Lust for Frankenstein (1998)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Jesus Franco


Lina Romay .... Moira Frankenstein
Michelle Bauer ....
Goddess - The Creature
Analia Ivars .... Abigail
Carlos Subterfuge .... Frankenstein's Ghost
Peter Temboury .... Carlitos

Special Appearances:

Robert King .... Cyrus
Amber Newman .... Stripper

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 1998



A lesbian named Moira Frankenstein (Lina Romay) is haunted by a macabre ghost of her long dead father (Carlos Subterfuge) who is an infamous reanimator.
He instructs Moira to resuscitate his immortal female creation with hopes of clearing the Frankenstein name.
Then is a sexual gratified and craving constant hulking created named Goddess (Michelle Bauer) who will stop at nothing to have Moira as her mistress even if it means killing the women she has her lesbian affairs with. Eventually she is regretting to what she is doing but is still sexually active and is asked to be destroyed.
But this is a tough decision for Moira as she is still attached to her Goddess while having affairs with other women eventually she also kills them too.


We have a beginning with a narration to the main character but it sounds like a dull radio broadcast. There's however a situation with a bloodied looking window and Frankenstein's Ghost commanding Moira Frankenstein on what to do by playing a record as there's good close up shots on the record playing as well as great close up shot on the ghost with his wide eyes talking which looked cheesily creepy.
Also have Moria being negative towards her ex boyfriend Cyrus when he begs her to come back to him when she is going to her car and then going to Abigail's home by having a negative discussion as we see her giving her boy toy some head as I knew that I was in for a sleazy horror flick as all of this looked incredibly lame.
A neat negative type of colourisation on people doing a threesome which looked arsty but it was taking way too long looking very sleazy of course and I was thinking to myself "Get on with it!!!!"
An interesting moment with the ghost talking to Moira and telling her about the Goddess creation as well as an arsty look on this Goddess with camera panning up and down as well as her head moving and waking up along with the moment on this Goddess commanding Moria to unbutton her shirt and getting lustful as well as telling her she is now her mistress which looked smoothly done but still trashy looking while we keep watching the story.
A memorable moment with Moira looking for her Goddess going outside and calling her name as well as seeing a woodsman chopping wood constantly which looked deadly watching this as well as seeing the Goddess humping a tree and hungry for lust as well as Moria helping her out as this was starting to look incredibly stupid.
I keep wondering when the horror will come into this after seeing lustful moments as it mainly focused on that and lots of skin revealing everything but then we spot a good shot on the Goddess jiggling her head and slowly in a dark doorway approaching a room where she spots Moria doing a threesome and then killing one of them although this didn't look intense as it was supposed to have been. However the energy comes into this afterwards when Moria uses a whip on this Goddess punishing her. Good close up shots on all of this.
Also a pointless moment when Moira is at a strip club and gets kinky with a stripper and brings her home but then a good moment when she brings a needle towards her and drugs her as this for sure looked a bit wicked and was thinking that the horror is starting to come more into this. Plus putting this stripper on a separate table apart from the Goddess and giving her more power as this seemed necessary to put in but this also looked quite lame.
Then we have a moment when the two of them go to the beach and throw this stripper into the ocean as the shots looked phony as to how she was thrown in. But good shots on these two with their discussions which flowed well.
Then we have a nice set up with Moira talking to Cyrus with the Goddess coming up from behind him and killing him by breaking his neck as this looked terribly phony but now I can say that the horror is all there now apart from the shitload of erotic scene's.
We also see an odd bright light with what looks like two lustful women with deadly weapons at the front of a glass door in Moira's house when she is sleeping and they come in as things looked slow mainly looking at a door opening and closing. This doesn't make sense as to what is happening here.
Bottom line is that at first this seems fun to watch with the fact that this was made on film and not vidoe as well as the scenery around Spain on this flick but it is nearly plotless with nothing but sex, sex and more sex. It looks like the filmmaker was focusing on the works of Andy Warhol than anything else. However, I liked the haunting sequence with the record playing whenever an eerie moment happens in the film with the ghost appearing so it deserves at least a bit of credit but not a whole lot. Typical soft core porn dud.

The acting is very average and only a few to mention. Lina Romay (Moira Frankenstein) had a thick SPanish accent but seemed to try to pull off her role not too bad. Shows a good no nonsense type of attitude and shows off her serious aggressions when she needed to be this way. Also got into her sex scene's quite well too. Doesn't have the lustful looks though as she seemed very homely and aging quite a bit. Brings her energy to the extreme when she whips someone for a punishment.
Former scream queen/sexpot Michelle Bauer (Goddess - The Creature) seems to stand out well with her role as the female monster although her voice is overdubbed sounding robotic. She shows off good wide eyed expressions as well as acting excited which isn't too shabby. But when she kills someone she just can't pull it off at all. However she does well being hungry for lust when humping a tree and just going at it. Reacts well to hollering in pain when she has a whip striking her.
Carlos Subterfuge (Frankenstein's Ghost) sounds very interesting with his creepy voice whenever he performs a haunting
as he has a good creepy deep voice. Shows great spooky wide eyed expressions too. Shows okay energy for all of this but at times he seems to over do this and being over the top. Yet shows a good seriousness in his speaking.
Robert King (Cyrus) had a small role in this one but seemed to be the best out of the whole cast in which he does well playing desperate for his ex to come back to him having a convincing plead towards his fellow actress. Has good eenergy within all of this. Plus shows a nice warm attitude later on in his role making you really like him and showing off a nice guy type of appeal. He was a worthy character actor.

Just as much nudity as there in in a hard core porn flick which is in most of this plot.
Michelle Bauer's role is fully nude as the monster all the way through the film. There's also an open butt shot of a woman fornicating with a guy.
There's even a full nude bodyshot of a male rapist.
Lina Romay even exposes herself nude with a sex scene between Bauer and performs fully nude in many other scenes too.
Theres a guy fully naked while snorting up cocaine with his girlfriend mas well as doing a threesome performed by Peter Tembour.
A stripper is fully nude for a long time.
Lots more skin in this one too as these are just some of it.
Lots of sex scenes too that almost looks real but it isn't.

A ghosts face is bloodied.
Also a strippers throat is slit.

Alot of wavy high pitched synthesizer music as well as the nice screeching sounds going to a hype which suits a horror film in which this all sounded well done. Plus we hear some thumping sounds and other types like that. There's even a recognisable bass violin sad sounds for an erotic moment when the creature is humping a tree. It sounded a bit annoying though. All of this was put together by various composers such as Jesús Franco, Brian D. Horrorwitz, Randy Manos and Mikel Sagues in which was better than the story here.

There's an awesome rock soundtrack whenever a record plays in the scene of the film with the tracks "Ugbangi Stomp" and "I Want Your Blood Tonight" performed by The Ugbangi's.