May (1990)


Written & Directed by: Lucky McKee


Angela Bettis .... May Dove Canady
Jeremy Sisto .... Adam Stubbs
Anna Farris .... Polly

Special Appearances: 

James Duval .... Blank
Nichole Hiltz .... Ambrosia

Release Dates: Sundance Film Festival: January 31, 2002; San Francisco Film Festival: April 20, 2002; Cannes Film Festival: May 18, 2002 (France); Seattle International Film Festival: June 8, 2002;Florida Film Festival: June 8, 2002; Los Angeles Film Festival: June 27, 2002; World Film Festival: August 23, 2002 (Canada); Athens International Film and Video Festival: September 14, 2002; Lund Fantastisk Film Festival: September 22, 2002; Sitges Film Festival: October 6, 2002; Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de San Sebastián: November 2, 2002; Gerardmer Film Festival: February 1, 2003; Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: March 24, 2003; Fantastic Film Festival: April 11, 2003 (France); Dead by Dawn Edinburgh Horror Film Festival: April 26, 2003; Limited Theatrical: May 8, 2003; Limited Theatrical: June 6, 2003 (USA): Hamburg Fantasy Filmfest: August 20, 2003; L'Étrange Festival: August 30, 2003







An estranged girl named May (Angela Bettis) never fit in with the crowd at school as she grew up wearing a pirate's patch that covered her lazy eye lid.
Well while growing up, her mother Mama Canady (Merle Kennedy) gave her a doll that she said was her best friend and always talked to it.
May has the doll and talks to it now until she runs into a guy named Adam (Jeremy Sisto) and she is in total awe and will do anything to grab his attention.
They finally hit it off but he is finding her a little strange with her actions.
She keeps talking to her doll and finding ways to do the right things.
She wants to make more friends but somehow they don't turn out the way she wants them. 
While she accidently killed her cat this gave her an idea so she kills them and keeps their body parts that are perfect and has a twisted plan of her own.


We have a beginning with May screaming in terror covering her eye as this leaves a mystery and the story unravels when we see all of this. There's a prologue which shows May as a child and her parents telling her to keep her hair covered so the kids at school won't see her eye patch as this leaves a good clue on the pressures in school as well as other moments which looked dysfunctional on the family. Plus a good moment on her birthday when her Mom gives her a glass container on a doll in which this also is an impressive start for what will happen later on in the story.
Many effective situations with May looking at a guy of her dreams which happens to be Adam Stubbs with carefully focused shots on him smoking a cigarette as well as going to the eye doctor to get her eyes checked and excited to have a romance with him when they haven't interacted yet which is a nice sign on a psychopath being obsessed with someone. It for sure added some psychological elements into the story. 
There's also a nice drawn in moment with her trying to build the courage to try and talk to him but is too scared as this looked believeable to anyone whom was too scared to talk to someone that you really like. Plus a good moment at a cafe with him falling asleep and she slowly walks towards him and places his hand on her chin as you get a feeling that he will wake up as well as knowing that this will be a humiliation. All of this looked well focused. 
However things looked impressive when he interacts with her which looked uplifting with her being shy and choked up as this also looked realistic and was well put in as well as a moment of happiness showing that he likes her too. 
Nice moment when the two of them kiss and she acts clumsy with a surprised reaction on him as it makes you think that he will lose interest in her. Then a funny psychotic moment when she is in her suite and screams at the doll as well as showing a glass cracking when this happens with good camera shots on this. Looked very effective and entertaining. 
Things start to really draw you in when May's assistant employee Polly comes on strong towards her and tries to dance with her as this for sure draws you in that a lesbian is trying to pick her up in which this was carefully shot and choreographed. 
Oddly interesting situation with Adam showing May a film project which seemed to suggest making out and canniballism as this looked twisted along with her almost being shy to cuddle up towards him which was carefully done. Plus some nice scene's on the two of them making out and she bites his mouth as this for sure looked tyruly psychotic and scaring him away with her thinking that was what he wanted after seeing the flick which of course draws you in that he met the wrong person. Then when he leaves we hear her shouting at her doll as this for sure proves that she's disturbed as I had to chuckle once more after this moment had happened.
Good scene with May doing laundry as well as trying to talk to Adam and showing her a cat she adopted as this looked friendly like but in a strange fashion which works in well.
Oh god, then there's a real disturbing scene with an accidental killing of a cat and I feared that was going to happen which I found unnecessary. But that's what made the film disturbing, shocking and it was the key scene to the horror story in it. Also looked twisted when she was carrying it around. 
Then tries to pick up a dude an d makes out with him and then he opens a freezer door and spots the dead cat which he trips out as this was well put in along with her losing control and good psyched out camera shots on her going berserk and going in for the kill with scissors in her hands. THe terror for sure came in stronger here since the story was going awfully slow. 
Another perfect moment when May makes out that she wants to get kinky with Polly and putting her hands holding two dissecting knives as this looked calm by what happens and cleverly deadly without it looking intense. 
Also a good moment with her confronting Polly's bitch when she gets nasty towards her and gets her to turn around for a sec as well as a good fast paced moment by what May does to her as this was fast paced and adrenalised for a quick killing as this was well done too. 
Plus a good crazed moment with her visiting Adam and spots him with another woman as well as things getting creepy and intense on what she does adding more psychotic behavior to the screen. 
Then things get rolling when there's tricky camera shots on making out she's washing her leg but it's a teaser on something gruesome as well as her creating something grisly in which we enter the demented mind on this crazy person.
Bottom line is what a twisted and disturbing film this was but it was well done and it really makes you cringe too. At first it is a dark drama so I thought they made a mistake by categorising it as a horror but then the horror does start in it and does it ever. If you are in a depressed mood and love cats I would not recommend this film at all. A true psychopath love story.

