Leprechaun (1993)

Written & Directed by: Mark Jones


Warwick Davis .... Leprechaun
Jennifer Aniston .... Tory Reding
Ken Olandt .... Nathan Murphy
Mark Holton .... Ozzie

Robert Hy Goldman .... Alex
.... J.D. Redding

Release Date:
Theatrical: January 8, 1993

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A man named Daniel O'Grady (Shay Duffin) and his wife who returned to the USA from thinking that they are filthy rich after stealing gold coins from a vengeful Leprechaun (Warwick Davis). However, the Leprachaun tagged along in one of their suitcases as he kills O'Grady's wife but then he is locked away in a wooden box with a four leaf clover to keep him there down in the basement of O'Grady's home and then O'Grady himself gets sick and is sent to a hospital.
10 years later a man named J.D. Reding (John Sanderford) and his spoiled daughter Tony (Jennifer Aniston) move into his home as its all dusted and broken down.
While they try to get the house back in shape with some painters, one of the painters who is a meantally challenged adult named Ozzie (Mark Holton) goes down into the basement as he hears a childs cry through the wooden box the Leprechaun is trapped in. He wipes off the clover and the Leprechaun escapes.
He runs to tell the others but they find nothing and thinks he's using his imagination.
Next Ozzie spots a rainbow as him and his young friend Alex (Robert Gorman) finds the end of it and then spots a bad of gold coins belonging to the Leprechaun in a broken down truck. Ozzie accindently swallows one. They both decide to keep the gold coins but this enrages the Leprechaun and will kill to get all of his coins which puts Ozzie in danger after realising that Ozzie swallowed one of his coins as he terrorises everyone there.


We spot a beginning that spots the Leprechaun tricking the O'Gradys at their home wanting his pot of gold and killing one of them by falling down some staircases as this all looked fairly well done. Leaves an average start to the story.
Then following 10 years later with a nice far camera shot on a vehicle driving alone a long and windy road with both J.D. and his daughter Tory going to the home where the Leprechaun did damage to start a new life as well as spotting Tory griping about it being too far away from the city as this was well put into the story.
Also a good add into the story when Tory runs into a hunky guy Nathan Murphy whom is going to paint the home and she wants to stay since this works well into a horror film on a girls crush on someone putting stuff together.
Also we have an interesting moment when Tory brings drinks down to the cellar for Nathan and we spot the Leprechaun inside the box hoping that someone will let him out which was nicely done.
Also a good moment with mentally challenged Ozzie coming down to the attic hearing a fake child whom he thinks is Alex calling to him to knock of the four leaf clover as well as effective moments on this Leprechaun smashing out of the box and coming face to face towards him as this seemed to be an impressive start for this mongrel to return to his evil deeds.
Things seemed corny when Ozzie tells everyone on seeing a leprechaun which seemed to add some comedic timing on everyones reactions to what he was talking about.
An interesting cheesy special effect of a rainbow and Ozzie showing his childhood sidekick Alex as well as them going to it and finding a pot of gold which seemed impressive when Alex was telling Ozzie he can pay someone to fix his brain as this was well remembered to anyone who watched this flick. Also there's a moment when Ozzie swallows a gold coin as this makes you cringe since we know the Leprechaun will be outraged when he finds one gold coin missing as well as having Ozzie endangered due to this.
Also a good moment when the Leprechaun is underneath a vehicle and then he rubs Tory's leg and then scratches it as she wonders who did it since this offers some good horror that this being can be quite violent. Definetely grabs your attention.
Then a good moment with a cat calling and J.D. goes and checks out on where it's coming from as well as putting his hand in a tree trunk to try and call for the cat as this definetely leaves an impression that this is not a great idea keeping you watching in suspense as to what will happen to him.
We have a situation with the Leprechaun attacking someone at an antique store after both Ozzie and Alex talks to this owner on how much the gold coins are worth as there's a funny shot on the Leprechaun jumping on a pogo stick ready to attack this door while he's n the ground but it looks lame as to how he kills him.
The plot weakens alot and looked awfully slow for what we see with the ongoing stuff such as this Leprechaun driving a small car and a police officer pulling him over thinking it's a child as well as a chase scene in the forestry with this little guy being a good hider but we all think on what happens is pretty lame. Or this mongrel making a mess in the house spotting some cereal especially a Lucky Charms box but it says Lucky Clovers as my guess no copywritten infringement is involved for safety.
Perfect struggling scene's with Nathan trying to snuff this Leprechaun with a shotgun and getting caught in a bear trap and moments like this. Plus we have a moment when everyone is in a truck and the Leprechaun trying to attack them at the windshield.
An interesting cheesy moment with Tory sneaking into a hospital and spotting what we may think is the back of the head on O'Grady since we kinda get the feeling that it's the Leprechaun up to his old tricks. This seems too common these days in a horror flick. It's funny though showing the Leprechaun chasing after her in a wheelchair with fast motions on this.
The best scene is when Alex uses a four leaf clover using a slingshot and shooting it at the Leprechaun's mouth since the special effects looked superb on the outcome of all of this which should please horror fans big time.
This film was a clever flick having an evil Leprechaun putting curses on people and using his deadly powers too as Mark Jones really studied the Leprechauns background and making a children's fairytale into something deadly. However the story doesn't pick up too much making it more corny than frightening almost cloning Freddy Krueger. Still it's fun to watch if you're in the mood for it.

