Midnight Cabaret (1990)


Directed by: Pece Dingo

Written by: Pece Dingo & Lori Gloede


Laura Harrington .... Tanya Richards
Lisa Hart Carroll .... Dawn
Michael Des Barres .... Paul Van Dyke
Paul Drake .... Intruder
Thom Mathews .... David
Carolyn Seymour .... Orion
.... Lt. McMurphy
Norbert Weisser .... Tony
Bruce Wright .... Det. Angelo

Release Dates: Theatrical: 1990




A Broadway producer puts on a play with a Devil character in it. Soon the actors begin having nightmares, and events that are mentioned in the play really start happening.


The film looked interesting, artsy as well as perfectly mysterious when it starts off with a nice close up shot on the character Paul Van Dyke with his hissy type of speaking on what's happening as well as seeing some bizarre moments on nude men in an alleyway as well as a murder scene in which this is witnessed by an apartment resident Tanya Richards with a good shot on her screaming as it has a great echoey effect and then she tries to run away with some of these people trying to chase after her. It boggled me wondering as to what's behind all of this madness going on too.
Fun touches too with some of the people doing the show posing mysteriously as well as them later on interacting with each other after the performance which looked good and naturally done.
Nice discussions between Tanya and Dawn at a cast party as things looked well focused on the scenery of stuff along with Paul discussing stuff too which looked spooky like as well as a good creepy moment with Orion and Paul approaching Tanya with a drink and later starts to feel dazed along with creepy hallucinations that she spots as this seemed to work in well for an artsy type of horror flick such as this one.
Another nice shot on a lustful moment with Dawn at her home which boggles you wonder as to why this is happening and then Tanya knocking on her door to talk about what had happened which showed decent timing on both of these matters.
Another bizarre moment with Paul dancing with Tanya at a some sort of ceremony and a strange moment occurs which makes you wonder if it's a dream or a stage performance.
Nice still moment with the Intruder putting a blade next to Tanya's neck and hissing nastily to her with his words as this was well focused and done in a nice mysterious and unusual fashion too along with Paul catching him in the act and stopping him as this moment looked energetic.
Another perfect setting is when we see Tanya in some sort of a trance with candles surrounding her as well as someone carrying a large crucificx and then Paul in a demonic presence licking her mouth and strange events like this. However the make up effects looked quite low budget. Still watching these moments unravel looked bizarre and done in a fine horror fashion.
Great effective discussions between Tanya and David having a peaceful discussion with one another while drinking some tea. It's a brief scene but it caught my attention a great deal since it seemed to make me watch this still moment.
Perfect setting with Tanya sleeping alone in her bed and then dreaming of David lying lifeless with candles surrounding him as well with her waking up and a nice surprising moment on Paul leaning over and talking soothingly towards her as this looked creepy to watch.
Effective interactions with Tanya getting emotional at a police headquarters discussing on what she witnessed as all of this was naturally well done and looking solidly paced along with good camera takes on all of this.
Perfect situation with both Tanya and Dawn walking down a staircase and then are stopped by Orion in which she acts evilly tempting and charming towards Tanya as these situation looked convincing that this woman is not to be trusted since you get a creepy feeling that she's up to no good. A nice tough moment with Dawn telling this woman off as the situations were sharply done as well.
Interesting moment when Dawn lies near Tanya after slowly falling asleep as this makes me wonder if she is trying to come onto her by how this setting is planned. Then later on Dawn herself goes to a chair to read a book with a nice camera shot on her grabbing her glass of wine as you think she's alone and then someone else's hand taps his wine glass next to hers as this looked genuinely spooky.
Then a perfect moment when Tanya wakes up and walks towards her when she is sitting backside of her chair head down in which this was carefully done while she slowly approaches her which gives you the chills that something isn't right here.
Great surprising moments when Detective Angelo tries to save the day and spots Tanya lifeless and then realising that she's pregnant with the antichrist as well as being pitted against both Paul and Orion which looked good and dark as well as Tanya threatening to take her life as Orion herself convinces her not to as all of this looked good and powerfully done.
Bottom line is that this flick was a hard one to follow or understand but seems to be entertaining nevertheless. Borrows heavily with the characters like you'd imagine in Phantom of the Opera as well as elements in the end such as Rosemary's Baby. It's a strange tale and hard to understand the outcome of everything but this flick is to use your imagination with it all.

The acting is quite good in which there's a great performance by Laura Harrington (Tanya Richards) in which she shows a great frightened type of attitude as well as her screaming as she pulls off some great energy into all of this. Plus shows a nice cautious attitude too. Reacts perfectly to being drugged acting dazed and just making this moment believeable. Also reacts terrifically to when she's waking up from a nightmare or having suspenseful moments happening to her as well.
Lisa Hart Carroll (Dawn) really came on strong in her role acting perfectly sharp within her speaking and motives too. Shows a great tough no nonsense attitude too. She seemed to come across as a lesbian type by how she came across at times making her persona quite mysterious while watching her perform. Has a nice and caring attitude too which she really brought to life as she studied her role terrifically and one of the best performers.
Michael Des Barres (Paul Van Dyke) was the best out of the whole cast in which he has a great low ghostly and creepy type of speaking in his voice as well as coming on strongly towards others making him somewhat a little creepy to be around. Plus knew on how to host an event with how he spoke which seemed terrific. Certainly had a perfect demonic and tempting attitude along with his wicked charm. Couldn't have found a better person to portray this type of role.
Thom Mathews (David) had a real effective supporting role in which he really looked noticeable in the stage performances and seemed to be well alert with each of these moments. Also does well with his discussions as well as showing a nice concerned attitude into all that he did here. Shows off a nice coolness into his part too.
Carolyn Seymour (Orion) is the best actress in the film with her wicked and evil speaking and how she came across. Seemed rather demonic into all that she did here. Also shows a nice evil charm when trying to get someone to come with her in a scene as she looked strong by how she did all of this. Has a nice smoothness into her speaking and looked perfectly for the part.
(Lt. McMurphy) had the right personality and looks for this type of role in which he drew a great seriousness into all that he did with his discussions. Came off well remembered in his supporting role and was a right choice. Shows off a likeable attitude as well.
Bruce Wright (Det. Angelo) was perfect in his role as a detective ready for anything and was perfectly sharp with each scene that he did. He really brought it on a great deal as well as showing off great serious characteristics. Rolled with the punches incredibly well and got into it wonderfully. He lived to portray this role.

Nude men are in a rainy alleyway with their butts exposed.

Couple slit throats but nothing gruesome.

Lots of great versatile composing all put together by Michel Colombier in which there's alot of airy synthesizer music as this really fits the strangeness of the story. Plus there's some unique guitar riffs here and there with some other string composings too. Also some nice metal scrapings and hissing sounds which was clear and crisp. Plus some bonging sounds which makes you jump at times sounding loud and powerful when a murder case happens. Yes indeed alot of different sounds in this flick which sounded marvellous.