The Midnight Show (2016)


Produced, Written, Directed, Cinematographed and Edited by: Jason Hawkins


.... Selene / Kelly / Tracy Stark
... Tony
Hannah Luyten .... Inanna
Madeline Morgan .... Nephthys
.... Hexus
Jacob Block .... Pete
Daniel Steward .... Box
Cami Marie .... Kelly / Tyler
Jason Hawkins .... Andrew
Desireé Gaoiran .... Francis / Julia
Marla L Day Goodman .... Grace / Francis' Mother
.... Keres
Ethan Morlan .... Sean
.... Natalie
.... Charlotte

.... John Stark
.... Sly Stark

Release Date: Crypticon Seattle Film Festival: May 29, 2016




A family is held captive by a horror fanatic Selene (Natasha TImpani) with her gang and is forced to watch scary movies. However, all but one are enjoying them with is the father Tony (Michael A. LaFlamme) so has to watch five chapters each.

The first one is The Single Bullet Theory which is about 5 strangers are kidnapped and given one bullet and instructions to choose who amongst them doesn't deserve to live. If they don't choose; they all die.

Second we have Hurt about a couple getting emotional on the tragic situations with one another but however Selene realised that one was a home project not meant to be shown.

Third is the Girl in the Rain on a disturbed daughter Francis (Desireé Gaoiran) who has to take care of her sick Mother (Marla L. Day Goodman) during the holiday season which is driving her insane and spots a little girl constantly watching her home and feels that she is being stalked.

Fourth is Eye Candy on a cocky actor Sean (Ethan Morlan) working on set of a slasher flick but is in for a deadly surprise when the filmmakers tell him what kind of a film they're really doing.

Fifth is Broken on a family man John Stark (Daniel Timothy Treacy) who constantly hears saw cutting in his home when he is trying to do work all day and night and is the only one who hears this which nearly makes him snap.


A rather humoress beginning involving a crazy woman Selene tying up a guy Tony on a couch forcing him to like scary movies which seemed clever to watch for a horror anthology as well as a shot on 3 of his kids with lipstick smiley faces and popcorn as this looked pretty funny to watch. It was a no budget campiness to the horror film which seemed to work in very well for this poor guy to be in torture to watch horror when he hates it with a passion.

The first segment The Single Bullet Theory seemed rather pointless moment as we spot two camera shots focuing on a crazy woman Hexus and the people that are victims on what she is about to do with all of them. There's good drawn in moments with some of the women as hostages crying and freaking out as well as some sort of a punk with fake tattoos being arrogant on stuff who's name was Box.
Also we have Pete whom is discussing stuff aggressively towards others as it leaves some decent psychological moments as to what is going on in that whole room.
We also have situations with Hexus coming in and out of the room as well as planning to use a sledge hammer on someone's hand as this works in okay showing some torture adding more on the psychological elements into what we see here as well as other helpless victims watching on what's going on in this scene. Neverthess this chapter is extremely slow and looking totally pointless.

The second segment Hurt is very brief exposing two well focused close up shots on a devastated couple Kelly and Andrew crying with really touches you hearts as to what they are talking about as this reminds you on things that made you seriously sad almost making you cry while you're watching this but you wonder as to what is coming out of this making this scene looking like a moment in a daytime soap opera but then you get fooled by what we are surprised to find out later on that involves the wraparound story that was revealed into this one which was quite funny.

The third chapter Girl in the Rain looked fairly well done taking place over the Christmas holidays as we spot a child staring at the front of a tall home as it leaves a nice mysterious and creepy feel to everything.
It also looked good and dysfunctional when the daughter is being called up to the sick mothers room as we hear her hacking and coughing as well as callin to her in which added a nice touch to a horror story. Plus some good twisted moments on the Mom looking crappy which was well shot.
Then we have the daughter just losing her mind over all of this with great close up shots. Plus it was impressive making you wonder if she will kill her own sick mother as this is a slow process on the daughter going almost insane with all of this.
A nice powerful moment when the daughter gives her mom a bath and acting forceful towards her when her mom pleads her into not being too rough with her as this makes you watch carefully and wondering on what this daughter will do next.
We also spot a moment when the daughter clean out her mothers potty toilet with close up shots on this which was absoluetely disgusting to watch as well as unnecessay too.
We also spot a crazed moment with the daughter calling out to the child that's staring at her home as well as calling 911 for the police to help her as this looked twisted by what she talks about making this person looking like she has lost it big time. This looked perfectly powerful to watch and the dicussions were energised and still.
Also we have a moment with the daughter feeding her mother and good dysfunctional moments with the mother telling her daughter that she doesn't love her as this looked well dramatised into a horror plot. Plus later on we spot the mysterious child being revealed which is a nice surprise and a twist that comes together. However there's supposed to be an intense murder that happens here which lacked.

The fourth segment Eye Candy looked rather pointless as we have a crummy beginning with a macho type of fellow Sean being pitted against a killer and then we realise that they were in the middle of a film shoot as things get a little better while watching. Plus we see him tied up and having a discussion with the director and crew members having discussions with him as well as complaining on who wasn't cast and the people whom weren't chosen walks out and greets him as well as later on with the director telling this person a shocking situation which brings on the horror for him in real life as this is a decent twist for sure.

