Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)

Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Written by: Dennis A. Pratt


Warwick Davis .... Leprechaun
Brent Jasmer .... Books
Jessica Collins .... Tina
Guy Siner .... Dr. Mittenhand
Gary Grossman .... Harold
Rebekah Carlton .... Princess Zarina
Tim Colceri .... Metal Head
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. .... Sticks
Debbe Dunning .... Delores
Michael Cannizzo .... Danny
Rick Peters .... Mooch
Geoff Meed .... Kowalski
Ladd York .... Lucky

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 25, 1997

*Images courtesy at: www.angelfire.com/az2/lepconnie






In a distant galaxy on a planet a greedy Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) holds a spoiled humanoid alien princess named Zarina (Rebekah Carlton) hostage in order to marry her so he will become king so he will rule the universe along with his beloved gold.
But suddenly a gang of platoon of Earth marines invade his home to save the princess from his grasp and blows him to bits.
However he stores his soul into a soldier and then born again he stows himself onto their ship as they stole his gold as well and wrecks havoc there by killing each person on the ship to get to the princess.


We spot some beginnings with a space ship heading towards a planet as things look so obvious that they were badly made computerised effects. In fact it looked pretty animated due to the lack of the budget on this film. But we have effective moments with the crew inside the ship as well as lead by the Metal Head being arrogany and aggressive commanding his troops as the moments looked fairly strong but slightly campy as well.
Then we have a dark romantic and charming conversation with the Leprechaun on the planet as well as him setting Princess Zarina free from being chained up for a wine and dine in which we spot the wine is green as well as him charmingly convincing her to be his bride and she almost denies as the discussion flows well.
Later on we have the army coming to the planet and marching towards the cave as there's interesting creesy shots on a space creature popping from a corner and then getting blown away. Also we see someone trying to take the pot of gold and a corny moment with the Leprechaun using a light saber as a tribute from Star Wars to cut him down as this was laughable but in a bad way. Not original at all. Also good laser fighting sequences trying to shoot down the Leprechaun with him fighting back.
Some neat moments with the army enjoying their time off in the ship at a dance club as it looked very colourful to watch all of this happening. Then we have two people leaving the dance club being alone and getting nearly lustful as well as a lame moment on a guy's crotch growing which the Leprechaun popping out as although it didn't look graphic still looked dumb at the same time. Also when he appears portrays a John Wayne character holding a pistole speaking that way which was another unfunny and dumb moment.
We also spot many argumentive discussions with Tina towards a cocky Books as this looked powerful to watch along with their attitudes and later on enjoying one anothers company which seemed necessary for when we keep watching this terrible story.
There is an effective moment with Delores struggling agains the Leprechaun and falling off a ledge and just holding on with one hand and this Leprechaun slowly removes each finger saying this little piggy went to... as this makes you watch very carefully wondering if she will be rescued in time while the other crew are locked in a door and finding a way to get to her. A good psychological feel for this.
Things then start to get way more worst when the Leprechaun comes into the lab where Princess Zena is residing and then we get him using his special powers and bringing on deadly devices by smashing someone's head in and his head is a catroonish character with the results that his head is as flat as a pancake which i thought to myself "Oh man!" and then a gross moment when the Leprechaun mixes stuff in a blender including a tarantula and scorpion as well as injecting this stuff in a needle and then shooting it in Dr. Mittenhead's head while he is gagged. Gives a sinking feeling that something not good is going to end up here.
Then we get the army trying to come after the Leprechaun while he has Metal Head under his spell and Princess Zarina doing a strip tease to stop them for getting after a Leprechaun which I was thinking to myself this is getting more and more deranged everytime I keep watching this bad flick.
Then we have more lame and unfunny moments when Dr. Mittenhand is now a mutant looking spider and is hungry for flies. This was so lame I thought to myself looking forward for this movie to end but it keeps on dragging. Yet there's some effective moments when Sticks goes into the control room of the ship and there's cobwebs everywhere as well as a cheesy camera shot closing in on him. Meanwhile we have more stupid situations when the Leprechaun plays around with Meta Head at that dance club by making him do a drag show qwhich was badly done tongue in cheek and a total time waster as well.
Also good shots with Tina in a webbed up vent trying to get to the control room but it fails big time with Dr. Mitthanhand grabs her as this didn't look creepy like it should have. Plus he keeps saying "Feed me!" to her as this was supposed to look horrific but it was annoying.
However things look mildly entertaining in another spot when a laser beam shoot the Leprechaun and he becomes a gaint and tries to charge after the survivors of the ship and they try to find a way to hide or run away from him. But this was nothing to brag about either.
Bottom line: Oh god what an insult to the Leprechaun series. I was in agony watching it and was thinking to myself when will this movie end???? This movie was extremely corny and made in poor taste. If I wanted to watch a movie that so bad and unfunny I'd watch the Toxic Avenger or a Troma Team flick such as that. Making this flick was a serious waste of time.

