Leprechaun 2 (1994)

Directed by: Rodman Flender

Written by: Turi Meyer & Al Septein


Warwick Davis .... Leprechaun
Charlie Heath .... Cody
Shevonne Durkin .... Bridget
Sandy Baron .... Morty

Special Appearances:

Clint Howard .... Tourist
Linda Hopkins .... Housewife
Tony Cox .... African-American Leprechaun
Michael MacDonald .... Waiter

Release Date: Theatrical: April 8, 1994

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The Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is eager to get his bride on his 1000th birthday on St. Patricks Day as when the woman of his dreams sneezes three times without someone saying god bless you my child she becomes his bride but however when he tries to make a daughter of one of his slaves named William O Day (James Lancaster) but William saves her and the Leprechaun's marriage is jeapardised so he has to wait 1,000 years later on St. Patricks Day.
Well the Leprechaun awakens present day to look for his bride along with some gold. Well he spots a teenage girl named Bridget (Shevonne Durkin) as her and her boyfriend named Cody (Charlie Heath) tries to scam tourists into their limo for money called Darkside Tours trying to make out that they are going to horror film celebrities homes.
Eventually the Leprechaun makes Bridget sneeze three times and she is trapped in his cave but Cody took one of the Leprechaun's gold coins and he will kill to get it back while Cody tries to find a way to rescue Bridgette from the Leprechaun's evil grasp before he weds her as he tries to look into the history of a Leprechaun to find out how to stop him.


A nice beginning to the story of a prologue taking place centuries ago as there's the chase in the deep dark woods with the Leprechaun and a supporting character William O'Day whom is the slave as well as trying to save his daughter to being the bride of the Leprechaun when she sneezes three times as the film is off to a great start indeed.
Then when present day happens we spot campy discussions that involves Cody trying to convince tourists on Hollywood Blvd to do their spooky tour which makes the moments obvious that he's trying to sucker them for the money and con them into taking their ride since this is common in L.A. for people not in the area.
Things look fun when he takes them for a ride through the neighborhood and stop by at a house with a griping black neighbor splashing a bucket of water at their vehicle or they're near an area where a homeless person catches them by surprise by the vehicle window as this was a nice surprising moment but yet fails a bit to make you jump at the same time.
Then a good still dark moment on this homeless man sleeping near an oak tree and suddenly his whiskey bottle is being dragged near it as well as a nice special effects shot on a light with a tree opening and spotting the Leprechaun coming out as well as some nice special effects shots on vines from the ground wrapping around this homeless man as well as a nice shot on one of his golden teeth shining and theis evil imp planning to pull it out of his mouth as this looked nice and twisted.
Also a good moment when this Leprechaun is standing near Hollywood Blvd and an agent hands him a card and he spots a gold ring he's wearing which there's a good shocking moment as to what he does to the agents finger which is in a good dark comedy and horror fashion.
Things really get juicy as we have the idiot Ian being brushed off by Bridget in which then later on hear her ghostly voice calling to him in a garage as you already know it's one of the Leprechaun's old tricks as well as showing her getting lustful and he hallucinate's in front of a deadly weapon which makes you watch carefully wondering if he will be murdered by it when he is being tricked by this object and sees her instead. Another nice horror moment into the film.
Perfect situation with the Leprechaun spying on Bridget as well as Cody having a romantic conversation with her along when she sneezes the third time and is about to bless her we have a great sudden fast action moment with a phone cord being wrapped around his neck along with the terrors striking with the Leprechaun coming into action and trying to kill this teen. Things looked fairly intense. Plus a good moment on his gold spilling and a good camara shot on a coin rolling towards Cody with him lying on the ground and him getting it which is the key to the story on this Leprechaun going in a rage to find his last coin.
Great setting on the inside of the oaktree which is the Leprechaun's domain as well as Bridget being trapped there as well as the Leprechaun counting his money and going in a rage when he realises that one is missing.
Nice timing when Cody tells Morty on what happened and it was caused by a Leprechaun and doesn't believe him and then suddenly the Leprechaun appears out of nowhere which was impressive and doing menacing things as well as demanding for his gold coin to be returned which was memorable on COdy telling him only if he returns Bridget and a nice shot on the Leprechaun crossing his fingers behind his back and then Morty knocking over a book shelf at the Leprechaun and then telling him the history on a Leprecaun tricking others as this was cleverly put in as well. Definetely a well remembered scene.
We spot a nice teasing moment with Cody in a washroom at a bar celebrating St. Patricks Day and spot some feet walking by which we might think is a Leprechaun as we watch carefully to see if Cody will be trapped. It seemed mysterious and suspenseful.
Effective situation when Morty does a drinking contest with the Leprechaun with midget people dressed as leprechaun's themselves cheering on to see if this imp can be tricked while being hammered. This worked in well but at the same time we get a fearful feeling that this will backfire.
Things get cringing when the Leprechaun is trapped in side a safe box and then Morty gets greedy by locking Cody in a room and then demands three wishes to get his gold as we all know that these wishes will turn out deadly. Mosty horror films people don't make wise decisions of course.
Nice fast action moments on a Leprechaun using a ghoulish go kart to try and run over Cody and finds out that the gold coin he has protects him which was nicely put into the story as to why he wants all his gold coins offering power.
One of the best moments is when Cody finds the Leprechaun's domain and tries to rescue Bridgette as they try to escape in passageways but end up in the same area as well as a moment with Bridgette telling him to give her the gold coin as the Leprechaun will set them free in which we all get the feeling that this imp is playing a trick and making you wonder if he will give in.
Bottom line is that there's perfect special effects on things going down in the Leprechauns domain with things exploding and other spots like that. Normally most sequels aren't better than the original film itself but I enjoyed this one much better. There was more comedy used in this film with lightens it up plus it was a different story altogether just the same evil Leprechaun with his dark humor while killing with his evil magic. There's tons of neat scenery in the film and lots of fun touches throughout this film too.

