Lost After Dark (2014)

Executive Produced & Directed by: Ian Kessner

Written by: Ian Kessner & Bo Ransdell


.... Adrienne
.... Evelyn
.... Marilyn
.... Sean
Alexander Calvert .... Johnnie
Lanie McAuley .... Heather
.... Wesley
Jesse Camacho .... Toby
Robert Patrick .... Mr. C
David Lipper .... Norman

Special Appearance:

Rick Rosenthal .... Sheriff Cam

Release Dates: Horrorfest: September 13, 2014; Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival: September 19, 2014; Screamfest Horror Film Festival: October 20, 2014




A group of teenagers hotwire a school bus during their prom night and then end up running out of gas in the middle of nowhere but finds a run down house that's owned by a canniballistic killer who slays them one by one in many clever ways.


A nice prologue to the story with aa good shot on a creepy run down house sinnce it does remind you of those retro horror films that we see here. Also nice powerful moments on two girls trying to escape which looked quite suspenseful to watch all of this happening.
When we spot the film then taking place in 1984 it's exciting to see the moments of the styles that go on there. There's a bit of a campy discussion between the father Norman and daughter Adrienne but yet an odd effective moment on a dark secret between the two of them.
Also have moments with the teens like Toby by trying to hotwire a school bus which looked slightly amusing to watch all of this.
We also spot the grouchy principal Mr. C being overly opinionated towards a rocker teen as well as him insulting her as this gives you the impression that she should kick him in the balls.
Some funny moments with the gang driving away with the bus and one of them playing a rubix cube which was a big thing in the 80's and she throws it out the bus window as you don't often see this happening.
Then when the teens realise they're out of gas and stranded in the middle of nowhere it does pay to those 80's type of plotlines but yet the discussions going on looked rather cheesy to watch.
Also some silly situations with two girls practising by kissing one another as the other plans to lose her virginity which seemed rather weird to watch.
There's a good discussion between Toby and Marilyn smoking weed and going for a stroll as the moments looked witty and natural as well as some brief upsetting situations which worked in well too. The moments really drew in well.
There's some perfectly irritating moments involving both Johnnie and his bimbo girlfriend Heather as you'd want to smack these two as well as Johnnie being insulting and threatening which makes you hope that he will be one of the first to be put away.
Also there's some trashy one liners between Johnnie and Heather when she accuses him of being so mean and he admits it as the humor is dry but can offer some chuckles if you like that type of dark comedy. We also have some moments that's supposed to make you jump when some of the friends play pranks on others but it's a disappointment as they're very slowly paced.
We also spot some nice near romantic situations by once again by Toby and Marilyn with nicely focused camera shots on the two of them as well as good shots on them looking at a slaughterhouse in which this looked genuinely creepy to spot. Plus we have a good moment when Toby drops his glasses and he tries to find them and then when he does gives you a sinking feeling that the killer will crash in and a nice shot on this too which looked dark and creepy.
Also perfect killing moment on one of the first victims using another one as bait which looked clever and a nice add into the story to please the slasher fans.
There's a perfect situation when Wesley looks at a window and then bang as this time this for sure makes you jump big time so a good pointer too the makers with this scene. Also a real good close up horror violent scene as to what the killer does to him as the effects were great to watch and truly creepy too.
Perfect dark situation with both Johnnie and Heather trying to hide in a vehicle but her dog is whimpering which would give away to the killer where they're hiding and having a perfect psychological feel wondering how to shut that annoying dog up as this for sure gives you a sinking feeling what they will have to do about all of this which isn't pretty at all. Certainly not a good scene to watch for any dog lovers. Perfectly creepy moment with the killer grabbing a pitchfork and crawling on the roof of the vehicle as for anyone who saw the famous Jason attack in Friday the 13th Part 2 almost paying a tribute to this in which we expect on what's going to happen next yet the makers were clever and surprising you of what happens next which packed a punch.
Great scene's with the killer in the dark breathing and looking menacing before doing in his next victim.
Also a great moment with the main character trying to get away from the killer as the action piles up greatly as well as her trying to get through a window on the top of the house which is a traditional moment making you watch in suspense at to whether or not this killer will grab her foot. All this looked well done.
Also a great moment with Mr. C about to go into action and battling this killer in which was a classic moment while the lead character runs away and locks herself inside the house as well as hearing on what's going on making you wonder who got who first but of course you get a sinking feeling that it wasn't Mr. C surviving this like in most slasher films with the hero trying to save the day.
Near the end looked interesting when we spot a sheriff discussing about the killer's background which seemed spooky to watch wondering if this lawman has a deep dark secret. Plus the ending that involved the survivor was perfect when we see what happens by leaving a door open for a sequel.
Bottom line is that the film pays a tribute to those 80's retro slasher grindhouse flicks which almost works but at times there's some weak and bland moments. Others looked well done and good gruesome effects with cheesy writing since we've seen cheesy 80's types like this. Sometimes tries to be scary but misses other times it works. The makers deserve to be rewarded with this since they put good effort into an indie flick like this one and a decent low budget too.

