Mark of the Astro Zombies (2002)

Produced, Written, Photographed, Edited & Directed by: Ted V. Mikels


Tura Satana .... Malvira Satana
Liz Renay .... Crystal Collins
Brinke Stevens .... Cindy Natale
Sean Morelli .... Jeff Lancaster
Anton Funtek .... Zekeith
Shanti .... Dr. Owens
Gene Paul Jones .... President Ward Pennington
Robert Southerland .... Gen. Kingston
Scott Blacksher .... Zokar

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: April 4, 2002



A group of evil aliens from a distant asteroid lands on Earth to create half human robots with synthetic blood and body parts and turning these robots into astro zombies.
These astro zombies start to terrorise various parts of the country by killing people and taking over the world.
Friendly aliens from another asteroid tries to put a stop to the madness going on by battling out the evil ones.


We spot a computerised effect with a spaceship landing as well as the aliens inside communicating with one another as this can be campy fun to watch for anyone who likes amaterusih at it's extreme.
Then when the terror strikes out with the astro zombies we see them running with machette's and attacking people in a public place but this looked too obvious as these creatures looked like people in Halloween costumes with someone trying to make a home movie on the slaughterings in an open area. It just doesn't cut it right with what we see here. The action in it looked so bland.
Then we have situations in a news broadcast station that involved people like Cindy Natale getting excited for finding information on all that was happening as this even fell flat and the surroundings didn't look convincing that it was a station at all. Probably due to keep their budget.
When the news crew tries to get answers from the scared one's running away from the astro zombie's things could've looked more entertaining if the scene was made on a better budget since the suspense wasn't convincing due to what everyone had in this scene.
We have a scene inside the ship of the aliens as we spot a human head connected to an electrical device and speaking to one of his assistants as the head you could tell was a dummy that it looked that bad. Also we have the evil Malvira Satana coming in with his henchman Zokar and killing this assistant which looked terribly sloppy and unconvincing.
Badly cued camera shots on what is supposed to be Washington DC with the President Warner Pennington having a social meeting with the rest of his people on what is happening as this looked awfully done.
There's separate moments with Crystal Collins being interviewed on a talk show and on a news report by being abducted by aliens which once again the setting or the moments didn't look like an area for a show being filmed due to budgetary reasons. The moments looked corny too as well as annoying moments on this bimbo pulling down her shirt to show a mark the aliens left her. Also she starts to draw a picture on what the aliens looked like as I was thinking to myself that this was terribly boring to watch and at the corniest that I've ever seen.
A mild amusing moment is when Malvira does a demonstration on what an astro zombie does to their victims in which we spot two of them tied to a chair as it can be campy fun to watch if you like amateurish crap and not as bland as the rest of the scene's that were mentioned here.
There's a situation when Cindy is held for ransom and tied up with Malvira putting the phone to her mouth to talk to her boyfriend Jeff Landcaster to tell him where she is as this was laughable but in a bad way.
An interesting moment is we spot a badly computerised effect with a flying saucer in space and good aliens talking to the president and his team on their plans as we have twinkly effects on lighting in the aliens ship even if the conversations was as trashy as the rest of this story.
Oddly amsuing moments with the astro zombies still killing away at people near a strip parking lot with the remains which may please gorehounds even if all of this looked fake but the killings looked a bit more brutal.
However there's a bad special effects shot on a biker riding by with an astro zombie swinging his blade towards him but it looked gruesome at the same time. Just real bad camera shots and special effects with a no budget.
Another lame moment is when a detective saves the day before another deadly demonstration by Malvira as none of this looked exciting with the action that was used in this flick since is was amateurs at it's worst.
However some fun touches with the good aliens against the bad aliens using their firepower towards one another. Then we have the people whom were under control with the machines rising up and are back to normal as I will admit was necessary to be put into the story when it's nearing end to the film.
Bottom line is that this dud is as bad as it gets. No budget or special effects whatsoever as it looks like a home video with an expensive camera, the story barely has a plot, it's very confusing and it's not the least bit scary and you can tell the aliens are dressed in costumes its that bad. Ted V. Mikels sounds like he lost his touch since his days of cheesy sci-fi/horror monster filmmaking that he used to do back in the 60's. I'm surprised this film was ever released.

The cast tries to pull their weight with this one but it's extremely corny, unbelievable and very bland. Tura Satana (Malvira Satana) has the right looks as an evil one and motive too but yet she tries way too hard to do her evil deeds as she's a little over the top. Plus needed a bit more energy into all that she was doing. She was off on about to do a killing with her gun and doesn't show off any powerful force with this. At times when she smacks her onscreen assistant she offers a bit of energy there but not a whole lot.
Liz Renay (Crystal Collins) was way too silly in her role and comes off as a total fruitcake in which she was just too annoying when she is speaking her lines and got on my nerves whenever I saw her in the scene's that she was in. Had the okay look to her role but that was about it. I really give her a thumbs down in her performance.
Brinke Stevens (Cindy Natale) seemed the same in most of her performances that I've seen her in as she's not terrible but not great but in this one she was terribly wooden and stiff in this one. The way she acted full of life seemed to be like she was forced half to death to behaving this way. Also when she is in distress doesn't pull it off either. Her performance here was a bit embarrassing.
Sean Morelli (Jeff Lancaster) was probably the best out of the cast as he seemed to show a bit more spunk and enthusiasm into his part. Shows off a decent charm into what he shows off in his personality. Offers an average energy within all that he does as well as having a good guy looks adding more to his part.
Gene Paul Jones (President Ward Pennington) was so amateurish in his part and can't pull off his speech well at all when he makes announcements with his serious motive in which he tries too hard but can't get into character at all. He just had the right looks for the part and the rest was just crap.
Robert Southerland (Gen. Kingston) was another fine one who can't pull off a character in which he tried to have a strong speaking in his voice but at the same time was out of whack with his performance and lacked big time. Didn't seem to have the right looks or motive either as I was guessing that he was a friend of the filmmaker.
Scott Blacksher (Zokar) played the creepy one in the flick as although he hads the tall features he didn't look intimidating as well you could tell that he was faking a deep voice as well. Another performer who should be embarrassed with himself by what he did here. I laughed to myself but not in a good way at all.

A butt shot of a woman taking a shower.

Phony bloody stabbings by machette wielding alien type zombie robots.
A head of a motor bike rider is chopped off.
There is also a piece of a leg and hand.

The music is very plain but there are some odd suspenseful keyboard playing. We hear some outerspace airy sounds as this seemed to blend in well with the sci fi scene's as well as the odd cheesy heavy metal guitar riffs which seems to suit the cheesy slashing moments and other scenarios around it. We hear some trashy grinding noises and low sounds as this was fun to listen to the odd time but yet we hear overly played heartbeats as it was starting to get on my nerves.