Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993)

Directed by: William Lustig & Joel Soisson

Written by: Larry Cohen


Robert Davi .... Det. Sean McKinney
Robert Z'Dar .... Matt Cordell
Caitlin Dunlay .... Dr. Susan Fowler
Gretchen Becker .... Katie Sullivan
Paul Geleason .... Hank Cooney
Jackie Earle Haley .... Frank Jessup
Julius Harris .... Houngan
Grand L. Bush .... Willie
Bobby Di Cicco .... Bishop
Frank Pesce .... Tribble

Special Appearance:

Doug Savant .... Dr. Peter Myerson
Robert Forster .... Dr. Powell

Ted Raimi .... Newscaster

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February, 1993




A master of an occult Houngan (Julius Harris) resurrects Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) from the grave.
Meanwhile, Detective Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) discovers that his ally named Kate Sullivan (Gretchen Becker) has been shot in a drugstore while trying to stop a robbery that was caused by a maniac named Frank Jessup (Jackie Earle Haley) and is rushed to a hospital ending up in a coma and wrongly accused of murder.
Matt pays a visit to the hospital killing the people there in different types of devices at the hospital to get to Kate.
Sean befriends with one of the doctors there named Susan Fowler (Caitlin Dunway) as they try to save Kate in time but they may be too late as they are also terrorised by Frank himself along with some of the other mental patients that Matt set free as well.


There's an impressive beginning with Houngan doing a chant with candles along with what happened at the end of part 2 which there's great shots on this as well as a shot on Matt Cordell's eyes shut tight inside the box of the coffin and then waking up from this chant. A nicee add on into the story for sure for another sequel.
There's a nice conversation between
Det. Sean McKinney and Katie Sullivan together during a target practice scene as it looked quite natural with their conversation towards one another. It drew in powerfully which was a real attention grabber big time.
We also have a terrific moment with Katie trying to stop a drugstore robbery with her intense expressions towards Frank Jessup when he is robbing the place as well as insane moments when he tries to swallow pills while using his gun or two bumbling people trying to film this for their own crime reality show along with him trying to act entertaining when they do this as I found this pretty corny. Plus great shocking intense moments when we see the employee as to what she does to officer Katie herself. Powerful moments here.
We have a great camera shot on Frank on a hospital stretcher rolling in the hospital hallway.
We have a good moment with Matt walking in the dark areas underneath a bridge or walking up to the hall of justice as these were perfectly dark moments and nicely put into a horror story and then going into the area where Houngan was doing his chant and about to take out his blade as the setting was totally perfect. Nice situations between the two of them as it gave almost a goth feel to it all.
A perfect moment with Sean coming in to a hospital where we have Frank lying in a hospital bed as well as Dr. Susan Fowler giving him medical attention as well as Sean himself asking to be alone with him and then getting demanding towards him as this looked impressive and well done for a tough as nails crime scene with one tough dude not to mess with against a criminal as well as a good moment on him squeezing his life support and getting demanding for answers as this person having a hard time breathing. A powerful and effective moment for sure. Plus good stern moments with Susan catching him doing this and their heated arguments on what he was doing.
There's a good scene with Matt banging on the door in a room where Dr. Peter Myerson is giving a woman head as that moment looked rather lame but it gets better when Matt is coming towards this sleazy doctor and trying to kill him as well as good shots on him running up stairs or ladders. Plus great intense moments when this maniac catches up to him.
We have a good dream sequence with a shot on Katie in a wedding gown and a ghostly looking light shining on her with some frightened expressions walking down the chapel hall. Plus shots on bloodied police officers lying around as this looked perfectly twisted and nicely put in for a horror story.
There's a very nice discussion between Sean and Susan on top of a hospital roof discussing one of the employees that was murdered there.
A good shot on Dr. Powell and Matt coming up from behind him and then strapping him down in an X-ray room and gagging him. Nicely focused shots on this as well as we having a feeling that something deadly is about to occur in which the results looked well done.
A good shot on Matt's hands putting a gun down next to Frank and setting him free.
There's a nice shot on Frank shooting his gun in a hospital hallway as there's perfect excitement that goes on here as well as the other mental patients firing away and planning to find a way on escaping.
There's a nice flirtatious moment between Sean and Susan in a hospital room eventually kissing one another.
Plus a clever moment on them seeing someone lying on a stretcher with a blanket over them and a surprising gun attack involving on who is under this stretcher which was clever to watch.
A nice shot on Matt walking towards Katie in a hospital bed and taking off the hospital equipment that is put on her and then carrying her off.
Also some effective moments when Matt comes in with her for a sacrifice for Houngan in which things really get going greatly with fire and other stuff going on as well as Matt trying to fire his gun towards both Sean and Susan as well as suspenseful situations with Matt trying to approach them in flames and the two fo them trying to break open a door with a good shot on Matt walking towards them in flames.
Nice calm moment with both Sean and SUsan in an ambulance car cuddling together making you think that this is really a happy ending and then we get caught by surprise when we have a good shot on Matt in flames driving a police car next to the ambulance and attacking them with great struggling moments on them trying to survive as well as getting a hold of the steering wheel as we have terrific shots on Sean blasting Matt with his gun and other stunt driving moments as it almost looked like a Terminator fashion and was the best scene ever throughout this film and a must watch for anyone who loves action flicks.
However we have Matt using his hand out of a window and pushing some vehicles out of the way with his powerful strength as this looked a little too corny.
Bottom line is that there's lots of fighting action in the sequel which is a bit better than part 2 but however most of the story takes place in a hospital which isn't a huge thrill. Yet, the story is a little clever with the vehicle chasing. Our maniac cop dude Matt Cordell seems more powerful than ever now and a better killing machine too. There's good explosive effects along with everything else you can imagine in an action horror like this one as this film is a good party flick without a doubt as the trailer for this film was just as impressive.

