Lilith (2018)

Produced & Directed by: Alexander T. Hwang

Written by: Richard J. Aguirre, Alexander T. Hwang, Paul McFall & Anthony Werley


Felissa Rose .... Lilith
Michael Wainwright .... Father Murphy
Thomas Haley .... Det. Ryan Carson
Brialynn Massie .... Brook / Lilith
Lara Jean .... Lisa
.... Mr. Harrison
Hunter Johnson .... Colin
.... Tom
Jennifer Nangle .... Lilith

Vernon Wells .... Phillip
Noel VanBrocklin .... Lilith
Colton Wheeler .... Darren
Emily Coupe .... Madison
Anthony Werley .... Bryan

Devanny Pinn .... Lilith
Frank Tryon .... Frank
Kimberly Roswell .... Melissa

Release Date:
Culver City Film Festival: December 8, 2018



A horror anthology follows the Demon Lilith (Felissa Rose) who punishes men for their indiscretions against women. Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries). Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night and who is sexually wanton.

Young Love - A highschool student Brook (Brialynn Massie) who has an affair with her teacher Mr. Harrison (Michael Jon Murray) only to find out that she's pregnant but everyone finds out and her life is miserable to the point that she takes her life only to haunt others for revenge who turned on her.

Care Taker - Lilith (Jennifer Nangle) helps out a bitter and crippled man Phillip (Vernon Wells) who has gruesome plans for him in the end.

Lust - Darren (Colton Wheeler) can't get anyt girly action so his friends set up a date for him as she lusts for him but her plans aren't what he thinks they are.

Serial Killer - A psychopath Frank (Frank Tryon) kidnaps as well as drugs, mames and kills various women but suddenly the tables are turned on him as he becomes a victim himself proving that karma is a bitch!


The wraparound segment which is titled Show Down seemed promising at first as we see some sort of a patient in a hospital of some sort in a quiet dark hallway and a nice near jumping moment with Lilith appearing near a window door area cackling and moments like that offering decent horror timing as well as to what she does with this person adding nice horror violence and then getting into the first chapter of this anthology in which this looked impressive.

Young Love looked campy fun when I spotted two teenage girls Brook and Lisa chatting on skype internet as the conversations seemed to flow in well.
Also a real twisted moment when Brook gets nearly lustful towards her teacher Mr. Harrison in which was well put into the story or so I thought anyhow in order to get a good grade as well as her affair with him.
While the story carries on it's impressive when she approaches him another time showing her pregnancy and his charm changes to rage which looked truly intense while watching this as well as how her life falls apart with her boyfriend leaving her as well as other situations adding some decent psychological moments leading to her suicide.
But then the story falls into a slump with bland stuff happening when she comes back from the dead seeking revenge as the moments looked very amateurish and lame. Yet a nice teasing moment when she looks like her normal self facing her father as it made me wonder if she has powers to look normal when she is really dead but that's about it.

Care Taker was the dullest out of the chapters when we spot a crippled bitter man Phillip and Lilith enters his home to help him out as their discussions were stale and pointless to watch as I was hoping that more action would happen in this chapter but no such luck.
Yet, near the end a good gruesome and deadly moment involving some detectives with an unsolved case as well as what seems to be a flashback moment with Lilith cackling with a bloodshed on her but that's about it folks.

Lust doesn't get much better which there's partying guys discussing stuff involving a woman for Darren which I was thinking to myself Ho Hum!
Yet while he's at his home there's nice dark shots on what is happening as well as Lilith entering his home which looked mildly ghostly plus there's well focused lustful shots on the two of them which involves slow motion movements but this was nothing spectacular by any means.
However there's odd moments when she shows her ghoulish self which is a bit of a brain teaser and at times it looked effective but other times the make up and effects looked slightly amateurish like the rest of this flick so far.

