The Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008)

Directed by: P.J. Pesce

Written by: Hans Rodionoff


Tad Hilgenbrink .... Chris Emerson
Angus Sutherland .... Shane Powers
Autumn Reeser .... Nicole Emerson
Gabrielle Rose .... Aunt Jillian
Corey Feldman .... Edgar Frog
Shaun Sipos .... Kyle
Merwin Mondesir .... Erik
Kyle Cassie .... Jon
Greyston Holt .... Evan
Moneca Delain .... Lisa

Special Appearances:

Tom Savini .... Jake
Corey Haim .... Sam Emerson

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: July 29, 2008

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Two siblings named Chris (Tad Hilgenbrink) and Nicole (Autumn Reeser) arrives to live with their eccentric Aunt Jillian (Gabrielle Rose) after their parents were killed in a car accident in Luna Bay, California.
They are unhappy with their stay and on how their Aunt is making certain rules there especially the fact that they have to pay rent.
A surfer named Shane Powers (Angus Sutherland) invites both Chris and Nicole to his party where the two of them encounter a schoolmate bully named Jon (Kyle Cassie) as he mocks them moving there.
Nicole falls for Shane as he introduces her to the place and also takes a swig of a drink he offers her.
She suddenly feels different and gets sick when her and Chris drive home from the party and then turns on him by attacking him.
A nearby resident Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) tries to help Chris out telling her that he is a vampire slayer and his sister is from the undead as Chris has no choice but to take his advice only to try and save his sister now that she is a half vampire from that drink she took which was vampire blood.
Chris is also tempted by Shane to become one of them like his sister did and allows so only to try and become powerful enough to destroy the vampire race and for the two of them to become normal again.


The beginning is quite corny with a neighbor not liking some teenage surfers trespassing on his property with a stern look on his face and then exposing his fangs and then the teens lead by Shane Powers showing their fangs and attacking him with fast paced action as it looked too cheesy.
Nice shots on people skateboarding or playing the saxophone near the city streets.
Nice shots on Chris Emerson
sitting at a dock and watching the sun setting and then a good discussion with Shane talking to him on the dock and inviting him to his party.
A nice set with people partying wildly outside doing a bunch of stuff.
A good camera shot looking up at Lisa dancing indoors at the party with Chris watching and then Lisa trying to make a move on him which seems quite impressive so far.
A great conversation between Shane and Evan in his room as it shows terrific chemistry as well as tempting her to take a drink of his wine from.
There is a shower scene by Lisa and Chris which was too fast paced.
A good shot on Shane driving his motorbike with Evan's hands wrapped around his waist.
A nice distance shot on the motorbike and a full moon.
There is a good shot focusing on Shane with his stern expressions too.
A cheesy suspenseful shot with Evan picking up Chris by the neck and turning along with a corny presence by Edgar Frog stopping her and then introducing himself.
We have a hokey conversation between Chris and Edgar in his trailer discussing about vampires and knowing what to do by stopping them by reading comic books.
A good discussion between Chris and Evan when he tries to tell her she's a vampire and doesn't believe him.
A nice shot on Shane lying down and calling with a great close up shot on Evan opening her eyes, then later on slowly walking outside towards his coven and then reuniting with one another.
Corny moments with Kyle, Erik and Jon playing video games or stabbing one another for fun.
Perfect camera shots on a lustful moment with Shane and Evan in bed with their hands feeling one another as well as the kissing.

Perfect shots on the people like Shane, Kyle and Jon skateboarding and driving their motorbikes recklessly out on the streets towards a Sheriff's office along with a cheesy and fast camera shots on a nice car chase too of the Sheriff himself.
A good fast forward shot on Chris tossing and turning on his bed thinking about what the head vampire told him about becoming a vampire.
Good shots on Shane and Evan staring at Chris driving along in a car while he is about to take a swig of the blood along with nice shots on Kyle, Erik
and Jon laughing in the backseat of the car.
There's a good bonfire moment at the beach with all of them getting together with some by having some make out dares and other fun activities and then suddenly turning their vampire modes and attacking.
Good shout out on Edgar towards
asking if he is cool and demanding to show him his teeth and then a good fast running shot on Chris by showing a stern and blunt reaction towards him telling him that he's cool.
Good shots on Edgar and Chris hunting around an abandoned mining cave which leads to the coven to try and track down the vampires.
A nice fast action shot on Erik attacking Chris in the cave and having a battle.
A good camera shot zooming away from Edgar in the cave holding his holy water rifle looking around.
We also see some perfect fast paced camera shots between Shane and Chris during their final showdown.
Bottom line is that this is a disappointing sequel to the cult classic hit but yet it can be alot of fun. However, at first the film looks like a David DeCoteau at his best in those teenage jock horror flicks. It's updated to todays type of vampire flicks but yet very cheesy and at times alot sillier than in the first one and made on a much lower budget too making this one hard to believe that it's a sequel as well as taken in a different direction by using only one character from the original film which is Edgar Frog to reprise his role. There are some fun touches though which makes the film quite entertaining and good enough to have another sequel.

