The Lunar Pack (2004)

Produced, Written, Cinematography, Edited & Directed by: James Liquori


Debbie Rochon .... Mistress Misty / Hostess
Melissa Morse .... Rose LeNoire
Colleen Kavanaugh
Chanel Bagwell .... Gina Arrucci
Jason L. Liquori ....
P.I. Jim Stewart
Brewier Welch .... Minister Harrison
Kevin White .... Bobby Arrucci / Billy / The Sheriff
Jonathan Shane Ferrell .... Billy Joe
Annie Maleski .... Tracy

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 31, 2004

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Mistress Misty (Debbie Rochon) is lustful, charming and beautifully evil introducing some stories in her dark dungeon and hungry for blood and human brains too.

First she plays a chapter titled Dark Rose: The 700 Year Itch about two female's, one is a vampiress and another a werewolf as they do some kung fu battling to the death.

Next chapter is titled Sheeps Clothing of a man named Bobby Arruci (Kevin White) who suspects that his wife is cheating on him and hires a private investigator to look into it and are in for a major shock.

The we have Crying Wolf about a couple named Billy Joe (Jonathan Shane Ferrell) and Tracy (Annie Maleski) who stop in the middle of the woods only to be nearly slaughtered by a werewolf but Billy Joe survived this and knows who he is and tells the Sheriff to lock him away but then discovers a dark and deadly secret on who the werewolf really was.


A film made on a camcorder but yet some of the chapters in this anthology seemed quite intersting nevertheless.
We have a few laughs with the wraparound story as it looked so pohny but yet fun to watch with some interesting dark comedy too.
The first chapter Dark Rose: The 700 Year Itch was about under 10 minutes long however, it looked very corny but a fun romp watching a vampiress battling a she wolf. They tried to make it look creative as possible for the weak budget they had and I must say I will give everyone credit for trying very hard to do what they had to do.
We spot some weak camera shots on both Rose LeNoire andthe other woman but we have some good goofy blocking on their battles together with vampiress against werewolf jumping in the air as well as some good martial arts kicking too.
In Sheeps Clothing I could do without as it looked like the chapter was shot on a surveillance camera and trying to give it that 007 type of style with the narration. But there was a quick car speeding towards ahouse to help someone with the transformation of another she wolf which looked corny but amusing at the same time too.
There are good close up shots on lead character Billy by getting up and getting ready for his mission.
We have some cheesy shots on Minister Harrison being chained to a bed trying to look kinky but it really looked lacking but however there's a good shot on Gina Arrucci by showing her fangs and about to attack someone along with a good shot on Billy speeding up to the drive and then shooting his rifle.
Cry Wolf
however was my favourite out of all the chapters on the woods and the werewolf attacking with a funny battle between two werewolfs which you gotta love.
A shot on both Billy Joe and Tracy having an argument and driving near a wooded area.
There's a good shot on a camera watching behind the woods on Tracy and she comes up approaching acting friendly and then a good camera attack with her freaking out which almost makes you jump along with a good cheesy look at a werewolf and then a good battle with Billy Joe.
Some good reactions on passerby's wondering what to do but however Billy Joe moves a bit when he's supposed to be knocked unconcious.
We have a very lacking discussion between Billy Joe and The Sheriff taking place the next day when Billy Joe tries to convince him to be locked up before he turns when the moon is full. But we do spot a good shot on him lifting up his shirt to show claw marks.
There's also a good shot on The Sheriff throwing Billy Joe around and crashing through a wall.
We have some cheesy but enjoyable moments on their reactions when the two of them change into werewolves along with their battles.
Bottom line: Check this movie out if you're into home type made movie projects which is not easy to find financing for films and these people did their best and was aired on the internet before going to video and became a part of the Tomb of Terrors dvd collection last 2007.

The acting is somewhat good and somewhat bad so let's review this shall we? Debbie Rochon (Mistress Misty / Hostess) hosted the wraparound story sounding very lustful and funny too bringing good character to the whole wraparound story.
Jonathan Shane Ferrell
(Billy Joe) in the last chapter Crying Wolf seemed to put alot of energy, aggression and character to his part as the lead male in the film realising he will become a werewolf plus was great on his blocking and facial expressions too.
Kevin White
(Bobby Arrucci / Billy / The Sheriff) however really was way too melodramatic and trying too hard to portray a redneck sheriff and was not impressed with his performance at all.
Annie Maleski
(Tracy) on the other hand was one of the best performers in this film next to Rochon who showed good characteristics to her part and a nice blunt attitude too when the scene was necessary.

We have a phony shot on a heart that was ripped out which looked like a total rubber toy in the first chapter called Dark Rose: The 700 Year Itch.
There's also a brain for the wraparound story which you could tell was jelly.
We have sharp claw marks on a persons chest during the
Crying Wolf chapter.

We spot some cheesy organ and synthesizer adventureous music in which the composer tried to make it sound very old fashioned like for Dark Rose: The 700 Year Itch
We spot some descent jazz music for the beginning of Sheeps Clothing but I wasn't a fan of it at all yet it was well done.
For Crying Wolf we have some good metallic guitar riffs for when the werewolf attacks along with some good ole big bad western showdown guitar music too.