The fifth segment Broken seemed somewhat annoying as we spot a situation with a husband John Stark getting annoyed by hearing constant sawing that only he can hear as hew tries to talk to his wife Tracy by asking if he hears anything and she hears nothing.
Things seem somewhat impressive when he tries to go to a wall where he hears the sawing and knocks on the wall and gets a response on a knocking back.
The story is awfully slow while we continue to watch but things get interesting when John almost loses it and sees that his child Sly wants a drink of water when he talks to this boy as things looked still and dark by what we spot with the shooting.
Things become perfectly psychological when John just loses his mind great and starts screaming as well as Sly trying to talk to him in which it's impressive that he was screaming to the sawing sound and not his kid but yet it looked good when the kid starts to cry. The moments here looked quite believeable. Then we get into a heated quarrel with him and his wife as it gets so intense you wonder if one of them gets violent that it looks totally powerful while we continue to watch these situations.
Perfect situation when John smashes through a wall and then the wood cutting stops which we are in for a shocking surprise as to what has happened later on that involves him and some devastations too. Brings in a nice horror fashion for sure.

At the end of the wraparound looked impressive with Tony finally being brainwashed that he likes horror films as well as Selene and her group of people putting smiley lipstick on his mouth with good close up shots as well as them going to another residents home answered by a young lady who doesn't like horror movies and a slick moment with Selene coming into her home and telling her that she will like them soon. A perfect ending.

Bottom line to this anthology was that it was made on an okay no budgeter and at first it seems rather entertaining but it slopes quite a bit when we continue to watch all that was going on. At times it's gross or annoying to watch with stale chapters the odd time making the moments a bit pointless. The wraparound story is the best part of the film as you will get a kick out of horror fanatics brainwashing and torturing people who can't handle them which adds a cheesy but decent campiness to it all. A fun flick to watch with a group of people on those up all night types of shows.

Some of the acting is good and some of it a little bland but (Selene / Kelly / Tracy Stark) is the best out of the whole cast playing various characters the one in the wraparound however seemed a little too over the top but she made it pretty memorable regardless. Seemed entertaining while we continue to watch her brainwashing actions with her wicked behavior. Was perfect believeable with her emotional attitude in Hurt as she was perfect crying on set and upset on a touching situation. Brought this to life. She was great in the last segment Broken as a loving type of mother in which she brought this moment to life greatly. Also looks very different into what she portrays compared to the other chapters which she proves to be greatly versatile. Also does well screaming out of anger too near the end of her role like she's going to get violent. She studied this part perfectly.
(Tony) does his craft pretty good as a passive type of helpless family man acting uncomfortable on being tied up and forced to watch horror flicks. He for sure brings out his intimidating attitude as well as bringing a nice campiness to all that he had to do within all of this. However he was slightly rough near the end of his performance when he acts brainwashed.
(Hexus) in the chapter The Single Bullet Theory seemed to pull off her wicked attitude quite well with her laughter and acting crazy along with her hyped up behavior. Does well as a hostess of some sort of a snuff torture theme that she's videotaping. At times I must say seems to get a little carried away.
Jacob Block (Pete) in the chapter The Single Bullet Theory shows it off quite well with his aggressions and his sneering behavior. Plus does well with his forceful speaking and dominating attitude. Also represents himself quite well for what he had to do with the perfect big guy dark looks too.
Daniel Steward (Box) for The Single Bullet Theory had the right looks as someone who seems like a prisoner and has the good rough looks but at times seems to lose control of his character at times. He does bring the energy up pretty good when he acts anxious on stuff. I will give him some credit that he stood out pretty well within what he had to do.
Desireé Gaoiran (Francis / Julia) in the chapter Girl in the Rain was terrific as a disturbed daughter trying to stay sane as well as showing great crazed expressions when losing control of herself. Also does well with her forceful blocking by acting rough when giving someone a bath just being good and a bit menacing. Also does a good job acting like she's off her rocker when she explains something to the onscreen police officers like she's nuts. Brings all of this together nicely.
Marla L Day Goodman (Francis' Mother / Grace) in Girl in the Rain does her part perfectly as someone sick in bed hacking and coushing as well as crying out her daughters name. Brings all of this to life in which you really wonder if she is sick. Also shows off a nice anxious attitude when in a bathtub. Plus does a good job later on acting cold and wicked. However she looked slightly too young for the part. Shows a good versatality in the Eye Candy chapter as a filmmaker acting perfectly level headed and clear in her speaking. Was powerful with her motives in that one. I really like her performance in it.
Ethan Morlan (Sean) in Eye Candy had the macho looks for the role as a hunky actor type but seems a bit stiff on delvering his lines. Seemed to just have the plain looks for what we spot here. Yet comes off onto the camera with his presence pretty noticeably but just was stale with how he perfomed.
(John Stark) in the final chapter Broken brings up the high adrenaline into what he does just losing his mind and getting irritated by the sounds in his head. He for sure brought this to life as well as screaming in a rage acting perfectly insane and obnoxious which was vrought to a perfect hype. Also knew on how to act emotional and crying when he finds out on what he did to his family. Packs a real punch with all that he did here.
Child actor (Sly Stark) in Broken has pulled off his innocence well in which he does well with his senstive type of attitude and was good being soft spoken. Also shows off a nice excitement in a certain scene. Does a good job acting emotionally upset and breaking down crying which seemed realistic.

A sick old woman is barebreasted while taking a bath
A guy is butt naked while taking a shower

The composer does wonders with a synthesizer as we hear the low tones which seemed to work fine for what we spot in each scene. Also there's some sharp sounds as well as metal scraping types too. We also hear some touching piano music as this sounded passable. At times there's the odd classical playing which is a little catchy as well. Good clear classical music for the wraparound story.