Mary, Mary Bloody Mary (1975)

Directed by: Juan López Moctezuma

Written by: Malcolm Marmorstein

Story by:
Don Henderson & Don Rico


Christina Ferrare .... Mary
David Young .... Ben Ryder
John Carradine .... The Man
Helena Rojo .... Greta
Arthur Hansel .... Cosgrove
Enrique Lucero .... Lieutenant Pons

Release Date: Theatrical: May, 1975






A mysterious artist named Mary (Christina Ferrare) escapes from Los Angeles and travels to Mexico where she also meets up with another young American ex-patriot named Ben Ryder (David Young) while trying to find shelter from a rainstrom.
They fall in love with one another but what he doesn't realise about Mary is her hunger and lust for blood and kills people wherever she goes, then drinks their blood.
However her father (John Carradine) is also on the search for Mary and plans to kill her to top it all off. He also feasts on people's blood.
The investigators can't firgure out these deadly moments as they find the corpses drained out of the victims across the country.


We spot an impressive beginning on the film with lead character Mary by finding shelter in a thunderstorm and then starting her conversation with Ben Ryder even if it looked too madiocre it makes you wonder where it's going to go from there.
We have a nice flashback sequence between Mary and supporting character Howard Miller during this moment when they have a discussion about her painting and then there's a good make out scene with them which looks nice and relaxing blending in perfectly with their conversation and then bam! The death scene begins. However it doesn't look entertaining for any horror fan other than her putting some drug in that person's drink.
Theres a great shot on Ferrare running towards a a fisherman at a beach in which things looked good on her being friednly and generous offering him some coffee as this all looked good and natural. A nice scene on him after drinking a cup of coffee as there's a drug in it that he looked woozy and he reacts like he really was getting drugged and then there's great shots on Mary holding the fishing rod staring at him to wait for him to pass out.
Then we see her going in a rage trying to kill him with a bowie knife and he sways his fishing rod at her being so out of it. Things looked good and intense.
We have a nice shot on both Mary and Ben making out and undressing lying on a couch while the Man is dressed in black with a flashlight looking around and then going in for the kill on someone
. However this moment doesn't look inspiring for any horror fan whatsoever.
We see a terrific shot with Mary acting emotionally sad and Greta tries to comfort her and is touching her which looked like a good lesbian moment. Also nicely focused camera shots on this as it draws you in as to what will happen next. Plus spotting the two of them acting affectionate as this moment looked nice and still.
We also see a nice and relaxing bathtub scene by the two of them as the moments looked very natural and you know the next terrifying moment is going to happen.
Nice camera shots on a woman tripping out after she's in a car with a maniac, falls out of the car and then rolling down a hill. When the chase is on though it looked quite cheesy since we've seen all of this happen before.
Mary looked very good at being restless in bed wanting blood and just balls out when she wants to go out alone trying to prevent anyone to follow her.
An excellent shot on a car driving towards Mary and Ben on a corner of a road painting artwork and the car crashing through the painting nearly hitting them. Things grow really intense when Ben goes into his vehicle trying to chase after this person. Later on we have a real effective camera shot on the Man pointing evilly at Mary. However at the same time this looked rather cheesy like the rest of the story so far.
We spot a real strong and powerful discussion on Ben against two officers questioning him about the deaths. The scene looked terrific when they are at him and then being at times physical with him too. The moments looked quite intense and powerful leaving a nice psychological feel to this imagining if you were in this position.
Then we spot a mysterious moment when Ben and Mary are out on a drive and she offers him coffee as this makes you wonder if he will be drugged along with wondering as to what she will do to him as well.
We spot a pointless car chasing moments between the Man and one of the officers as things just don't seem to be going anywhere with any of this and an excuse for a time filler.
The most effective moment was with Mary and the Man when he confronts her about what she will turn out to be in the future. However this is nothing special since we've seen this in other horror flicks. As well as pointless struggling moments that involves the two of them as well as Ben which some of the moments don't make sense at all while watching on what goes on here.
Bottom line is that this is not a vampire film although it almost makes you think of one. It really doesn't explain why Mary and her father drinks blood which seems odd and pointless too. Apart from descent direction and a few good performances this film bites the dust and not at all scary either.

The acting is in average but not terrible shape. Christina Ferrare (Mary) seems to breeze through fine as a young and lusty one and her hunger for blood. She comes across as charming, vicious, terrified and emotional. She seems to do all of this quite well. She looked great going on in a rage in one of the scene's that we spot here. She was great at acting restless or freaking out too. At times when she's crying or getting emotional it doesn't pull off too well. Other times she was passable though.
David Young
(Ben Ryder) isn't too bad himself playing her boyfriend as he seems good with his tough attitude. However, he seems a little too stiff at times and rough in his character. He had the right guy next door clean cut appeal which worked in well plus shows great aggrerssions and bringing his energy to a hype here. Does well reacting drugged as well as trying to stay awake in which this looked good and natural.
John Carradine
(The Man) presented himself truly creepy dressed in black and seems to know his stuff in his role since he often played these types. He shows a good ghostly presence as well as doing well with his gruff speaking explaining to his onscreen daughter as to what she will turn out to be. However he was at times off on his blocking when murdering someone.
Supporting actress Helena Rojo (Greta) really came across well as a lustful lesbian with her softlike attitude.
She also does well by showing her sympathetic behavior along with showing off a good accent with her clear speaking in which this was all drawn in nicely by what is going on in her scene. She seemed to pull off her character nicely and had the most effective supporting role.
Arthur Hansel (Cosgrove) showed off a nice powerful behavior as a detective as he shows off a total obnoxious type of behavior with his aggressions as he portrayed a convincing asshole for sure and making his role totally realistic just rolling with it and bringing everything to a perfect hype on what he was talking about. Had for sure a good strong personality.

Christina Ferrare dresses and undresses during many moments when she is about to have a sex or make out scene with her breasts fully exposed
Supporting actress Helena Rojo takes off her clothes before entering a bathtub with her butt exposed.

There are many gruesome bloody stabbings taking place especially a shot on a neck with blood gushing out.

Tom Mahler composes the music to this film as he shows some nice low keyboard playing for the dark moments and alot of cheesy music that you would hear in the killer octopus film Tentacles too as that is not at all horror music. We hear some trumpet playing which had that common 70;s sounds. Plus we hear the add sparkling sound effects too which was catchy.
Plus, he also showed some nice flute playing during a flashback moment of the first victim trying to have a lustful romance.
also sang the theme song during the opening credits which sounded nice even if it was a little bit bubblegum and quite dated. He was famous for singing back up vocals for many 70's pop artits including The Partridge Family's soundtrack records.

Mary: If I had a glass of wine I'd drink to that.