Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Written by: David DuBos


Warwick Davis .... Leprechaun
John Gatins .... Scott McCoy
Lee Armstrong .... Tammy Larsen
John DeMita .... Fazio
Michael Callan .... Mitch
Caroline Williams .... Loretta
Tom Dugan .... Art
Roger Hewlett .... Tony
Marcelo Tubert .... Gupta

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 27, 1995

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During a successful night in Las Vegas, Nevada a strange man with one eye and one leg enters a pawnshop with a statue of a hideous looking Leprechaun as he tells the owner that it's a good luck charm and around it's neck is a medallion.
The owner takes off the medallion and the statue comes to life as well as a pot of gold as he will kill anyone who touches it which the owner carelessly does. However, one coin is missing from his pot as a young man named Scott McCoy (John Gatins) drives along to Las Vegas as he was on his way to L.A. to go to school but runs into the girl of his dreams named Tammy Larsen (Lee Armstrong) who is employed at one one of the gambling casino's there called the Shamrock Casino.
He decides to stick around and gambles away his money and when he is about to go to the pawn shop to pawn his rolex watch to continue his gambling he spots the lost coin of the Leprechaun's as he makes a wish that he was gambling there and making a success which his wish comes true but has a greedy owner named Mitch (Michael Callan) who hates to lose his money to people as he owes a mobster money.
Some greedy employees steals the coin to make wishes while the Leprechaun enters the casino which enrages him.
He bites Scott's arm and while Scott draws blood on this nasty Leprechauin his blood goes into his wound and realises that he is slowly turning into a Leprechaun himself as well as casting evil spells on the people that wished on his gold coin.
In order to become normal again Scott must destroy the Leprechaun's pot of gold which is a dangerous task as the Leprechaun himself is protecting it.


Lots of nice shots on the city of Las Vegas as things looked spectacular and then we have a moment inside a pawnshop owned by Gupta as we have a mysterious character named Lucky who brings a statue of a Leprechaun wanting money for it as well as showing a medallion around the statue's neck since this is a nice start off to the story as well as us knowing that it's the evil Leprechaun. This was obviously a story on it's own like in the previous one's since it never explains itself from the beginning here.
Then when he removes the medallion and checks it out things seem obvious that the Leprechaun comes to life and starts terror for this guy but at the same time things look intense by how this Leprechaun bites him and so fourth. Plus a good shot on this Leprechaun leaving with his pot of gold and one drops and rolls back into the store which of course always happens as this makes this imp go in a rage to find it.
Interesting battles with the Leprechaun trying to kill Gupta to find his gold coin as well as him trying to fight back in which you wonder if he will survie or not. Meanwhile some good moments when Tammy Larsen tries to hitchhike to get to work and we have the dorky teen Scott McCoy not keeping an eye on the road and nearly getting into an accident as this looked a bit intense as well.
There's nice flowing conversations between Tammy and Scott when driving to the casino which grabs your attention that they might have a romance or a struggle against the Lerechaun together. It was nicely set in with both of them getting to know one another as well as him trying to get him in to check out the place with her being hesitant due to his age which was well put in.
Effective discussions that involved the people that worked there such as Fazio and Loretta with their dysfunctions situations and cocky attitudes. Plus a nice powerful moment with their boss Mitch demanding them to get stuff right as it for sure almost looked like a mafia type of situation and showed some strong moments as well as later on when he gets creepily charming towards Tammy which was nicely put into the story.
Good psychological situations with Scott gambling as well as Loretta running the gambling machine and making sure people lose their bets as well as him getting frusterated losing along with her telling him about his watch being worth for more gambling and leading him on that he's on a role as this for sure looked convincing that they're suckering him in for money.
Nice add on with an actual mafia Art and Tony threatening Mitch about the money they loaned him with Tony threatening to kick his ass but this seemed a little over the top and not taken too seriously but still a good add on to the story regardless.
More corny situations with the Leprechaun going to the casino as well as him having a discussion with an Elvis impersonator. I laughed but not in a good way.
I did enjoy a scene with dumb ass Tony trying to be menacing with the Leprechaun and he uses his powers on him by spitting out money which makes me think that this hitman got what was coming to him.
An average suspenseful moment with the Leprechaun attacking Scott and biting him as well as nice shots on him throwing this imp out the window as there's good excitement on all of this.
Nice shot that catches you by surprise when we spot Scott looking at his reflection and seeing that his face and arms are changing and then going back to normal which leaves a clue that he's turning into a leprechaun.
Cheesy moments with Mitch getting the gold coin and wishing that Tammy will lust after him as well as her doing a near strip tease in his room as you watch carefully within all of this. Plus later on we spot the Leprechaun spying on him and then using his magic afterwards when he watches a lustful woman coming out of a TV and feeling him out and then a nice change of a mechanical being grabbing onto him as this almost looks like something that you'd spot in Hellraiser or something like that.
Also memorable moments with Scott pigging out on potatoes that he ordered and wondering as to why he's being that way and trying to snap out of it.
A real treat for fans of horror violence is when we spot Fazio doing his magic tricks after getting the gold coin wishing his show to be successful and then the Leprechaun coming in wrecking hell as well as Fazio realising he's trapped in a box with a saw trick and then seeing this Leprechaun using a chainsaw which is of course a traditional device for a horror flick and makes you watch carefully in fear as to what he's going to do.
Effective moments when both Scott and Tammy are back at the pawn shop and try to wish the Leprechaun was dead and realising that a wish cannot be set against their own gold as it was something good to learn for the first time in the film.
Corny moments with Scott going in a hospital and they try to do tests and the results are silly coming from a fellow possessed as a leprechaun as this wasn't the least bit funny and just plain stupid to top it all off. Also more corny moment with the Leprechaun coming in disguised as a paramedic.
Interesting battle with Scott saving the day as a possessed leprechaun against the Leprechaun from his evil grasps against Tammy. This seemed well put into the story of a good one and a bad one.
Bottom line is that this story is a bit of a bore but yet it gets interesting a bit later once we find a twisted secret causing a problem with the young man involved in the plot which we see good action in it with the magic etc. Yet, it lacks the chemistry on the first two films.