Serial Killer is one of the better chapters in which the beginning looked mildly cheesy when the lead character Frank makes out towards a blonde that he needs help with his vehicle only to knock her out as this seemed necessary for a start on a horror chapter as well as him evilly taunting her in a bloody looking bathtub when she is sobbing and pleading towards him. This moment needed to be picked up a bit as it seemed to be mildly phony.
Frank does a phony interview for a model shoot in which we have Lilith being interviewed as he plans to drug her drink whic made me watch carefully but yet the tables are turned big time as he becomes the victim as this almost looked powerfully done but like the rest of the chapters it lacked. There's some gruesome and shocking moments on what she does to him but when she is the possessed Lilith it looked amateurishly done.
This chapter seemed to pay a tribute to the Hostel franchise but that flick was done in a much better taste.

Bottom line is that this is a lame horror anthology that lacks a good storyline as it's been done before as well as a poor budget for the most part. The wraparound story is the only thing worth watching but even there's lame brained moments on that one which involved the preacher towards Lilith which none of it looked too natural at all. Yet there is some interesting effects with a crucifix steaming up and so fourth. Still we've seen these in other types of horrors so if you haven't seen this one then you're not missing out. Also the last scene took too long and should've been cut down before the closing credits.

The acting is in fair shape and better than the story itself in which I must admit that I liked Felissa Rose (Lilith) in her role as the evil cackly one for the wraparound as I never found her to be a good actress but was impressive in this one as she knew on how to act crazy, wicked and evil as well as her growly voice too. This marks to be her best performance ever. Seemed to know this role incredibly well.
Brialynn Massie
(Brook / Lilith) does her part quite well with her troubled attitude as well as her charming attitude coming across well within whatever she did here. Does a good job acting emotionally upset as well as losing control with her freaked out sobbing too. However when she returns from the dead she doesn't do as well in her part not making it look intimidating as she was supposed to have been.
Lara Jean (Lisa) really showed off her outgoing and bubbly behavior especially getting into a light headed conversation. She also shows a good bitchy side to her after a tragedy happens in which she was convincing with her versatile characteristics.
(Mr. Harrison) portrayed well as a charming school teacher and having a good uplifting attitude acting caring and so fourth. He really knew on how to change that around after finding something out and getting into a great harsh rage as well as knowing on how to act obnoxious too bringing it to a full punch. I found him to be one of the best out of the whole cast.
Hunter Johnson
(Colin) shows it off well when he is pissed off after finding out about what his onscreen girlfriend did and knew a thing or two about acting harsh showing a true arrogant side to his persona. Seemed to get into his role in a fair fashion.
(Tom) really brought my attention as the friend who seems to follow on what he does as well as acting like a lame brained dickhead. Seemed like a natural by behaving this way and deserved good credit for his supporting role.
Jennifer Nangle (Lilith) shows off a fair ghostly presence in which she does well speaking lustfully and smoothly. Had the right looks and appeal to her role. She wasn't overly great but knew on how to do the job right.
Noel VanBrocklin (Lilith) was quite sharp in her role coming across as well alerted and the intelligent type. Also does a nice job with her cold speaking and wicked attitude. Had the right looks for her role and represented herself well.

Frank Tryon (Frank) seemed to do the trick portraying someone demented in which he does well with his sneering aggressions and being a threat and shows a versatality acting frightened when the tables are turned on him but sometimes he is a bit over the top when he behaves this way.
Kimberly Roswell (Melissa) was a bit corny and annoying in her role as well as being too over the top especially during the beginning of her performance and also couldn't bring her emotional fearful sobbing to seem realistic as it seemed rather phony watching her perform this way.

Jennifer Nangle shows off her breasts in different parts of her chapter especially during a lusting scene as well as her butt at times.

Arms ripped off .
Eyes are pushed in.
Person's insides are displayed on a counter.
Person is bloodied while tied to a bed.
Heart is torn out of a persons chest.
Detective shoots himself in the head with blood splattering behind him but nothing too graphic.

The music by Ali Helnwein and Daniel McCormack isn't anything spectacular but I've heard worst as there's smooth classical violin music done on a synthesizer mostly in the wraparound scene as well some dull sounds in some of the other chapters. The odd booming sounds for the jumping moments which mildly works. Not too amaterish sounding in the long run but nothing to brag about either.