Mikey (1992)

Directed by: Dennis Dimster

Written by: Jonathan Glassner


.... Mikey
.... Jessie Owens
.... Shawn Gilder
.... Rachel Trenton
.... Neil Trenton
.... Ben Owens
.... Mr. Jenkins

Release Dates: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: March, 1992




A seemingly innocent boy Mikey (Brian Bonsall) is transferred to being adopted by a new group of adopted parents but has a deep dark secret of his own as he murdered his previous ones and making out an unsolved murder happened.
He starts to do his evil deeds again in his new neighborhood as well as falling for a teenage girl next door Jessie Owens (Josie Bissett) and will do anything to have her all to himself.


Impressive beginning of the story with Mikey playing a dangerous game with his adopted sister and then the mother smacking him as well as to what goes on here which looked drawn in and dysfunctional too.
Then Mikey does an evil deed with his sister leading her to a swimming pool as I got a sinking feeling that something devastating was going to happen and then goes to see his mother taking a bath and holding a plugged in hairdryer which also left an impression that what he was going to do to her wasn't going to be a pretty sight.
Now it's daddy's turn which looked the most brutal as to what this evil brat does to him and quite violent.
Then when he makes out that someone else did it we spot him in a room playing with a doll house as he plays around to what actually had happened and good drawn in moments with discussions as iot looked powerful when Mikey answers to what happened and how he felt about what happened in the situation which looked a bit obsessive and psychotic to watch.
The new parents come into the picture whom are Rachel and Neil with Mikey looking deceivingly innocent and charming when he approaches them with good light hearted discussions which all looked good and natural to having someone adopted for the first time and wanting to be parents. These moments were well focused.
Neil takes Mikey out to do some bow and arrow shooting with other kids which was nicely done as a father and son thing. Plus we see Mikey aiming at the target which of course is a nice touch on a psychotic kid knowing how to use it as a deadly weapon while we later watch into the film as to what happens here.
Fun touches with a school teacher Shawn Gilder introducing the class to Mikey as well as to what happens when doing instructions as this all looked beliveably uplifting.
After school both Mikey and his new friend Ben Owens take a walk in the graveyard as well as a brief aggressive discussion which made me wonder if Ben will be the next victim along with Mikey playing a little trick on him which added some nice timing.
A real brain teasing moment is when Ben urgently tells his sister Jessie to come quick on Mikey passing out and not breathing and finds he doesn't have a pulse which made me wonder as to what the outcome will be throughout of all this.
Jessie acts charming and flirtatious towards Mikey which their discussions looked perfectly uplifting and a nice add into the story and so fourth.
Then there's good raging moments when Mikey spies on her and finds that she has a boyfriend as well as what he plans to do to her cat which wasn't a nice moment to watch but nothing graphic either.
Nice intense moment when Mikey approaches her boyfriend the next night when he's in a hot tub and a good shot on his ghetto blaster playing which I had a deep dark feeling as to what this evil brat's plan is to do next.
When Jessie is grieving Mikey puts his arms around her telling her she has him forever which of course had a nice psychotic feel throughout this whole moment.
The suspense piles up when Shawn tries to discover Mikey's history after spotting a deadly drawing he did or talking to his adopted parents on this situation with them getting defensive as this was a great add on to the story.
Things get really suspenseful when Jessie tries to warn Rachel about Mikey and she tries to ignore on what she said as this looked perfectly powerful and emotional by what was said. Another well done scene.
Suddenly we cringe when Mikey spots Rachel in a bathtub and he holds up a hair curling iron towards her plugged in as I was wondering if he will repeat as to what he did with his previous adopted parent which kept me watching and wondering.
The terror piles up big time when she spots him watching his home video as to what he did with murdering someone as this left a good intimidating feel as well as what he plans to do with her which looked creepy to watch. This looked powerfully intense as I wondered if she will escape his evil grasps.
The murder sprees start to pile up big time when others try to arrive at the home and has plans for them as well.
Daddy is the last to come home as Mikey has a surprise for him which doesn't look pretty to watch either. This for sure looked creepy as well as some nice special effects as to what Mikey does to the home.
Bottom line is that this film was well done but has been done before it reminds me of other flicks most notably The Stepfather and other sorts. Opened a door for a sequel but one never happened. Can be a fun flick if you're in the moddo for it and disturbing too.

The acting is in great shape in which we have former Family Ties child star Brian Bonsall (Mikey) doing a dynamic job as the evil brat showing alot of great intense energy especially when he moves in for the kill. Adds a nice versatality by showing a deceiving innocence at first making out there's not a bad bone in him. Offers great intensity when he acts disturbed or speaking coldly towards someone else.
(Jessie Owens) was excellent with her spunky and charming type of personality. She comes across as perfectly likeable by what she does here. I really enjoyed her outgoing attitude. However when she sobs or something like that it looked rather stiff. However shows some great energy when acting fearful or speaking out on a situation as she offers great characteristics.
(Shawn Gilder) shows a good warm hearted attitude as a likeable teacher as she made all of this come to life in a good way. Also was believeable by being concerned on what is going on and stressing situations which also looked good and natural. Shows alot of good energy and enthusiasm.
(Rachel Trenton) shows a great motherly and softspoken attitude in which she comes across as perfectly caring and open minded. Shows it off well as to what she did here. Plus does a good job acting uncomfortable during a situation and avoiding a situation which she also does with good style. PLus was great action cautious and scared when the terror strikes her.
(Neil Trenton) had a perfect warm hearted attitude as the encouraging father in which he really know how to portray this role in perfect style. Does a great job with his encouraging behavior. He also does a nice job acting choked up near the end of his performance which looked intense. He was a true character actor.
(Ben Owens) offers a great innocence and friendliness to his part of the story in which he shows some nice spunk and energy within whatever he did. Does a nice job acting cautious by what he says or does. He seemed to study his role in a fair fashion.
(Mr. Jenkins) portrays a great job as a school counsellor in which he shows off a great likeable type of behavior in which he comes across as someone whom is laid back and trustworthy. He did all of this nicely.

briefly exposes her breasts while getting into a bath.

A body is scarred in a hot tub after being electrocuted.
Sharp object is stabbed through someone.

Tim Truman is a natural with his composing as he makes things sound more natural than most composers. Good chiming sounds as well as wavy synthesizer music. Plius some piano playing which sounded nicely done too especially for the closing credits. Alot of this didn't sound like your average suspenseful music which is a nice change. Deserves a good pat on the back within whatever he did here.

Mikey: You're my sister. You're supposed to be on my side!

Mikey: Hello, are you going to be my new mommy and daddy?

Mikey: You know, dead people aren't the ones to be scared of, living people are.

[David is in a hot tub with a radio right next to it.]
Mikey: Life is full of accidents.
David: What are you talking about?
Mikey: The radio... it's not safe.
David: Why not?
[Mikey kicks the radio in the hot tub. David gets electrocuted.]
Mikey: They can kill you.

Mikey: Miss Gilder you're the best teacher I've ever had, but there is one thing you never taught me.
Shawn Gilder: And what is that?
Mikey: How to die!
[Shoots her in the head with a ball bearing fired from a slingshot]