The acting seems to stand up okay but we also have some goofy performances too. Warwick Davis (Leprechaun) does splendid as usual in his part with lots of wit as well he shows a good menacing attitude into what he does. Adds some interesting comedic timing by how he acts against the other people although the story itself wasn't funny at all. Was great with his freaked out reactions on stuff like the medallion.
John Gatins (Scott McCoy) does well as a desperate young man in the film and really pulls it off when he changes into a Leprechaun. He has a good dorky teenage type of appeal to everything. Plus was great showing his frusterated attitude while losing at a casino and really getting into this. Seemed to really get into pigging out on potatoes showing good adrenaline. Does a good job with his conversations or stressing situations. Also shows great energy with his aggressions too. He proved to be a passable character actor.
Lee Armstrong (Tammy Larsen) however is a little too melodramatic in her role as she seemsed to only have the good looks for the film. Yet shows a convincingly type of maturity into her role as well as showing a smart attitude. When she acts lustful she is way off and too over the top. At times shows okay energy with her fearful attitude later on in the flick.
John DeMita (Fazio) was great in his role as a cocky magician in which he shows a good snobby atttiude as well as a bad ass type as well. Shows great energy while trying to steal the gold coin as well as offering decent blocking while trying to get away. Reacts well screaming in painful terror and then choking out his words at the end of his performance. He was passable in his part of the flick.
Supporting character actor who also gained a reputation in theatre acting named Michael Callan (Mitch) as he plays a perfect sleazy casino owner and represents himself a great deal in this film. Shows a good aggressive attitude as someone you wouldn't want to cross. Also does well with his sleazy type of charm to others. Also was believeable with his greedy and scumbag type of behavior too.
Next we have Caroline Williams (Loretta) who has acted in a couple of cult classic horror sequels as a cheating gambler. She seems to do well but her accent needs polishing. Shows off a charming attitude as she seemed to do well with her uplifting behavior which makes you convinced to give in to her gamlbing. Also does well acting sharp after getting her wish as she struts perfectly by behaving like this.
Tom Dugan (Art
) seemed to breeze through okay as a loan shark but I've seen other whom are better intimidating but he had a nice slick attitude as well as not taking crap from others. He shows some goos energy within all that he did here. He wasn't terrible but could've come across as better with his intimidations. Had the right looks to portray this so that a nice bonus.
Roger Hewlett (Tony) played his dimwitted hitman which he didn't seem to do the trick at all and was too silly in his role. He tried to act dumb but it was over the top. Also he wasn't as brawly like you'd expect for a role that he portrayed. I'm sorry but I found this guy to be a little miscast in what he did here.

Penthouse model Heidi Staley plays a fantasy girl on TV bare breastys exposed and she comes out of the TV screen too to make out with the boss of the casino still bare breasted too (Implants are obvious)

A piece of a mans ear is bitten off
A toe is bitten off
An arm is bitten
An eyeball is popped out of a hitman's head
A woman bloats up and explodes
A magician is sawed in half

Dennis Michael Tenney usually does a nice job composing for low budget horror films like in Night of the Demons for example but he makes barely any effort in this one. It sounds very mild and weak with his synthesizer sounding a little too Z-grade with what is supposed to be lame classical sounds having a phony sounding clarinet and so fourth. I was quite disappointed in it all. However has some impressive music for the opening credits giving it a good beat to everything but it goes downhill for the rest of the story. My guess was that he didn't get a good wage for this one.

Lucky: He's a good luck charm.
Gupta: Yes, I can see it's working very well.

Leprechaun: Ahhh... lovely golden palaces completely full of riches. I'll rip 'em off and rob 'em blind, those dirty sons of bitches.

Scott: Excuse me, where can I cash a check?
Mitch: You old enough to be in here, kid?
[sees the amount of Scott's check]
Mitch: Yes, you're old enough. Right over there. If there's anything you need, just come to me.

Mitch: Ladies and gentlemen, due to a slight solicrivilance in the stem of the wheel, the situation is thus - this table is now closed.

Leprechaun: I want my gold shilling. Tell me where it is or there will be another killing.

Scott: [on the phone] Yeah, give me hotel security. Yeah, I'd like to report a leprechaun in your hotel. No, a LEPRECHAUN. Yeah, little green guy. HE TRIED TO KILL ME! Hello?

Fazio: [Leprechaun has turned his white rabbit into a pile of dung] Oh, shit!
Leprechaun: A little token of my esteem. It is exactly what it seems. Made fresh daily at exactly 9:00. It comes from my shillelagh. You can keep it in a crock. Ha ha.

Scott: There once was a lady of Totten / Whose tastes grew perverted and rotten. / She cared not for steaks / Or for pastries and cakes / But lived upon penis au gratin.
Waitress: Metallica. No, wait... White Zombie. I got the album. Enjoy your spuds!
Scott: What the hell did I just say?

Tammy: Let me go, you son of a bitch!
Leprechaun: Now that's no way to speak about me mother, bless her green soul.