The acting was in fair taste with most of the performances being local Canadian actors which is nice to see. Kendra Leigh Timmins (Adrienne) shows it off well as one of the hot type girls with a next door type of appeal to everything. She seemed to come across as one of the heroic types in the horror flick. Also does well by acting outgoing. Shows a good tense behavior when she spots something terrifying as her energy was greatly done.
(Evelyn) seemed to play her part quite well as the girl next door type role like most of thhe lead actresses you spot in a slasher flick like this one. Shows a nice intelligent and convincingly decent behavior. Does a nice job with her hyped up energy freaking out or getting scared when the terror starts. Plus was great showing her anger and vengeful behavior later on. Certainly proves herself to be a worthy character actress.
Eve Harlow (Marilyn) was perfect as the headbanging but sharp minded and outgoing one of the crowd. She brings on aa great charm to her role adding a ton of great spunk. She was great with her lines and adds alot of nice energy and showing a nice sarcastic and fun loving attitude as well as showing a turned off behavior too. I found her to be the best in the cast.
Justin Kelly (Sean) played the perfect guy next door in the film showing a perfect nice guy type of behavior and acting perfectly smart about stuff. Also shows off well talking reasonably to his onscreen girlfriend about his reasons for going away with her which looked nicely dramatised. He was another great actor but however his looks for the role didn't cut it. Still he did a great job with his acting skills so everything else counts.
Alexander Calvert (Johnnie) really drew in well as those cocky and dorky type of teenager that would get on your nerves and make you feel uncomfortable. He drove his paprt too the point that you wiished he'd be done in. Also does a great job with his threatening and aggressive behavior. Shows a believeable arrogance and a slight obnoxious attitude. Had the right motive as someone who isn't well liked. Also does a great job with with paranoid and anxious attitude when the terror starts and packs a punch within this.
Lanie McAuley (Heather) lived to play a bimbo in this one as she was perfectly annoying within whatever she did and came across believeable as someone who doesn't show any common sense. Also has a good stuck up type of behavior within what she did as well as just someone who isn't all there when she tries to come across as someone who is. Yet at times she's a bit off with her crying as well as her scared emotions. Has the perfect beautiful blonde looks though.
Stephan James (Wesley) added some nice pizzaz into his role and another one who has a sharp personality as well as someone who has a strong personality too. Does well with just getting into his role and not letting an ounce of energy down. Certainly comes across nicely with his lifelike behavior.
Jesse Camacho
(Toby) Has the overweight and kind of geeky looks which was perfect and a nice surprise as to his role with his outgoing and his cool cat personality. He sure has a great motive with his witty and charming attitude. I found that he stood out the most out of the whole cast. Does a great job getting into a deep conversation and making him believeably likeable. Plus near the end of his role does well reacting to being in torture and in pain.
Robert Patrick (Mr. C) certainly shows off a totally different role than in Terminator 2: Judgement Day as a closed minded principal with an arrogant attitude which he does this nicely. Acts out well with someone whom you don't want to like within all that happens here. Also draws in perfectly powerful when going into battle with the killer coming across as perfectly heroic.
David Lipper (Norman) seemed to have the right appeal by playing a comedic type of family man with his geeky type looks as well. He also does a nice job with his sternness near the beginning of his performance which grabs your attention too. Plus does a nice job near the end of his role showing a nice full force by shooting hiss gun. He studied his role quite well here.

*Due to personal reasons I was not permitted to give away the gore but it is a must for slasher fans and it looked greatly done.

The music was wonderfully composed as it adds the perfect touch to the darkness of the murders using the old style classical violin composing or trombone playing too. Plus great powerful metal banging and low deep bumping sounds adding more great flavor making it all sound very entertaining. Plus some effective music for the closing credits which was a perfect plus. The music was perfectly put together by Eric Allaman.