The Mangler 2 (2002)

Written & Directed by: Michael Hamilton-Wright


Chelse Swain .... Joanne 'Jo' Newton
Daniella Evangelista .... Emily Stone
Miles Meadows .... Corey Banks
Will Sanderson .... Dan Channa
Dexter Bell .... Will Walsh
Philippe Bergeron .... Chef Lecours
Lance Henriksen .... Headmaster Bradeen

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 26, 2002




A juvenile delinquent named Jo Newton (Chelse Swain) gets sent to a university at Royal Collegiate College after trying committing a crime as her father is the head of the police department.
She doesn't adjust too well with the students or the headmaster at the school named Bradeen (Lance Henriksen) so she decides to load a virus in the school's art computer system but she mistakenly downloads a program called Mangler 2.0 as it's an evil spirit inside the program that breaks loose into the school and kills the people there.
Jo and the other survivors try to escpae the Mangler 2.0's evil wrath and also takes a risk at trying to destroy it.


The film seems to start off okay with a prowler Jo Newton breaking into an area and then getting busted as well as finding out that her father is the chief of the police and forcing her to go to college for her punishment which is supposed to leave a mysterious moment as to why she will be going there. Nothing too suspenseful of course.
But then we have a nice drawn in moment when the students are back from their spring break as well as an effective dicussion between Corey Banks and Emily Stone which looked strongly done and nice camera shots on all of this happening.
Plus we have a good serious announcement from the Headmaster Bradeen as well as these two making sarcastic remarks which makes you wonder if they will end up in trouble for doing all of this. Seemed to flow in okay.
We have a nice powerful moment with Bradeen scolding the main people in this film while talking to them in his office as well as telling him on refusals to their priviledges since this moment seemed to be well dramatised.
Perfect strong moments with everyone at the cafeteria at night having their discussions as well as the odd disputes that were happening in which all of this draws you into what they were talking about. Good camera shots on each of them having the discussions.
Neat moment when Jo hacks into a computer to find out information and a robotic face on the screen talking as this has a neat sci fi effect as well as some nice moments on the jock Dan Channa coming in to her window and getting aquainted with her as the discussions seemed solidly done. Also a good shot on her computer monitor when she's not paying attention announcing that the computer has been mangled which is supposed to look suspeseful but doesn't do the trick.
Nice touch in a scene when a technician at the school is working on something and he hears a sound and he carefully walks into the hallway to find out on what is happening which looked suspenseful but when there's a moment that's supposed to make you jump and it's a false alarm of terror it doesn't do the trick. Yet a strange moment with computer wires holding a clipper starts to approach a room with this mechanic back in his room to finish on what he starts looked weird. It was supposed to look spooky but doesn't do the trick either. It was a weird situation so it worked in some way.
Exciting moments with the kids hanging out at the swimming pool of the school as well as their discussions. Plus a nicely strong moment with Jo telling everyone on what she did on what will happen at their school. The discussions worked in greatly here drawing more attention compared to the other scenes that we've seen here so far.
We also spot a moment when someone in a wheelchair falling down a staircase with the wheelchair itself slowly about to crash on him and a deadly weapon ready to fall which was supposed to look suspenseful with all of this happening but doesn't do the trick at all.
A good suspenseful moment is when we see someone doing their laundry as things are perfectly still and see a computer eye camera staring at her as well as a deadly accident happening which is caused by the evil force of course as well it not looking pretty to watch. Seemed to borrow elements from films like Final Destination but worked in greatly.
Nice flirtatious moments between both Emily and Corey which looked good as well as a knife prodding out of a freezer room and although this didn't work for the jumping moment offered some decent timing. However when they open the freezer door and Chef Lecours jumps out after being trapped in there the moments seem awfully cheesy by what was discussed afterwards.
Perfect moment with one of the students Will Walsh seeing a message on his computer leaving him nasty threats as this looked psychologically creepy as well as an effective moment with the emergency sprinklers spraying on him super hot as well as his friends trying to rescue him and the door is locked since this works in well for a horror flick.
Then we have the moments when the survivors try to manage and get away from the school as they are in the dark at the gymnasium using some sort of beaming light as this was supposed to keep you in suspense wondering who will be the next victim but it doesn't work well when the next one is killed which was a forgettable moment.
However there's a perfect situation with both Jo and Emily sobbing and being sympathetic towards one another on what is happening as well as confessing their mistakes as this was a great add on into the film.
Great situation when Dan tries to drive a vehicle to break down an electric gate as well as one of them standing on top of it along with a good shot on the surveillance camera staring to stare towards him and Jo freaking out to tell him to get off the broken gate which gives you the chills that it works in nicely.
Then we have a moment with Jo facing the actual computer threat in which there's wires hooked on Braden with their dark discussions and the moments that surround all of this as this seems to pay a tributre to those horror classics that we all remember watching like Hellraiser for instance.
Bottom line is that at first the film looks like it's going to be really bad with a terrible budget and non scary too but it picks up. Not the greatest film by any means but there's lots of fun touches to it regardless. Bares no relationship to the first film by any means which is why I don't understand why they named this Mangler 2.

The acting is very well done for a B-grade horror film. Chelse Swain (Joanne 'Jo' Newton) was really convincing as a teenage outcast delinquent and is a natural character. Shows off a believeable girl with a no nonsense attitude as well as acting tough whenever she needed to be this way. Offers alot of great energy into all that she did here. She offered some nice characteristics for sure.
Daniella Evangelista (Emily Stone) played the perfect stuck up arrogant bitch in the film as you want to smack her for being so snobby. She seemed very slick into her role and seemed to do well playing hard to get and being cocky about it all. Does well with her emotional behavior when the terror is striking showing a good sympathetic side. She drew in well with whatever she had to do here.
Miles Meadows (Corey Banks) was great as a typical party animal getting into all sorts of mischief. Offered a good charm to his role and seemed to act like a class clown which shines off nicely. Offered a ton of great spunk into his light headed and sarcasatic type of behavior too. Plus had the right looks for his role which was also a nice plus.
Will Sanderson (Dan Channa) seemed fairly sharp as someone who is somewhat a dimwitted type of jock but tries to act clever on certain scene's as he showed off a nice talent by trying to trick the audience by what he was doing. Offers okay energy by what he does too.
Philippe Bergeron (Chef Lecours) however seemed way over the top playing the owner at the cafeteria in which when he shows excitement or reacts to stuff he is awfully stiff by all that he did here. He really got on my nerves by seeing his work as he was one of the key roles to the story in which he needed some acting lessons pretty bad.
Supporting character celebrity actor Lance Henriksen (Headmaster Braden) played a nice stern one at the school.
Offers a perfect seriousness and did well with his speech towards the onscreen students. Plus does well by acting stern and scolding some of them at his office which seemed fairly believeable. Plus does well talking towards others over some secret informantion or coming across creepy later on in the story revealing himself as he does well speaking coldly.

A guy is badly scarred from a computer electrocuting him.
Some blood. But really, this film had no horror violence or gore at all.

Fercious LeFonque composes techno music for the film which I'm not wild over and is better off doing music for a current David DeCoteau flick. We hear some average airy sounds here and there but I've heard better. Yet there's some good sharp scraping metal sounds as well as the odd high pitched violin music for the creepy moments as this worked in greatly and very catchy too.