Maniac Cop 2 (1990)

Directed by: William Lustig

Written by: Larry Cohen


Robert Davi .... Det. Sean McKinney
Claudia Christian .... Susan Riley
Michael Lerner .... Edward Doyle
Clarence Williams III .... Blum
Leo Rossi .... Turkell
Robert Z'Dar .... Matt Cordell
Laurene Landon .... Teresa Mallory
Bruce Campbell .... Jack Forrest
Lou Bonacki .... Detective Lovejoy
Paula Trickey .... Cheryl

Special Appearances:

Robert Earl Jones .... Harry

Charles Napier .... Lew Brady
Sam Raimi .... Newscaster
Danny Trejo .... Prisoner

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: July 18, 1990 (France)






Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) whom is thought to have been murdered previously has returned as he sets to kill off both Teresa Mallory (Laurene Landon) and Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) who tried to do so.
Also, Matt seems to help out criminals and kill their victims as a new officer named Susan Riley (Claudia Christian) teams up with a tough detective named Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) to track down Matt as he is killing officers all over Manhattan.
Matt befirends with a rapist named Turkell (Leo Rossi) after he tried to rape a stripper named Cheryl (Paula Trickey) in her hotel room but after Turkell gets arrested, Susan and Sean tries to question him about Matt to try and track him down by Matt goes to the prison and kills the officers there as well as freeing all the prisoners as they disguise themselves as officer holding Susan as hostage all as part of an ambitious plan to return to Sing Sing and exact revenge on those who disfigured him.


The very beginning was impressive with the last minutes on what happened in the original flick as it was wonderfully put into the story as well as showing Matt Cordell's hand coming out of the ocean. Nice camera angle shots during the opening credits on some busted up police cars near a harbour with mist flying around in which this looked good and dark for a horror-action sequel.
We spot a corny discussion between a store clerk and
a store robber. A nice dark camera shot on Matt standing at the store and then bringing out his weapon as you think he's gonna save the day but shoots the store clerk and gives the criminal his weapon as this for sure looked perfectly twisted on an evil cop supporting the wrong one's.
There's a good discussion scene between Jack Forrest and a blind employee Harry at a newspaper stand while there's a shot on Matt himself flinging his pole walking. Also a nice surprise attack from behind with Matt behind Jack as this for sure looked shocking and suspenseful.
We spot a good camera shot on a traffic officer having his head whacked which makes you jump.
There's a good chase that involves both Susan Riley and Teresa Mallory in a cab trying to get away as well as good shots on the cab and a police car speeding by crashing into stuff. Plus great shots on their vehicle losing their tires and they still try to speed away as there's great dynamic energy while watching all of this.
A nice moment with Teresa trying to shoot Matt right in fron of him and good blocking shot on Matt grabbing Teresa and throwing her through a store window as this makes you watch in terror and suspense as you wonder if she will survive or not.
There's also many good shots on Susan handcuffed to the wheel of a car when it's in full speed driving.
A nice camera shot looking up on Teresa holding a chainsaw as well as a great reaction when Matt grabs her by the throat. This was done with both characters in great horror taste. Also proving that Matt is invincible and not feeling pain from the chainsaw like you'd see with other horror characters like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees.
There are many terrific conversation scene's between Susan and
Det. Sean McKinney when they do business together.
Perfect discussions between Susan towards Harry when she asks him about what had happened and it was impressive when he goes into detail.
There's a nice argumentive moment between Susan and Edward Doyle during a TV interview report.
Nice shots on both Turkell staring in a strip club holding a dollar bill as well as a nice slick crawling moment with Cheryl crawling towards him. The moments here with Turkell looked genuinely creepy with his obsessive staring at her like he's not to be trusted.
We spot a scene when someone pounds on Cheryl's door which leaves a nice creepy impression when things are still with all that's going on which is a nice mysterious moment for a horror plot as well as a surprise shot on Turkell jumping through a window and pinning her down talking nasty and sleazy towards her. All of this looked perfectly intense.
A good camera shot on Matt pounding through a door and tearing it open.
There's a good scene with Turkell talking to Matt when they're walking on a bridge as this was carefully done and nice moments on what is going on here.
Nice scene with Turkell bringing Matt into his home and a nice red light shot on him sitting there as well as a nice shot on one of his eyes as well as mouth when he forces out his name. This looked dark and chilling too.
There's are good camera shots on Turkell sitting down and holding a knife as well as a good red light effect shot on Matt sitting taking out his knife.
A campy moment with Turkell in jail and telling the officers that Cordell will be coming to get him out as this was at the same same necessary for a slasher flick.
Superb drawn in and shocking moment with officers training their shooting and then suddenly they're getting shot bloodily which catches you by surprise wondering as to how this happened along with a nice dark shot on Matt entering from the target area as this looked deadly.
There's good shots on Matt walking up a staircase shooting his rifle with two police officers rolling down the stairs.
We also have many terrific shots on Matt walking through glass doors with the glass smashing as well as him shooting many people as this scene really packs a punch.
A good shot on Matt picking up a supporting character Tom O'Henton and throwing him in the air and him crashing through many glass cases of the police headquarters.
Also a great bloodbath moment with all that is going on with his terrorist attacks at the police station.
Perfect action paced moments on Turkell speeding through with a police van holding Susan hostage along with Matt inside and some other prisoners as there's the odd witty moment with Matt on the going on's in the vehicle.
Clever shots on Matt in the prison area meeting up with the people who attacked him in the shower showing a close up shot on each of them as well as showing the flashback segment. Plus there is also a nice shot on this maniac with his body going up in flames as well as him charging at anything as this looked perfectly intense when he attacks his former prison mates and they catch on fire showing nice suspenseful and shocking effects.
Bottom line is that this sequel was quite a disappointment but it still can have some good horror action in it yet it is not as creepy like in the first film. The story doesn't flow all too well as it's just about Matt Cordell killing this person or that person and supporting criminals with not enough dialogue and planning out on the case as it was just go go go. A little pointless to the die hard fans of the first flick and a little more comedic in some spots like a store robbery or a police officer planning to tow a car away with their goofy dialogues. Yes, similar of this was like in the first flick but this time is a little overdone.

