Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood (2003)

Written & Directed by: Steven Ayromlooi


Warwick Davis .... Leprechaun
Tangi Miller .... Emily Woodrow
Laz Alonso .... Rory
Page Kennedy .... Jamie Davis
Sherrie Jackson .... Lisa Duncan
Donzaleigh Abernathy .... Esmerelda
Shiek Mahmud-Bay .... Watson
Sticky Fingaz .... Cedric
Keesha Sharp .... Chanel
Sonya Eddy .... Yolanda

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: December 30, 2003

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A group of friends from south central Los Angeles finds a treasure chest full of gold coins in a burial ground only to find out that it's owned by an evil Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) as a wise old psychic named Esmerelda (Donzaleigh Abernathy) warns them about his dangers who stake his gold.
They all take it with a grain of salt as they end up spending it on expensive things plus they are terrorised by gangsters led by the nasty Watson (Shiek Mahmud-Bay) who owe them money too but yet they end up dropping like flies when they encounter the Lep's deadly wrath.
They go back to the aid of Esmerelda as she tells them the only way to kill him is having a four leaf clover.


A somewhat impressive beginning with a black preacher in the getto area of Los Angeles and a rainbow forms as well as his struggling battle with the Leprechaun which looked good and dark as well as what he does to put an end to him and interesting effects on this imp being sunk into the ground. I'd say this is an impressive beginning for a story taking place in the hood.
Also after the opening credits we have an impressive gangster type issue with the main character Jamie Davis being pitted against Watson and his homeboys for owing them money for drugs as things looked pretty ugly and intense the moments here looked well done.
Another scene looked great with this gang threatening Rory and him trying to be cool about it all and then a great moment with him racing with his motorbike towards one of them and whacking him in the head with a bat as I found this a perfect vengeful moment towards one of them for their nasty deeds.
Effective moments with Emily Woodrow going to work and dysfunctional discussions with her employer as this seemed solidly done and having one of those people you don't care to work with as well as a lady griping about her hair not done right. All of this had a real touch to the getto area of Los Angeles.
Perfect shots on the Leprechaun rising out of the ground as it shows off a good dark feel to everything that we see here.
Great moments with Jamie and his friends finding the pot of gold and then scene's on them living the luxorious life by where they all go to.
Then we have a party hosted by Jamie as we have the Leprechaun smoking a bong with a pothead and their discussions in which this was goofily done but in a fair fashion as well as seeing this guy's gold coin and changes the mode of this Leprechaun ready to kill using the bong as a weapon in which this wasn't pleasant but at the same time looked slightly lame to watch as to how he murders this person.

Some of you comedy horror fans may get a kick on this Leprechaun wasted from smoking up when he goes into a kitchen and Jamie doesn't notice him when he's making a sandwich as well as opening a fridge door and knocking this dude out by hitting him with it. Offered decent tongue in cheek.
Things seem to roll in well but then we spot a lame moment when Em,ily is coming to work and is supposed to massage a big lady and while she prepares stuff we get the Leprechaun doing some sort of a foot massage as this was supposed to be funny but it was so stupidly done as well as later on Emily freaking out after spotting this imp and running out as well as telling her friends on what she saw as this falls flat too.
Good situation when Chanel goes to get a gold coin melted for a gold tooth to fill her empty one as this leaves a nice impression that this will enrage the Leprechaun to do something deadly to her for wanting it.
Nice strong moments on Jamie Davis trying to get away from the Leprechaun as well as trying to find a way to escape which is a dead end into her bathroom as of course this often happens in horror films as well as this imp smashing a side of the door in a Shining type of fashion which made me wonder if this was spoofing that moment. Also good strong moments with her trying to struggle away from him which looked good and intense.
Nice bad ass situations with Chanel trying to blow the Leprechaun away but doesn't succeed as well as later on spotting a gruesome result as to how he got his gold back from her.
Also we get a kick out of Jamie and Rory getting assaulted by two police officers when they try to get away from the Leprechaun as well as later on when they're in the back of their car and try to take on this guy which looked impressive by them trying to take a swing or shoot this guy along with a nice gruesome and painful moment on what he does to one of them which makes you cheer for how obnoxious these guys were and getting for what they deserve.
Perfect confrontation with the Leprechaun being reasonable towards Watson by wanting his gold back as well as good shots on Watson knocking him down a few times as we get a cringing feel that this is a bad mistake.
We spot many campy battling sequences with Emily, Rory and Jamie against the Leprechaun as there's even a boiler room where Emily tries to burn this guy alive which seemed to almost pay a tribute to A Nightmare On Elm Street films as well as interesting special effects when Rory tries to shoot this imp using bullets filled with four leaf clovers but then realises he's out of bullets in two separate scene's which you think to yourself DUH! Also some good special effects involving the Leprechaun with the battles going on as well.
Bottom line is that this was a better improvement compared to the previous one as there's some lame moments but makes up for it with the action involved and a more convincing look at the getto scene in the Los Angeles area. Offers decent special effects and gangsters involved. Can be a fun flick if you're in the mood for it but it's about time to put the franchise to sleep now.