The acting is in top shape for this film as Warwick Davis (Leprechaun) uses his same humor for this film and still doing well with his role. He also seems more violent which works well into his horror character as well as having a nice cold and wicked charm to his part of the story. Plus does well when he's in a rage showing off some perfect aggressions too. Shows off good blocking with his forceful actions as well as not letting an ounce of energy down.
Charlie Heath (Cody) is impressive as the typical teenage scammer and it's great watching his dynamic performance when his character tries to rescue his girlfriend. Does a good job getting into conversations or acting fully alert on the near terror. Plus was great screaming out stuff and packing a good punch within everything that he does. Plus offers a nice romantic type of charming behavior in one of the first scene's by trying to make up on how he was behaving.
Speaking of which, Shevonne Durkin (Bridget) is talented and looks great in her role proving that she can pull off as a character actress. Does a good job with her smooth behavior and acting convincingly slick too. Does well with her screaming after first spotting something terrifying. Also seemed okay getting upset with her emotional attitude or speaking softly in another scene. Plus does a great job cackling and showing evil expressions which shines off greatly.
The best out of them all is Sandy Baron (Morty) as he knows how to play a convincing drunk but wisens up when he finds out that he must save the day. Truly a classic performance by him. Has a nice gruffness to his speaking and really knew on how to get into a description on what a leprechaun does offering a believeable attitude by being knowledgeable. Also does a good job challenging someone on a drinking contest. Shows great excitement with his greedy attitude demanding three wishes. Plus reacts well to being in pain as if he's dying which he draws this in pretty well.
We have a special appearance by Clint Howard (Tourist) as he pulls off well playing a comedic one. Has a good hyped up energy and acting disappointed too. Plus does a nice job not being impressed on what he spots as well as acting convingingly hesitant on doing the tour which he shows it off greatly by what he is talking about.
Plus we have a memorable cameo by Michael McDonald (Waiter) before his fame in MAD TV as a waiter at a coffee shop with adds a nice touch to this film
. Does well getting short with someone but in a goofball way along with doing well with his sarcastic attitude too. Does well hollering in pain duiring a deadly incident involving him. He was a ball of energy like the rest of the cast here.

Shevonne Durkin takes off her top fully breasted during a scene when the Leprechaun tries to fool a teen that she wants to seduce him in a garage

A finger is torn off an agents hand
A face of a waiter is blistered to pieces
The Leprechaun explodes

Jonathan Elias does the typical classical type playing on a synthesizer but he is wonderful at it proving that this isn't too typical with a low budget film it has a good fast paced type for the real suspenseful or chasing around segments as this blends in greatly as well as the drum poundings which was another great plus to the music. Of course for the prologue we do hear some nice high flute playing which suits a theme for a Leprechaun. Very catchy.

Leprechaun: It's the seventeenth of March. The feast of St. Patrick.
William O'Day: And your birthday.
Leprechaun: 'Tis a special birthday for a leprechaun. I'm one thousand years old. Tonight, I can claim me bride.

Leprechaun: She sneezes once, she sneezes twice, she'll be me bride when she sneezes thrice.

Leprechaun: The only whiskey is Irish whiskey!

[an angry woman chases them away from her house]
Cody: Oh by the way, that was the final resting place of Bela Lugosi.
Tourist: Then who the hell was that?
Cody: Um, his stepdaughter Stella Lugosi.

Cody: You can't drive the tour.
Morty: Why not?
Cody: Because you're plastered!
Morty: What difference does that make? Now, never forget rule number one.
Cody: I know, never turn down a paying customer.
Morty: I may be a little loose, but I am not so far gone that I would turn away a packed hearse.
[Morty drunkenly tries to exit the bathroom, but walks into a toilet]
Morty: Of course, there's always rule number two.
Cody: Which is?
Morty: Never kill a paying customer.

Leprechaun (Tears off an agents finger): Me's going to like this town (Licks the finger) Finger lickin good!

Leprechaun: [Showing Bridgette the skeleton of William O'Day] A little family reunion. You have his cheek bones.

Morty: They found this dead kid at Bridgette's, she's missing, everybody says you did it.
Cody: Me? That's crazy!
Morty: That's what I told the cops, now what the hell happened?
Cody: A leprechaun did it.
Morty: Maybe I should call the cops.

Morty: Okay so you found a gold coin and it looks like the one in this book. It's probably worth some cash. But this leprechaun stuff...
Cody: Listen, it says "Leprechauns are devious creatures. They live for trickery, even get pleasure out of it".
Morty: Cody, if you were taking some dope you would tell me, right?

Morty: I should've returned that book to the library five years ago! I don't know what you saw, but leprechauns don't exist!
Leprechaun: What's that ya say? Leprechauns don't exist?

African American Leprechaun: Yo man, want me gold?

Leprechaun: [Drunk] Pour all you want, pour all you can, you won't beat me, 'cause I'm a Lepre*CAN*. Mph! Cahn.

Leprechaun: Do you wish me out of the safe?
Morty: Yes, goddammit! I wish you out of the safe! Where the hell are you?
Leprechaun: You'll have to open the door. It's wrought iron. Remember? Didn't you read the book?

Morty: [Dying] Help me.
Leprechaun: Love to, friend, but you're all out of wishes. Ha ha ha ha!

Leprechaun: Cry as you may, cry as you might; its going to be one hell of a wedding night.

Bridget: How did you know it wasn't me you gave the coin to before?
Cody: He kisses differently than you.