The acting is terrific by all the cast members who performed in this piece especially by Angela Bettis (May) which you couldn't find a better person to play a sick and twisted character. Does well with her shyness as well as choking out her words and being believeably nervous too. Also does well with her sobbing along with losing control and showing perfect adreanaline when she attacks someone and being quickly paced about it all. Does a good job speaking cruelly when she speaks with her aggressions and coming across as believeably disturbed. Also does well screaming out when she is about to cut out her eye as this added a nice intensity too. 
Jeremy Sisto (Adam Stubbs) also does well and represents his character as an eccentric type greatly. He had the perfect looks too with the role he was playing. offered a good strange charm to his personality. Plus does well with his words. Had the right motives and moves for all that he did here. Had the perfect hunky guy looks which seemed to do fairly okay into the role. 
Anna Farris (Polly) played a perfect role as a working partner of May's and great as a sleazy lesbian who likes to fool around. She for sure comes off strongly in which adds a nice smooth talking and moving type as she comes across as the too friendly type. Plus offered a great whiney high pitched type of speaking which also owrked in well as someone whom is not too trustworthy. Had the cute girl looks too. 
Supporting actress Nichole Hiltz (Ambrosia) is terrific as a beautiful lesbian whore with an attitude. She for sure does well with her judgemental behavior as well as coming across as a typical skank too. Plus does well with her stuck up type of speaking as a typical snob. Makes you want to kill her as she made herself a perfect target for doing all of this.

A piece of a dogs leg is revealed.
An animal is having surgery and their insides are shown
A dead cat is in a freezer
Scissors is impaled in a heads head
A lesbians throat is double slit
There are body pieces revealed and sewn together.
An eye is stabbed out

The music was composed by Jaye Barnes Luckett as he shows some nice piano music and other types of symphony too.There's some effective guitar music for when she is about to commit a murder which shows some great timing by what we see here. Plus many windy and whooshing sounds with cracking noises as this draws in for the psychotic moments too. We also hear a female harmonising strangely adding another good touch to the moments that we spot in the film.

Mama: I've always said, "If you can't find a friend, make one."

Polly: Maybe we can hang out, eat some melons.

May: Okay. A couple of weeks ago, and old man comes in, and says his dog is dying. And he begs us to save it. A 90-pound black lad named Seymour. We take him in and run some tests, and find that he has a twisted bowel, and needs to be operated on immediately. So we shave Seymour's tummy, we cut him open, and take out a piece of intestine about--about the size of a hot dog. Everything went smooth, but... when we went to sew Seymour back up, we realized we were out of the heavy sutures your supposed to use for large dogs. So the doctor decided that if we tripled up on cat sutures, that should do the trick. Well... a few days go by, and the old man calls up hysterical. The sutures had burst while he was at work, and by the time he got home, Seymour was sprawled out on the back porch with his guts spread all over the concrete, and the fence was soaked in blood all around the yard. It was a mess 
[Adam stares in disgust
May: . I had to sew that one back up 
May: .

Polly: Do you like pussy? 
May: What? 
Polly: Cats. You like pussy cats?

Polly: Shut up, hooker!

May: [to Suzy, the doll] I told you to face the goddamn wall!

May: You have really beautiful legs. 
Ambrosia: I thought you said they were gams. 
May: Gams, stems, wheels... whatever.

[May is hiding two dead bodies in a cooler
Woman on Street: Hey, you got any cold ones in there? 
May: Yes, I do.