The acting is not too bad but nowhere as good like in the first flick. Lead actor Robert Davi (Det. Sean McKinney) has great rugged looks to play a tough officer in the film and shows a strong deliverance. Also showed great powerful blocking when pointing a gun or getting to the point with stuff. Offers a nice charm to his personality showing a good hearted attitude too. Plus has a nice deep gruff speaking voice which shows off terrifically too as he lived to portray this type of role.
Claudia Christian
(Susan Riley) also shows her stuff well as a female cop who really comes across with her lines and blocking too. She even does a good job with her caring behavior when confronting others and knew on how to focus well into this. She shows a perfect sharp behavior as well as showing great energy when acting anxious whenever the terror strikes her which she related to nicely. A gifted actress.
Michael Lerner
(Edward Doyle) was a great choice as the chief of police headquarters as he shows off a great seriousness as well as a convincing no nonsense type of behavior which he made clearly onto the screen by being that way. Also had the right looks and appeal to play this type of role. One of the best cast members in this flick.
Robert Z'Dar
(Matt Cordell) is the usual intimidating maniac cop who seems to know how to come across as someone powerful like in the first film. He really goes into a great brutal strength when firing his weapon or throwing someone across the room as he shows off alot of effort into his horror character. Also does well hissing out his words too in a certain scene as he had a nice spooky touch to it all.
Leo Rossi
(Turkell) looked perfect as a pervert with his crazy words coming across as he fits the suit perfectly. Shows a great creepy staring at the strip club as he certainly comes across as one of those freaks. Plus shows great dynamic action when nearly raping someone just having a great hyper attitude. Shows off a great annoying attitude while in jail as well as going nuts while driving a vehicle. He for sure portrayed a great irritating nutcase who can't get over his obsessions.
Laurene Landon (Teresa Mallory) still pulls it off smoothly in this one as she shows off a good tough as nails type of behavior really getting to the point of things or showing perfect powerful energy while going into action and not letting her energy go. Plus she does well with her upsetting or emotional behavior when something tragic happens. Yes she added some nice spunk into her reprising role.
Well Bruce Campbell (Jack Forrest) was killed off quite quickly and didn't show much of his stuff on here. Oh well.
However does a nice job with his fast talking behavior as this looked energetic as well as showing off a decent charming attitude before his death scene as he came across good and clear with that too.

We spot a bare breasted corpse
We have two strippers dancing in a bar taking off their tops bare breasted
Paula Trickey does a bit of a strip tease finally pulling off her bikini top showing her breasts.

A knife is stabbed through an officers chest
Many bloody gunshots

Jay Chattaway is back again composing the whistling theme song as well as the powerful violin composing for many of the action sequences as it still works like a charm. Alot of fast paced violin music as well as the hyped and clear trombone playing in which blends in perfectly for a slasher flick since we've heard it in many other cult classics during the retro era like some of the Friday the 13th flicks although it's not exactly sounding alike but has some similarites. This guy has got it on the ball big time.

Teresa Mallory: You can't kill the dead!

Teresa Mallory: I have no reason to kill him - I LOVE him!

Turkell: You're the prettiest one in my collection so far.

Turkell: It must be visiting hours, 'cause my friend is back!