The acting is just above average for this one but it's nothing special to say the least. This is probably Warwick Davis' (Leprechaun) best performance out of all the films as he showed great menacing and powerful actions to his character and offers good timing while being wasted as he does well acting goofy this way. Plus there's good menacing moments on him and not getting carried away while doing so. Also does well speaking seriously asking for his pot of gold without losing it.
Tangi Miller
(Emily Woodrow) seemed rather boring during the beginning of this film but she gets better a quarter way through but not by much. She was very off on her screaming or freaking out. Her energy was quite low when she's supposed to be hyped up on the terrors happening. She just isn't a passable character actress at all.
Alonso (Rory) added a ton of pizzaz into his part as someone slick and sneaky. Offers some great adrenaline into all that he did here. Does well acting cool about stuff and gets into the action marvellously while riding his motorbike. He for sure showed off a good hearted and fast acting behavior into it all. Studied his role perfectly well by all that he did here.
Page Kennedy
(Jamie Davis) seemed to do his jobas a dorky party animal bringing things to a hype and acting perfectly goofy within whatever he does. He for sure knew his stuff by coming across as perfectly annoying into all that he did here. Had the right goofy looks and appeal which was another nice add on to his role so he was a perfect choice.
Sherrie Jackson
(Lisa Duncan) had a great sharp behavior and speaking to her part of the role and can pass the test whenever she performed this way. Also showed off some great adrenaline when she fears for her life or tries to struggle away from the terrors that attacks her as she shows off powerful and forceful blocking. A true character actress.
Donzaleigh Abernathy
(Esmerelda) was also wonderful as her role playing a fortune teller in which she offers a good smooth talking type of persona as well as really getting into what she was talking about. Seemed to be a good mysterious force of nature whenever we saw her perform here.
Shiek Mahmud-Bey
(Watson) played a perfect bad ass dealer as he seems one of those every day gangsters.
He offered a perfect arrogant and obnoxious behavior as well as strong and believeable by getting in your face with stuff. Had a perfect aggression in his tone of speaking. Also was good at throwing punches towards someone else. Had the right rough looks for his role so he had it all.
Sticky Fingaz (Cedric) was impressive as the sidekick lead gangster having a hyped type of speaking in which he does well at annoying you with his aggressive behavior and coming across as someone that you'd want to smack around for just being totally negative and getting on your nerves. Really jumps into the moment in great taste.
Keesha Sharp (Chanel) certainly had a good tough as nails rough and tough chick type of attitude. Shows alot of taking no crap from anyone type of personality as well as having the right looks and appeal for all of this. Plus performed well when using a gun to shoot someone.

The Leprechaun's eye is stabbed out of his socket
An officers leg is torn off
A heart is ripped out
A jaw is ripped off

Michael Whittaker composes alot of powerful classical music in this film which makes up for the previous sequel having the loud trombone playing, drum rolls as well as smooth and sharp suspenseful violin music. Plus we get alot of windy sounds that blends in greatly. Also some comedic sounds of string plucking in which this really showed nice timing for the humoress parts used in the flick. Also good ehoey banging noises and metal sounds. None of this sounded cheaply done whatsoever.

Leprechaun: What's up ninjas?

Policeman: [after Leprechaun rips off his leg] Hey! You give that back!

[Leprechaun is talking on a cell phone]
Girl: How tall you, sweet thing?
Leprechaun: How tall am I? Uh, about 3 foot 6.
Girl: 3 foot 6?
Leprechaun: Yeah, but, but, I make up for it in other areas, if you know what I mean.
[pause, then dial tone]
Leprechaun: Hello?