johann attack her in a pond which looked intense and then Paul tries to save her and brawls with him which looked powerful to watch but I still can't figure out to the outcome throughout all of this.
Later on in the story there is a good sequence between Paul and Anna in the forest as it looked nearly romantic as well as her holding a spider from a web which draws in a mysterious feel to all of this. Then they hear some laughter and then Johann and his goons jump from a tree and attacks Paul as this looked intense to watch along with them strapping him to a ground with a tarantula on his chest with nice focused camera shots on all of this. However this was supposed to give you the chills but misses by a longshot.
Other mysterious situations occur involving Paul near a sawmill which seemed like a surprising moment with an electric saw activating or another situation when Anna feeds crickets to her tarantula hinting some horror moments but some of these situations didn't impress me at all.
What looked exciting is when Anna has a nightmare sequence in the forest being caught up in a giant web but that was about it.
Another scene worth mentioning was when Anna and Paul are spying on Ellen as well as some thugs tying up Johann and using a whip on him which drew my attention as to why they were doing this along with them being caught in the act with him trying to run away from these people drawing some suspense.
The action packs up big time near the end like most horror films do when both Anna and Paul try to sneak into a laboratory to find out what others are doing using the spider's venom and so fourth as alot of wild moments goes on and twisted situations. All in all it was a strange outcoming of all of this.
Bottom line is that as mentioned couldn't understand this movie at all but it was a lame flick and barely a horror flick. You're not missing out on this one trust me as it was nearly plotless as well as pointless too. I could see why this dud was obscure.

The acting works fairly well and better than the plot as (Paul Greville) seemed to act clever in his role with his charm as well as doing a good job by reacting to different situations along with having the looks and appeal to what he had to do here. Seemed to be a convincing character actor.
(Anna) drew in well as a mysterious one plus shows a nice deceivingly innocent look to her role. Does well by acting soft spoken within whatever she did here. She proved to be a worthy character actress within all she had to do in her role.
(Ellen) showed off a great sharp attitude as well as acting believeably stubborn in her role. Plus shows off a great sleazy as well as a wicked attitude too. Had the perfect looks for this role which was another plus to her role.
(Johann) was great playing a goon in the film as he was great with his violent actions along with acting convincingly obnoxious. Certainly had a true evil approach to his role as well as looking perfect for this part.

John Simco Harrison does a nice score with his classical composing in which he offers nice harp playing for the peaceful moments. He also has alot of intense clarniet playing as well as other types of sounds which sounded nice and clear. Everything was good and solid for each scene as I have no criticism. It's better than the movie itself.