The acting is nothing too special in this one for sure but Warwick Davis (Leprechaun) still struts his stuff pretty good by what he does here as he shows off a good creepy and romantic type of charm during the beginning of his performance as well as later on showing comedic timing as much as he can in other spots even if the story wasn't funny at all he did what he had to do and give him credit for this.
Brent Jasmer (Books) isn't too shabby either in his role as he shows off a good cocky type of attitude as well as being convincing by being difficult to certain others. HE really brings it on with his energy when the terror strikes as well as showing that he's a good person halfway through the film. Seemed to study his role quite well for what I saw here.
Jessica Collins (Tina) seemed to pull through nicely into her part as a sharp type of soldier and having a no bullshit type of behavior in which she was pwerful in her speaking as well as coming across as perfectly brainy as well as showing a tough as nails type of behavior when something serious is happening. Also was good with her aggressions and shows a high paced energy into everything as well as having the right looks for her role.
The actors that were incredibly annoying were Guy Siner (Dr. Mittenhand) as a half android as I wanted to kill that character before the Leprechaun wanted to. He had a high pitched voice as well as his accent seemed to draw your attention but he got on my nerves. He does well reacting nervous to certain things but when he turns into a horror character he wasn't intimidating at all and too goofy.
Gary Grossman (Harold) shows off another goofy personality and comes across as someone whom is tpyically gay. Shows a good high strung attitude but seemed too over the top at the same time when we watch him perform here. Had the right geeky type of looks for what he had to portray though.
Rebehak Carlton (Princess Zarina) was also extremely irritating but at the same time she was meant to be as well as a typical bimbo so she did what she had to do. Seemed to do well acting spoiled or having an immature type of attitude as well. I wasn't a fan regardless of her work in this one however.
Tim Colceri (Metal Head) had the right brawny looks and gruffness for his part as well as showing off an obnoxious and arrogant atttiude but yet he gets carried away with it and being too over the top. He comes across a little too goofy by what he portrayed and needed some acting lessons. He presents himself well onto the camera but I couldn't take him too seriously.
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (Sticks) does a fine job but again he's always a natural talent in shows.
Shows alot of good spunk and charisma in his role and really shows off some great adrenaline and really getting into the action of things. Plus does a great job panicking in a certain spot too. Offers good surprised expressions in other parts of the film.
Debbe Dunning (Delores) does her job quite well by having a good tough girl attitude as well as showing some nice blocking on her end when she kicks someone or stuff like that by bringing her violent attitude to life as well as showing great energy. Plus does well choking out her words at the end of her performance.

Rebehak Carlton flashes people her breasts

Guts are revealed in a cave
The Leprechaun explodes twice
A professor's face is flattened

Dennis Michael Tenney is now composing for this film and composes nice sci-fi classical style music. Also we hear many vocalising effects which really grabs your attention plus some other synthesizer music as this time sounds sharply done. We hear many drumbeats sounding perfectly strong. Also there's the odd trombone composing as this sounds nice and smooth with a good strong sound like the rest of the music.

Leprechaun: Your shrieks, my dear, provide a perfect accompaniment to this romantic evening.

Staff Sergeant Brooks Malloy: You heard the lady, Harold, move your ass.
Harold: Hey, don't touch me unless you mean it, cowboy.

Tina: Don't get too excited, boys. On the planet Dominia, when a woman of royal blood shows you her breasts, it's a death sentence.
Sticks: And what part of her anatomy is she gonna kill me with?

Leprechaun: [pulling a pistol and imitating John Wayne] Hold it right there, pilgrim. I'm not gonna hurt ya. Naw, I'm not gonna hurt ya.
[fires gun]
Leprechaun: The hell I'm not!

Leprechaun: As Shakespeare said, shit happens.

Dr. Mittenhand: [after mutating into the Spider] FLIES! I need, flies!

Princess Zarina: The King is dead. Long live the Queen.