The acting is well.... some good and at times corny too. Don't expect it to be as good as the first one cause it isn't. Tad Hilgenbrink (Chris Emerson) seems just average in his role as the head teen in the film trying to save his sisters life and trying to stop the vampire's. Really he doesn't stand out too well. Yet he showed a good fist strike by him hitting somebody's nose as well as showing off a nasty attitude. Reacts well after he drinks some blood by behaving dazed at first and then feeling great.
Angus Sutherland'
(Shane Powers) plays a vampire this time as he does well with his surfer like accent and makes a nice vampire leader with his charming attitude. A good stern reaction by him in a scene after he is hit in the nose. Does well by trying to tempt his fellow actress by becoming a vampire in front of his coven. Yes he's Kierfer's half brother.
Autumn Reeser
(Nicole Emrson) has the right looks for the role as a stuck up pretty girl experiencing her lifestyle as a half vampire and seems to pull off not too bad with her character but is rusrty in some spots.
Gabrielle Rose
(Aunt Jillian) tries to bring the humor as a nagging aunt in the film and does well with that but yet, she isn't very funny. A good presence by her being surprised to see her onscreen niece and nephew showing great delight. A good nagging performance by her towards her onscreen nephew about his habits that she doesn't like lately with his sister.
Corey Feldman
(Edgar Frog) returns to his role but he seems way more corny with his part and a grungy type of voice too as I thought to myself what happened to him??? Yet offers nice slapstick timing when about to do battle.
Merwin Mondesir (Erik) does nicely with his crazy attitude as one of the vampire's in the film and can look convincingly terrifying.
Kyle Cassie
(Jon) does well as a dickhead vampire bringing a perfect presence to his role and a true character actor.
A good reaction by him mocking two people at an outdoor party ashe was believeable as a prick and the other two feeling uncomfortable which is his finest moments here.
Supporting actor Greyston Holt (Evan) seems to play ok as a shy dweeby type of teen in the film that other's like to pick on. A good nervous reaction on him trying to talk to a pretty girl in a certain scene.
She reacts well after drinking some wine by feeling a bit dizzy. She acts too melodramatic when she feels sick while riding in the car realising that she is turning into a half vampire. Does well nearly losing her mind and getting hungry for blood in her motorhome. Reacts well to screaming when someone holds a crucifix to her.
We have a cameo at the end of the film by Corey Haim (Sam Emerson) at the end of the film reprising his role as well but he isn't the same and I love his presence in it.

A nice brief breast shot on a woman out at the party.
Delain exposes her breasts while taking a shower and later on exposes her breasts again in a motorhome trying to act viciously lustful.

Numerous people's flesh are bitten off by vampire's
A head is cut off
A vampiress is impaled on deer antlers
Bloody gun shots
A vampires guts fall out
A vampire is stabbed by a steel sharp object
A vampire's head is blown off
A wooden stake is stabbed through a vampire's heart with bloody results.

Some good gothic bluesy type guitar playing with some nice violin sounds too along with the perfect screeching sounds all composed by Nathan Barr who did a perfect job with it.

Like in the first film we have a soundtrack as some of it sounds quite good but a group named Aiden who does the cover version of "Cry Little Sister" from the first film trying to make it sound updated for the millenium but it doesn't sound at all gothic like the orgiinal version of it.

Edgar Frog: I'm Edgar Frog, surfboard shaper and vampire hunter.

Edgar Frog: [brandishing two cross-shaped stakes] Who ordered the stake?

Edgar Frog: I said are you cool
Shane Powers:
I am cool
Edgar Frog:
Show me your teeth
Shane Powers
(Approaches him quickly): I... AM ... COOL!

Edgar Frog (Sniffs): I smell ugly

Edgar Frog (After blowing a vampire's head off): Pop goes the weasel.

Shane Powers: (After stabbing a stake through his heart) Nicole.... why???
Nicole Emerson:
He's family asshole!!!