Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)


Co-Produced & Directed by: Dario Piana

Written by: Evan Charnov & Hans Rodionoff


Corey Feldman .... Edgar Frog
Casey B. Dolan .... Zoe
Tanit Phoenix .... Gwen Lieber
Jamison Newlander .... Alan Frog
Seb Castang .... DJ X
Felix Mosse .... Peter
Tanya van Graan .... Lily
Joe Vaz .... Claus

Steven van Niekerk .... Lars von Goetz

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 12, 2010




Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) is constantly having nightmares by what happened to his brother Alan (Jamison Newlander) while they were slaying vampires and becoming a partial vampire. What's worst is that he is evicted from his trailer and is selling some of his comic books from what he kept back in 1987 for needing money.
He meets a best seller writer named Gwen Lieber (Tanit Phoenix) asking him for his help and telling him that her younger brother named Peter (Felix Mosse) disappeared in Ibiza two years ago in an X-Party promoted by the alpha-vampire.
A vampire named DJ X (Seb Castang) is coming to San Cazador to promote a sacrifice during a party in the blood moon on the next Friday
along with his gang.
Edgar gets help with his aide Zoe (Casey B. Dolan) to try and find out where their hideout spot is while they get the odd encounter with other vampires trying to attack them along with a Hollywood reality TV show participant named Lars von Goetz (Steven van Niekerk) who works for Gwen and thinking that none of this is real at all.
They go to an island where a slaughterhouse is located in which Edgar finds out that is where all of the happenings will take place hoping that he can cure his brother back to normal and get over the grieving for killing Sam Emerson after discovering that he has turned into a blood sucking vampire himself two years ago.


The first sequel was very corny and cheesy to watrch but fun. However, this one really was an improvement in which we can forget about part 2 alltogether. There's a good beginning with a family of vampires about to feed their hunger with a victim and one of them is an old man who has false vampire teeth. I was thinking to myself "Oh no this is gonna be lame" but yet it adds some interesting dark comedy to the story and then Allan and Edgar Frog spring into action killing off these vampires but then Alan has a dark secret and about to attack Edgar in which I was thinking to myself that this must be a nightmare sequence and it just is that. However, this was an incident that really happened making me wonder if Alan will be seen in the rest of the story instead of the first bit.
I love a scene where Edgar is selling one of his vampire comic books for money which is worth alot now since it was introduced in the first film about Destroying all Vampires. I just loved seeing that and knowing how expensive they are today and weren't that expensive 23 years beforehand since it was just released. Man where have all those years gone by since the first one was made????
I love a moment with vampires riding on a plane and they all jump out as if they're parachuting but of course they can fly making it a nice dark feel to the flick in which I could tell that the budget was a bit bigger this time compared to the previous movie.
I just was getting into it more and more while seeing this as well as them meeting up with a person doing a deal with them like it was a drug deal or a mafia of some sort. Couldn't get better than this.
There's some superb writing with a moment when Edgar tries to talk to his brother Alan in his domain which is a taxidermist area in which this looked dark and gruesome with the surroundings giving the story a perfect feel to it since in the original one good ole Grandpa had this stuff at his home. It was very touching and serious with what was going on between the two of them as well as discussing the original family like Michael and Sam Emerson plus really discussing on how Edgar had to kill Sam since he turned into a vampire like it showed on the closing credits of part 2 not making this an easy choice to do. This seemed like it had to be explained since it seemed like almost a joke in part 2 which it wasn't at all. There's also great flashback sequences from the first film involving Sam, Edgar and Alan in their comic book store or other scenarios. This was just perfect to add since Corey Haim is no longer with us and almost a paying tribute to him.
It is very emoitonal to watch Edgar going to Sam's tombstone and placing a Batman comic book there sine he mentions it in the original film that it was his favourite one to have.
There's some good fun action with one of Edgar's friend named Zoe looking at a book while a vampire crashes in giving it a good traditional feel to a Lost Boys movie as well as classic battling with her spraying holy water on him and he explodes showing today's special effects which is CGI of course. But yet the effects look a bit cheesy since this film was still a low budgeter.
Then Zoe and Edgar go out for pancakes at a diner in which they use strawberry syrup which works well looking like blood and them slicing away and eating making this scene look quite humoress while they get into a serious heavy conversation while their plan is to destroy more vampires.
The fun still continues with Edgar, Zoe and their friend Blake battling away vampire trespassers at Blake's home since it shows he often has trouble with this quite often showing that the vampire breeding has become huge and bigger than ever. It looked very dark and creepy with what was going on in the story making this very clever.
There's great fun touches with a slaughterhouse on an island showing wild partying teens entering there and then inside is a dance club hosted by vampires bringing it up to date with todays type of horror which I never really liked but it fits well for this part in which we spot people in leather or doing perverted lustful vampire events too. There's even great attacking moments with two people engaged in which it's virgin blood that was well written in too.
Then Edgar with his other team is on the island about to go on a search to destroy any vampires as I was looking forward to finding out what was gonna happen in which he brings along a male bimbo reality performer thinking that this is all for an act in order to gain more publicity for his experience on these types of shows. This seemed quite corny and I was thinking to myself that this doesn't fit in too well for a good plot at all. It's too common. But yet this dude has something coming to him big time. Then I was about to enjoy the rest of the story.
Suddenly when this kid named Peter is about to be free when a ceremony is about to happen we spot him kissing and caressing his suposed sister Gwen a little too much. It definetely leaves an impression that something here is a little too weird and then something bad is gonna happen. This worked well.
What worked well was a historic tale on the head vampire and how he came to be with similar lines like in the first film when a teen vampire David tells Michael he'll never grow old or never die but how to feed his hunger. We never knew on how the vampire tale started until we saw this moment happen.
There's alot of great battling scene's with vampire's battling against the slayers in the dance club which looked fun to watch as well as Edgar having a good emotional moment with his brother Alan and some decisions on what to do since there's peer pressure on whether or not that he has to destroy his brother or not.
There's a very happy moment close to the end of the film which looked quite heartwarming and then at the very end leaves a door open for another sequel in which I hope there will be one.
Bottom line is the film still did have alot of corny and cheesy moments with some slapstick moments too but nowhere near like the previous film and can be enjoyed by the fans of the first film. However it doesn't meet up anywhere near thesimilar chemistry like the first one did with it's budget or the darkness surrounding it. But again I don't think it ever will since the years between these are totally different. In fact I find films 20 years or more having better taste than what we see today since they knew their craft alot better on how to do a horror flick. Nowadays there's tons of remakes.

