Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

Directed by: Rob Spera

Written by: Doug Hall & John Huffman

Story by: Doug Hall, Alan Reynolds, Rob Spera & William Wells


Warwick Davis .... Leprechaun
A.T. Montgomery .... Postmaster P
Rashaan Nall .... Stray Bullet
Red Grant .... Butch
Ice T .... Mack Daddy
Bebe Drake .... Post's Mother
Dan Martin .... Jackie Dee
Lobo Sebastian .... Fontaine Rivera
Ivory Ocean .... Reverend Hamson

Special Appearance:

Coolio .... Himself

Release Date: Direct-to-Video / DVD: March 28, 2000

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Three young rap artists down in South Central Los Angeles want their big break to perform in Las Vegas but aren't getting any luck.
They go to a pimp named Mack Daddy (Ice T) for help and he almost cionsuiders but then refuses.
They decided to rob his place late at night thinking that tyhey have killed him stealing gold and a golden flute that belonged to the fiesty Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) that remained a statue with the medallion on him as Mack Daddy stole his gold. However they steal the medallion too which unleashes him.
The Leprechaun tears off Mack Daddy's finger and forces him to have his gold coins and flute returned to him or it's his life.
The three young rappers are on a chase from Mack Daddy and the Leprechaun but to their luck they realise that playing the flute gives them instant success to small gigs leading up to their dreams. However, their luck will soon be running out from the grips of both the Leprechaun and Mack Daddy.


The story has a prologue this time taking place in the 70's as we have the nasty pimp Mack Daddy with his sidekick trying to break into a run down building as well as some aggressive conversations between the two of them which was averagely paced as well as a good shot on the Leprechaun as a statue with the medallion wrapped around his neck which seemed to pay a tribute to part 3 in the film. Also there's the situation with the medallion being removed by his sidekick as well as a nice close up shot on the eyes glowing red which looked well done.
Also we have the struggling moments that involves Mack Daddy with pulling out weapons like a bat out of his hair which looked genuinely stupid but there's an impressive shot with the medallion flying high in the air with the Leprechaun looking fearful and then seeing it land right on him and turning him back into a statue.

Present day we see the mean street of Los Angeles which looked impressive as well as the moments with the three group of friends Postmaster P, Stray Bullet and Butch trying out for their rap sessions as well as something exploding and falling to the ground as this just looked mildly suspenseful.
We have lame moments with the friends trying to lie about being related to Jimi Hendrix and selling a cheap guitar to a couple pawnshops as I was thinking to myself ho hum!
There's a strong situation between the three of them convincing Mack Daddy to give them a big break for their music as he tells them they need to talk about the negative things as this catches your attention as well as good shots on the statue of the Leprechaun and medallion along with one of them temtping to take it but Mack Daddy gets territotiral which was impressive along with this obnxious prick kicking them out of his place which leaves a good uncomforting posisition that they were dealing with a total bad ass.
Nice moments on the three of them trying to rob his house at night as well as one of them struggling to take off the medallion which looked impressive and fearful at the same time since we all know that this is a bad idea. Plus some nice moments on shooting this imp and gruesome results within this.
Effective situation with the Leprechaun at a stage as well as someone getting electrocuted with green sparks along with the victims eyes turning green which grabs your attention greatly.
You may get a kick out of Mack Daddy smoking a joint and passing it to the Leprechaun with the two of them getting high and discussing unfinished busisness as well as this imp dropping the joint and then Mack Daddy about to get it which makes you cringe since we know that a Leprechaun is full of deadly tricks.
Many nice effective scene's when Postmaster P plays the flute and there's a still and silent moments with everyone along with the aggressions turning positive showing some impressive turnarounds as it makes the moments look truly mysterious.
Great intense moments with Mack Daddy coming up strongly to the three friends and demanding for the flute back which looked truly realistic and intimidating with a pimp not happy about stuff. Plus great fast action moments when him and his goon tries to shot them when they try to escape.
Many corny situations when the friends go to a drag queens home and tries to crash there for a while as well as a camera shot during the beginning of this scene showing a dildo and then the drag queen himself Jackie Dee. Also a lame moment with Jackie Dee speaking lustful when we spot the Leprechaun entering his suite. This didn't look impressive at all.
Perfectly dark and still moments when the gang plans a deadly trap for the Leprechaun as well as an effective moment with the Leprechaun lit up on fire as this looked averagely intense.
Some hokey moments on the three of them trying to sing a gospel song for the community church home with offensive lyricas as well as Postmaster P playing his flute to get everyone to enjoy thermselves sitting down and then getting into their rap as it looked like an effective music video while we watch all of this happening.
Energetic moments when they try to struggle away from the Leprechaun and the Reveren cussing as this looked strange for a preacher to use foul alnguage. Also later on we spot him coming onto a lustful looking whore as you wonder if this guy is like a Jimmy Swaggart type of figure. Plus a good shot on the woman's eyes glowing green which was impressive for a horror story.
Stupid moment with a blind woman thinking the Leprechaun is a child she knows and is trying to feed him. Extremely lame.
Nice nightmare sequences that involves Postmaster P as well as him waking up and suddenly in another nightmare. This psyhcs you out while watching all of this happening.
Nice discussion with Butch telling Postmaster P about tricking the Leprechaun to smoke a four leaf clover joint and briefly losing his power. Then things get lame with camera shots on them dressing as drag to disguise themselves.
Nice moment with close up shots on the Leprechaun speaking darkly while smoking the joint and then passing out.
Perfect upsetting moments with Postmaster P being devastated on what happened to his friend Butch as well as confrontation between him and Mack Daddy.
Lame ending of what looks like a music video with the Leprechaun rapping as well as his women doing a sexy dance which was stupid to watch all of this.
Bottom line is that this film was an improvement from the previous sequel and a good look at the lifestyle of rap artists too. This film stands on it's own big time and it looks enjoyable during the beginning but however the film is very lacking and too long. Plus the story is way too comedic and not at all scary.