The acting is very well performed by all the cast members. Warwick Davis (Leprechaun) was great in his role as he was both witty and deadly with his actions in the flick speaking cold and aggressively when he is in a rage for his gold coins as well as adding some wicked humor to when he is about to go in for the kill. He just brings it all together good and slick for all of what he had to do. He stands out the most in this film out of the whole cast.
Jennifer Aniston (Tory Reding) seemed to stand out well in her part as a mature young adult who was griping in the beginning without seeming like a whiney type. Plus does well changing that mode after meeting a hunky guy adding a nice charm to her role. Offers good energy and reactions to the suspense and the terror that is striking and being right on the ball of things.
Ken Olandt
(Nathan Murphy) certainly lived to play a hunky guy next door type of role adding a nice charm as well as coming across as someone outgoing and all round nice type too. Shows great adrenaline when he is on the prowl from the Leprechaun and reacts well to when using his shotgun or other devices. A decent character actor.
We have a nice performance by comedy actor Mark Holton (Ozzie) as a mentally challenged adult but he seems to perform a goofy type character as he normally does in comedies but still he does well. Shows good expressions too.
Does his craft as someone whom is likeable and showing a good imagination on what he does. I often found him to be a natural ham in every show that I saw him in and deserves more credit than an underrated actor.
Robert Hy Goldman (Alex) certainly does a fine job playing a cheeky and smart alecky kid. Yet offers a good charm to his role like the rest of the cast and speaking his lines very well and studied his role terrifically. Shows off some good spunk into everything that he did here. This film is for sure a feather in his cap with his performance.

There's a bloodied hand that was bitten
A bitten leg and then slaughtered by a pogo stick
An officers face is clawed and bloodied
The Leprechauns hjand is slammed off by a door.
Then his eye is stabbed by a police stick.
He melts into a crisp at the end

Kevin Kiner and Robert J. Walsh composed the music for this film. Although they do well with it it's not too memorable. There's some good flute playing which is catchy for a Leprechaun type of story as well as some violin and other orchestral classical style of playing in which these two worked hard on this one. It sounds adventureous for the chasing sequences and other areas such as that.

We also have a songtrack when the film is about to start up with the song "Four Leaf Clover" as this sounded well done and catchy too.

Ozzie: What are you?
Leprechaun: What do I look like, me lad? See the hat? The buckles on me shoes? Why, I'm a Leprechaun!

Leprechaun: Where's ME gold?

Leprechaun: [singing while bouncing a pogo stick on a man's chest] This old Lep, he played one. He played pogo on his lung.

Deputy Tripet: Say, aren't we a little young to be out this late?
Leprechaun: No, I'm 600 years old.

Ozzie: I think someone broke into the house.
Alex: No shit, Sherlock.

Tory: Nathan, that was no FUCKING bear.

Leprechaun: Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won't live through the night.

Leprechaun: Have you seen a crock of gold lyin' around?
[Ozzie shakes his head]
Leprechaun: Tell me or I'll bite your ear off, and I'll make a boot out of it.

Ozzie: Help. Help. It's happening. The attack is on. O'Grady farm. Uh, send help. The leprechaun is attacking. Army, navy, guns, marines, and we're gunna need some medicine.

Alex: Fuck you, lucky charms!

Daniel O'Grady: Burn in hell, you little green bastard!