The acting is fairly well done in which lead actor Corey Feldman (Edgar Frog) still knew his stuff as a vampire slayer like he did in the first two having a good gruff speaking voice in which he certainly molded his seriousness even more so here. He shows nice serious emotions when he needed to and really springing into life whenever he performed a battle showing alot of great energy with all of this. Does well by showing good anxiety after waking up from a nightmare. Does well by showing some good and believeable frusterations with him acting miserable about everything when he tries to sell his comic books to somebody else. Shows good enthusiasm when he dresses up to get ready on going vampire hunting. He shows alot of might driving a stake through someone's heart.
Casey B. Dolan (Zoe) really shows off a good eccentric bubbly type of attitude in her role and had the right gothic type of looks in which she really came to life with everything that she did throughout her whole performance and just keeping up the pace with everything.
Tanit Phoenix (Gwen Lieber) shows a great calmness to her part in the film in which she certainly draws attention onto the big screen as well as having a nice healthy girl next door type of features to what she portrayed. She really studied her role incredibly well with what she had to do and was a mystery to who she really is and came across that way big time.
Jamison Newlander (Alan Frog) certainly showed a great dark attitude to his role and showing perfect aggressions too with everything that he did. Nice reactions with him jumping in a battle and getting aggressive with a high energetic attitude too. Does well by choking while he is hung showing good aggressive expressions trying to free himself which looked good and intense. He also brings it up big time whenever he turned or had a battle showing that he still has it since the first film or even a much better job in this one. Two thumbs up for this dude. He looked very different too.
Seb Castang (D.J. X) certainly had a perfect bad ass attitude as one of the main vampires in the flick plus had the perfect evil looks and tough guy attitude. He really knew on how to lunge in for the kill making himself to be a convincing vampire without a doubt. Kinda reminds me as one of the punk vampires from the first film by how he performed it all. A nice striking reaction on him getting vicious biting someone's neck as this looked brutal and well performed.
Felix Mosse (Peter) was pretty impressive in his debut performance as a deceivingly innocent kid in the film in which he was good acting like that he was helpless. Sometimes he was a bit over the top though. Yet when he shows his true identity he really brings it on with his vicious and evil attitude too. There's a nice attack moment on him towards his fellow actress. He does well acting strongly and evilly towards everyone around him. This was quite impressive. He was partially versatile with what he did. He needed the odd improvements but yet he's still young and can improve more and more with his future gigs if he continues on with his acting career.
Tanya van Graan (Lily) lived to play a vampiress in the film showing a nice vicious and lustful type of behavior and springing into action when she needed to. She was terrific with everything that she did and can really come across as a great dark type of warrior in the film. She was very slick like a rattlesnake with how she spoke too. All in all she was fun to watch.
Steven van Niekerk (Lars) really brought it on as a goofball reality show performer in which he seems to come across as one of those phonies like you'd picture in stuff like that. He had a nice bodybuilder presence to his role like he's trying to be a playboy type for the women but lacks intelligence. He knew his craft by what he did with all of this. Does a nice job acting full of himself by trying to act flirtatious towards his fellow actress. Nice struggling reactions while trying to fight someone else.

There's many topless vampiress' at a night club with their breasts revealed

Many vampire's explode in various parts of the movie
Animals insides are revealed at a taxidermist home
Necks are bloodily bitten
A throat is slit
A fist is punched through a person with their hearts ripped out

There's good tragic chanting during a graveyard scene which sounded wonderfully. Alot of strong orchestral trumpet and violin music is used throughout most of the fighting scene's in the film too. There's also good low tones used too which worked for the film as well as some banging sounds like it's commonly used in alot of horror films all brought together by Elia Cmiral.

There's many great songtracks performed in this movie and a remake of "Cry Little Sister" this time performed by Aiden in which this almost sounds similar to the original but more upgraded with a bit of a dance type theme to it and was used during when some vampire's jump out of an airplane and in certain other parts of the film too. It's also used during the closing credits too which you can't compalin about that at all.