The acting is in fair taste as we seem to have a decent cast involved with this film. Warwick Davis (Leprechaun) still has the knack for his role as the nasty imp in which he offers a nice wicked charm to his role as well as getting into business with his speaking. Plus seemed to do okay while getting high as well. Also knew on how to act silly too at the end of his performance even if the scene sucked.
A.T. Montgomery (Postmaster P) knew his stuff as the head rap guy and had a very strong part to his role which he did very well at. He shows a believeable intelligence by what he does as well as having a goody guy next door type of attitude too. Shows off some good spunk and energy into whatever he did here.
Rashaan Nall (Stray Bullet) seemed to do a good job too with his energised and aggressive behavior. Also came off as somewhat cocky and sarcastic. Brings all of this to a nice hype. Had the right looks and appeal to portray this kind of role. Really runs into the action of things when he is being terrorised.
Legendary rapper Ice T (Mack Daddy) lived to play the pimp as he showed total immoral behavior to his part. He for sure came across as truly crude and intimidating as well as showing no mercy to his victims. Had a loud and booming voice which shines off too. Defientely stood out as someone that you wouldn't wanna mess with and genuinely obnoxious. Als shows a good turnaround when trying to convince someone to be an ally.
Dan Martin
(Jackie Dee) knew his stuff pretty well as a pawnshop owner in which he brings alot of good aggression when not believing someone about their tall tale. Plus was good being smart alecky too. Has a nice drive to his characteristics. Had a real effective supporting role in the film as well as doing a good job acting overly happy in a scene of what he thinks is his wife returning and having a good soft speaking voice.
Lobo Sebastian
(Fontaine Rivera) studied his role marvellously as a drag queen having the perfect feminine voice but having a brawny look to him. Does this all with good taste and style too. Seemed like a natural ham by all that he did. Plus shows off a good lustful speaking voice too.
Ivory Ocean
(Reverend Rivera) was fairly descent playing a reverend at his church. Seemed to show off a deceiving open minded behavior making his role truly believeable. Also was great with his anxious and aggressive attitude too. Seemed to portray a convincing hippocrit when he cusses or giving into an onscreen whore which draws you in and making you wonder as to why he's doing this.
However, Bebe Drake (Post's Mother) was too corny in her role as the mother. She was way over the top within her performance and I wasn't convinced that she was blind by the way she performed. Not everyone was cut for the acting business and she's one of them.

A hair piece is stabbed in a gangsters throat
The Leprechaun's arms are blown off
Mack Daddy's finger is torn off
A gangster's insides are blown out
The Leprechaun's hand tears through a Reverend's chest

The composing done by Nicholas Rivera sounds a little too soft and weak but we hear some gloomy violin music which isn't too badly done but at the same time not too strong either. The music doesn't stand out at all but there's more songtrack music by rap groups than there is of this.

[first lines]
Leprechaun: Death to he who sets a Leprechaun free. Steal his gold, it will corrupt your soul, you see. For many a moon the legend has grown, death toll increases, solution unknown. Beware the evil wanderer in search of his loot, lest you suffer the wrath of his golden flute. Flee while you can, the future's not good- for no one is safe from a Lep in the Hood!

Mack Daddy: [On the phone] Hey you, you listen to me. You don't wanna fuck with me, okay? I hope you had sex last night, 'cause I'm gonna come over there and I'm gonna cut off your dick, then I'm gonna feed it to my pit, then I'm gonna burn the shit when it comes out my goddam dog's ass, you hear me? Don't fuck with me, bitch!

Mack Daddy: Get the fuck outta here! You motherfuckers are wasting my time. I got chumps lined up around the corner trying to get down with this label, alright? You get no second fucking chance. Now get the fuck out.
Stray Bullet: Listen, Mack, we wanna do this.
Mack Daddy: What's the matter wit you, kid? You deaf? Or you just dumb like your mamas, I got to come over there and bitch slap you like I used to do her.
Stray Bullet: Hey, let me tell you something...
Mack Daddy: Check yourself, kid. Don't even fuck around. Just get out of here before I get you and your motherfucking home boys fucked up. This is real here, Kid. Get these fucking losers out.

[after first seeing Leprechaun]
Butch: What the fuck is that?
Stray Bullet: I don't know, Chucky on crack? Shoot that motherfucker!

Leprechaun: A friend with weed is a friend indeed, but a friend with gold is the best I'm told.

Postmaster P: [singing] Jesus loves me. This I know.
Stray Bullet: [singing] If he don't, I'll find a ho...
[Congregation groans]
Postmaster P: His mama's name was Mary Jo...
Stray Bullet: And his disciples was some bad mo-fo...
[Congregation groans]