Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)


Directed by:  Jared Cohn 

Written by:
 Gabriel Campisi


Eric Balfour .... Sheriff Adam 
Bianca A. Santos.... Samantha / Red Rotting Hood 
Romeo Miller.... Danny 
Patrick Muldoon .... Deputy Henry 
 .... Officer Victoria 
Brendan Wayne .... Officer Scudder 

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 5, 2016






A small town realises that a pack of wolves are slaughtering innocent people including Samantha (Bianca A. Santos) whom was buried by her Grandma (Mirina Sirtis) but then returns from the dead to search for her boyfriend Danny (Romeo Muldoon) as she tells him her darkest secret as well as both of them bringing the law lead by Sheriff Adam (Eric Balfour) to snuff out these wolves that aren't your everyday wildlife.


We do have an impressive beginning wth Samantha running in the woods and then a vicious attack by a wolf as there's great fast action close up shots on this beast chewing away at her as well as the Grandma character warding this animal off and speaking soothingly towards her granddaughter as the moments looked good and still but yet twisted like. Plus there's a good moment on her burying this girl and doing her own sacrfice as this looked boggling.
A fair moment the next day that involves Danny when he is told on what happened to Samantha with the police around the moments in the woods which seemed necessary for a horror story.
We also have a corny moment with a teenage couple about to get into a lustful mode with the girl swinging her hips around before stripping off her clothes in which I rolled my eyes when this was happening. But then when they hear sounds and later on one of them says it was just a cat a surprising moment happens which is nearly a seat jumper which adds great horror timing and caught me by surprise big time.
A great camera shot on the ground where Samantha was buried and then effective moments on her rising from the ground but at the same time looked mildly cheesy. But yet looks effective for a horror flick such as this one. 
Also another neat moment with another horny teenage couple in a wooded area being slayed by a wolf which looked good and shocking by what we all spot here. Also nice tension with the other teens to see on what had happened which looked incredibly effective. 
Then we have the law enforcement team discussing the incidents as well as the history of the wolves and what is or isn't a myth as well as planning to snuff them in the wooded areas for future attacks which seemed to be done in a half mediocre fashion. 
Also there's the setting of the law enforcement team in the woods setting up their weapons and looking around as well as their discussions as things fell flat as well as a mysterious woman in a black uniform Becky speaking slickly to someone as this drew my attention but could've been done in better taste at the same time. Then we have the wolves attacking later on which looked a little too typical but then we spot the mysterious Samantha springing in to save the day revealing her fangs and finger blades which looked neat to watch. 
There's more action moments that improves as we roll along when Samantha talks to Danny on what has happened to her and go to Grandma's house discussing a situation which looked good and dark and having a bad feeling on what's going to happen when she reacts to pain as well as warning him which almost gave me the chills but not quite since I knew it was coming due to the low budget this was made on.
Clever moments when Samantha takes the law enforcement to a cave where the werewolves hide out as well as cheesy transformation on the people there turning along with a giant one that everyone battles as things get rolling big time when we watch all of the excitement of the going on's. 
My favourite scene is a good and dark discussion with Officer Victoria speaking wickedly towards Sheriff Adam as you get a sinking feeling that she has a deep dark secret in the film. This was perfectly well focused between the two of them and you just keep watching to find out on what will happen next.
Plus more action moments when people fire away against the werewolves as well as another huge one which is an attraction in a cheesy horror low budget way. Alot of this was fun and exciting to watch.
Bottom line is that the film has a story that is easy to follow and better than most horror movies during this time period as it doesn't seem to run out of an idea to continue watching. However it's a bit cheesy and the story is a bit too long but can be an okay one to watch if you're in the mood for it. Seems to pay tribute to other werewolf flicks such as The Howling. Try it as you may like it for what it is or may think it's lacks.

The acting seems to be decently performed but nothing that stands out too well to be remember but I will give it a whirl here as we have lead actor Eric Balfour (Sheriff Adam) shows off a convincingly gruff attitude when needed to be as well as being alerted and showing good energy while behaving this way. Also shows good characteristics with his charming personality or stressing a situation. So he really showed it off the camera in a good memorable fashion and presented himself greatly. 
Bianca A. Santos
 (Samantha / Red Rotting Hood) knew her stuff inside out as she reacts greatly to screaming in terror when she is first attacked and brought it out in a great intense rage. Also does well reacting to not herself like she's in pain during a certain scene like she's changing which was well performed. Plus does a great job with her energetic battling moments too. She comes across as a great horror heroic figure. 
Romeo Miller (Danny) showed off some nice pizzaz in his role in which does a good job with his upsetting emotions and energy as well as doing a good job by acting anxious whenever he needed to behave this way. Seemed to draw in greatly within whatever he did here. Shows lots of great charging energy. 
 (Officer Victoria) was the best out of the whole cast in which she showed a no bullshit cold hearted attitude in which made her character very mysterious and does it with great nasty type of style. She was greatly clear within her speaking as well as doing well with her hissy speaking quarter way through the film and showing off a good evil personality. She studied this role incredibly well.

One scene a woman takes off her top with breasts revealked and brief butt scene inside a home.
Out in the wooded area a teenage girl also takes it off with breasts revealed.
A dead naked body of a woman is lying on the ground near the close end of the story.

Many bodies are chewn up in bloody and gruesome ways.

Alot of the music was well out in sounding versatile with alot of cold sounding synthesizer music with fast advaentureous music too. Of course there's the odd banging noises as well we hear some ghostly sounds which works in crisply. Also some good chanting sounds here and there. More spooky sound effects too. All of this was decently put together by Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour