Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)


Directed by:

Written by: Sandro Continenza, Marcello Coscia, Juan Cobos & Miguel Rubio


.... Edna
.... George
Arthur Kennedy .... Inspector McCormick
.... Katie

Release Dates: Sitges Film Festival: September 30, 1974; Theatrical: November 28, 1974 (Italy); 1975 (UK); April 4, 1975 (West Germany); June 1, 1975 (USA); Tokyo Intenational Zombie Film Festival: February 27, 2001





A nasty Inspector McCormick (Arthur Kennedy) chases two hippies named Edna (Cristina brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by radiation being used by area farmers as a pesticide alternative.


The film offers alot of fast type of situations that involves both Edna and George when there's an incident when she crashes into his motorbike as well as them going on a journey in her vehicle to find a place to get his vehicle fixed and so fourth. There's some bizarre situations in the beginning of the film though that involves George in a traffic jam in a city as we spot a fully nude man running towards the street which makes you wonder as to what the hell that was all about but yet doesn't explain this scenario at all.
There's a perfectly effective moment when some people use a machine to snuff out parasites and insects where they use a detector which grabs your attention since this draws you in a great deal as well as them turning on a machine with a nloise that will psych you out a great deal and leaving an impression that something will go wrong here and it just does in which we spot a creepy figure slowly walking up towards Edna and tries to attack her with a perfect close up on his zombie type of eyes which looked genuinely creepy and can please zombie fans while we watch this.
Also have a good moment with a supporting character named Keith running through the outdoors near his home in the dark which looked perfectly creepy and making you think another zombie will come for him. Also a good moment with a zombie appearing and he struggles against this living dead character as well as Katie spotting this zombie and his hands are in the air about to come towards her. We also spot moments with a light flashing on this figure which he seems to be affected by this leaving a nice impression to the story that these zombies have some sort of a weakness unlike any other living dead flick. Seems to work in okay.
Perfect suspenseful shots on Katie being cornered in her home and she tries to crawl through her window as this was well shot and darkly lit keeping you in suspense wondering if she will make it out as well as great close up shots on her struggling to get out and this zombie on her tail. Incredibly creepy to watch indeed.
A perfect intense situation with Inspector McCormick questioning Katie on what she encountered as well as showing her drugs and assuming that she was on that stuff as this looked perfectly done with him acting judgemental and being a total prick about it all coming actross as a dysfunctional moment with all that's going on here making this scene look really effective and disturbing too.
Perfect moments with a setting on scientists doing research along with McCormick researching an infected baby which doesn't look pretty at all and even more effective having a close up camera shot on this. There's also more nice scene's with people at a mortuary hauling corpses in a large unit which looked perfectly spooky too.
Perfect dark moment with both Edna and George going down to a mortuary to do some research and find some clues as well as good moment on them opening the coffin doors to spot dead corpses which looked spooky. Also perfect creepy moments on a zombie coming out about to attack them as well as good shots on him using his hand over some of the corses faces in the coffins as this draws your attention and having a feeling that these corpses will come to life with perfect focused camera shots on this as well as great creepy movements on these bodies rising out of their coffins in a perfect old fashioned horror mode too. Perfect close up shots on the gang of zombie's coming after these two as well as good shots on them trying to crawl their way out of the mortuary. A real classic scene with what we see here.
More nice intense moments with McCormick in a room questioning these two in which we see some violent reactions and more intense and powerful moments here. This scene really draws you in as well as showing some manipulative moments by what goes on here.
A perfect intense close up shot on Edna being drugged and held down in an asylum as this doesn't look pretty to watch at all.
A great moment with a warden being attacked by a group of zombie while Katie is freaking out and trying to escape with great shots on all of this which looked nicely done.
There's also a perfect shocking moment with Katie trying to attack Edna in her bed while she tries to scramble away from her which makes you wonder as to why she's doing all of this. Definetely a nice drawing card here and the moment psychs you out for sure.
There's also a perfectly intense situation with George trying to rescue Edna in a room full of fire and zombies and yet looks very sad to watch on what happens here too making this moment a nice mind twister wondering if she's the same or not and he has to save himself from her.
A disappointing situation by what McCormick does towards George which looked perfectly intense and brutal as well as him going to his own home and walking up a staircase as this leaves an impression that he will get what's coming to him in the end which leaves a nice surprising moment as to who pays him an unsusepecting visit.
Bottom line is that this was a rushed grindhouse italian zombie flick but effective too. However the story does become pointless at the same time. Can be a fun type of party flick if you're in the mood for it and for sure a dark story too. Also titled Don't Open the Window which is an odd title since it doesn't relate to the story at all.

The acting is quite mediocre as lead actress (Edna) seemed to do an okay job by portraying a hippie with her outgoing attitude. She also does a nice job freaking out or getting scared when she is attacked by an onscreen zombie. Does well while stressing a situation or getting anxious too. Also knew on how to act intense and upset while being drugged in a psych ward. Plus showss nice blocking skills while struggling against someone else. Was perfect getting into an aggressive or psychotic rage along with acting upset and helpless during the end of her performance.
(George) seemed to show a good sharp type of personality and knowing on how to act convincingly charming too. He was very energetic in every way while doing his adventureous situations and was clear within his speaking. He does a nice job with his blocking and struggling against the terrors surrounding him as well. Comes off as one of those intelligent types along with reacting well to being shot which he got into the mode a nice deal here.
Arthur Kennedy (Inspector McCormick) stole the film with his performance as he truly came out as a perfectly evil and obnoxious lawman of his town. He was perfect with his angry and intimidating aggressions as well as his offensive behavior too. Doesa great job while striking someone givin a nice powerful blow. Also was perfect when he is firing his weapon too. Yes he was for sure a great ball of negative energy without a doubt.
(Katie) certainly had the perfect motive to portray an addict with her gloomy looks and crazed behavior in which she brings her fearful energy tp the extreme greatly whenever she gets attacked or chased. Plus she know on how to act intensely and emoinally upset when someone tries to upset her. Also was great trying to struggle from a crazy situation too. Knew on how to show a silent and maneacing behavior when plunging a knife down and acting like she's no longer human as if she was hypnotised. Yes she had a real effective supporting role.

A fully nude man from top to bottom runs out on the streets.

The composing by Giuliano Sorgini has low production values but works in well for this grindhouse feature in which we hear some effective warped sounds as well as alot of screechy type humming noises and elements like that. Plus some rusty sounds along with the odd violin type music in certain spots which sounds different than the average classical composing for a modern flick. Alot of deep dark music for the terrors happening which works in nicely making it seem gloomy and suspenseful too. Plus we hear the odd harp string pluckings too sounding nice and clear. Alot of perfect quiverry ghostly sounds too which leaves the film that old fashioned horror type of feel as well.

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