Little Witches (1996)


Directed by: Jane Simpson

Written by: Brian DiMuccio & Dino Vindeni


.... Faith Ferguson
.... Jamie
.... Kelsey
.... Nicole
.... Gina
.... Erica
.... Daniel
.... Sister Sherilyn

Special Appearances:

.... Mother Clodah
.... Sheriff Gordon

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: December 23, 1996; Fantasporto Film Festival: February 10, 1997



A group of rebellious girls at a catholic school reveals a witches coven that is off limits but they practise evil deeds and become more and more involved with the occult and unleash evil powers.


The story starts off with an impressive beinning with exploited shots on girls at a witches coven doing an seance while we spot the opening credits but this left an impression to me that this was a made for video release. A nice ending to this scene is when we see a monsterous hand coming out which should please some horror fans.
Then we spot situations with a group of rebellious friends at a catholic school being naughty as well as mocking their confessions of sins to Father Michael which looked a bit stale and lame to watch.
What's even lamer is the head rebellious teen Jamie does a strip tease in the window of her dorm towards some construction workers outside which was a total time waster.
The story starts up to the fun touches later on when the group of friends trespass into the witches coven and drinks an object from a container and then more exploited moments with them performing a ceremony which looked memorable watching the outcome of all this as well as showing a brief shot on an eye of a demonic beast opening which caught me by surprise.
Then Sister Sherilyn repremands them the next day by making them do clean up chores which seemed to fit well into the story but doesn't stop them from going out and doing another spell during that night which is them calling down for a rainstorm but while we watch this it looked a little too contrived.
While the story rolls along it is quite slow and becoming a bit dull but then it picks up again with Jamie putting a spell on Mother Codah while Faith Ferguson serves her dinner which looked a bit strong to watch as well as other situations revealing a demonic looking monster at the ceremony as this was a great touch.
Then Jamie tries to come off lustfully towards Father Michael as this was well shot and leaving an impression that she's going to do something deadly and although there was mothing graphic to reveal on what happens it still was enjoyable to watch.
Some of the final moments were the best to watch in which Sister Sherilyn tries to reason with Jamie and her friends but they look demonic and nasty with Jamie lashing out at her and so fourth in which there's nice shots of mist floating and so fourth. Plus we spot a ghoulish figure of Father Michael lashing out as this can be fun to watch as well.
Then Faith tries to save the day when Jamie still tries to do her ceremony with Daniel tied up as well as being pitted against that demonic looking monster. Nothing overly exciting due to it's low budget but can be entertaining if you're in the mood for a cheesy bfilm such as this one.
Bottom line is that the film looked slightly boring at first but picks up with some leaky holes of a slow story. Its a somewhat party type of flick to watch with your friends for a laugh. Uses similar elements of The Craft but not as good and not even close to it being a mainstream flick.

The acting is at an even pace but only certain one's stand out so let's take a look here... We have the leading actress (Faith Ferguson) as the innocent virgin type and does well by acting soft spoken to when she talks. Her looks were just average along with her appeal too. But she seems to do well reacting to certain situations as well as showing decent energy and enthusiasm into what she did here.
) added some nice spunk and enthusiasm into her role as the head of her friends in which she was convincing by acting cheeky and lustful along with behaving like a bad ass. Plus does a great job with her wicked and forceful behavior when she becomes more possessed as a witch. This showed off terrifically.
(Daniel) wasn't too shabby as a boy next door type of kid along with coming across as somewhat shy. He brought this onto the screen pretty nicely too. Does a nice job when he acts anxious or trying to stress situations.
Sister Sherilyn) really did her job nicely as a caring Nun. She showed it off nicely when she was scolding her onscreen students which shined off greatly. Also shows alot of energy when trying to put an end to the evil that is happening during the scene's in the stroy. She was a true character actress.
) had a nice supporting role and was perfectly serious as a preacher. He really studied his role quite well as you could tell when watching this film. Had a perfect calmness to his behavior as well as acting a bit nervous when the terror strikes towards him. Plus had the right looks and appeal to this role which was another great plus.

A group of girls are barebreasted during the beginning of the film while doing a seance at a witches coven which is repeated with a different cast of characters later on in the story but are fully naked top to bottom including a plump girl which was interesting to see.
A rebellious one pulls down her bra exposing her breast while confessing her sins.
Then someone gets barebreasted with her butt showing trying to come across strong to an innocent kid.
More nudity with the girls is revealed when doing a seance quarter way through the story.

Monster stabs someone through their neck.

Nicholas Rivera was fairly average composing his music for the film but it was a low budget type of music composing which comes across clearly that he didn't use a huge orchestra for the film as it mainly came on a synthesizer but it wasn't shabbily done at all. Plus there's some malke and female vocalising for the witches coven as this sounded clear and smooth. Yet in some parts of the story there's some guitar twanging which didn't do much for me at all.