The acting is quite good and more improved than in part 2. Robert Davi (Det. Sean McKinny) was good in part 2 but better in this one and more menacing too with lots more power to his part in it. He really knew what he was doing for each scene for this film. Does great with his demanding behavior and showing no mercy in a scene at someone in a hospital bed as this shines on greatly. Does well shooting his gun and gets into the police again superbly. Plus offers a nice charming and romantic mood too. Offers good versatality.
Robert Z'Dar
(Matt Cordell) still does the trick and appearing more monstrous than ever with more great brutal force by what he had to do. Also shows off some great energetic gun shootings here and there which he knew on how to act menacing and deadly with all of this. He was a powerful force of nature.
Caitlan Dunway
(Dr. Susan Fowler) does well with her role as a doctor and knew how to freak out too as well as get into full character as she deserves very good credit. She shows off a nice calm and shapr behavior with her speaking as well as doing a nice job being stern at times when necessary as she made this truly believeable. Plus shows off great energy when the action gets going as well as doing well by screaming too.
Gretchen Becker
(Katie Sullivan) was marvellous with her intensity in the film and knew how to act tough as a cop. Also adds a sharpness to her speaking when getyting into something like her target practice while shooting her gun showing off a convincing concentration with this. Really gets into her aggression when jumping into a scene at a drugstore. Just gets to the point with stuff.
Julius Harris
(Houngan) had the perfect role for the fellow who seems to have resurrected powers as he was often typecast for playing these types of roles but is very good at what he does. Has a nice deepness in his speaking as he brings on a perfect wicked behavior and shows off a great serious concentration into all of this. A good character actor.
Jackie Earle Haley
(Frank Jessup) stood out nicely as a psycho in the film with his loudness and insanity. He really gets into what he does marvellously especially when he tries to rob a drugstore and acting like an insane goofball. Plus reacts well lacking for breath in a hospital bed when a life preserver is squeezed as he relates to this nicely. Springs into action greatly while firing a gun and going into full speed action commanding others on what to do in a hallway.
Doug Savant
(Dr. Peter Myerson) was quite a character to his part as a sleazy employee at the hospital as I really enjoyed his role in the film. Shows off a nice cocky and sarcastic behavior too adding a nice punch to this. Plus does well reacting to the terror that strikes him as well as showing some good adrenaline while trying to run away and hoiwling in pain which was impressive too.

There are some gruesome looking patients at an operating table
Bloody gunshots
A knife stabbed through a person's chest
A scarred face
A burnt off arm

Joel Goldsmith took the bull by the horns for the composing this time as he shows great chanting sounds and other different types of music along with drum thumping effects as all of this came together marvellously. Good metal scraping sounds as well as fast paced music for the action that's used in this flick with classical scores really standing out nicely. Plus we do hear the odd electric guitar strumming for the romantic moments in an odd scene as this sounded effective big time.

Det. Sean McKinney: I can't imagine the kind of pain you feel Matt. I'm not gonna pretend to. But don't condemn her to the same fate. She deserves better. You cleared her. She's at peace. Let her go, Matt. Let her go.
Matt Cordell: *talking to the voo-doo man* "Finish it!