Mimic (1997)

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

Written by: Matthew Robbins & Guillermo del Toro


Mia Sorvino .... Dr. Susan Tyler
Jeremy Northam .... Dr. Peter Mann
Alexander Goodwin .... Chuy
Giancarlo Giannini .... Manny
Charles S. Dutton .... Leonard
Josh Brolin .... Josh
Alix Koromzay .... Ramy
F. Murray Abraham .... Dr. Gates

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 22, 1997; Venice Film Festival: September 2, 1997 (Italy); Deauville Film Festival: September 6, 1997 (France); Fantasporto Film Festival: February 21, 1998




A group of scientists finds a miracle cure that stops the spread of a deadly disease.
They experiment it on cockroaches and over the next three years the cockroaches in their city of New York have grown human sized and live in the subway areas making their way in other parts of the town areas as they mimic people in order to trap and eat them or other living things and threatens to wipe out an entire city unless these scientists stop them in time.
The head scientists Doctor Susan Tyler (Mia Sorvino) and Doctor Peter Mann (Jeremy Northam) goes on a battle with these creatures in the subway station to try and wipe them out. Along with them is the head New York police officer named Leonard (Charles S. Dutton) and a local subway shoeshiner named Manny (Giancarlo Giannini) who is looking for his lost son named Chuy (Alexander Goodwin) as he is wondering around the areas down there.
But they all realise is that their lives are all at risk with these creatures looming around down there.


Perfect moment when we see on what happens to the cockroaches taking place months later after an investigation with a preacher running out of a top building of his church and then a brief spot on something monstrous coming after him as well as falling for his death which this all looked greatly suspenseful to watch as well as an eccentric child Chuy near the area in his apartment suite tapping his metal spoons together after hearing the sounds of these cockroaches as this seemed to add some mystery to this kid.
We also get a strong moment with two cheeky kids Ricky and Davis trying to sell Dr. Susan Tyler some bugs that she needs for experiments as their situations drew you in as well as them getting fresh with her when they aska fee for what they want.

Nice shot on a dark alleyway with Remy going past what may seem like a person accidentally bumping into this object as this figure looked dark and creepy. Leaves an impression that it's something more terrifying from what we've already seen in the film.
A nice moment when Susan uses her gloves to check out the bug as well as a nice jumping moment when this insect tries to best through her glove which makes you cringe a bit as this makes you wonder if this thing is deadly. Plus a good dark moment on a giant cockroach being sneaky going into her suite and going near this bug. It for sure makes you wonder if this thing will attack her by surprise or not.
Nice moment with Chuy and his shoeshining father Manny at the subway atation as well as this child revealing a dead bug describing as funny shoes adding more a mystery on this boy and a memorable moment too.
Nice moments with both Ricky and Davis running through the tracks of the subway to find out clues on the insects as well as them going near a corner where there's a sheet moving as this somwhat makes you cringe wondering if something will attack them or not. Yet later on they go to an area where there's a giant larva as well as the giant roaches attacking them as this leaves some great fast paced moments which don't look pretty at all and full of action and suspense too.
Good moment with the boy going into the area of the abandoned subway station using his spoons while we also hear the clattering sounds of the rocaches and him trying to communicate that way and calling them funny shoes as well as good shots on these insects swarming around him as you wonder if this boy will be killed or not.
Nice silent moment at a subway station with Susan asking someone for the time and a shot on the dark object as well as a great creepy moment on this object approaching her at full speed as well as grabbing her and flying away which psycs you out while watching all of this happening.
Then some great dark moments when she wakes up and trying to get away from the insects which was brought at a great hype. Plus some great moments when some people find her as well as trying to get her up to safety as well as one of them dropping a glow stick and seeing a roach flying up at full speed in which you wonder if she will be pulled up in time. Keep you watching to see on what happens.
Perfect struggling moments with everyone in a busted up subway trying to keep themselves locked in while a roach tries to break in as well as good shots on Leonard firing his gun at the object. Plus some amusing moments on them dragging in the slauightered roach to do some research as to what it does along with realising to use its blood to smear on them in order to try and disguise themselves for not being a prey to them. All of this was nicely put into the story.
A real moment you will be glued to the screen is when Dr. Peter Mann is in a vent and trying to activate some wires and we see a giant roach facing him as you wonder if the blood on the roach will work or not when this thing walks past him. This for sure looked effective and creepy with good close up shots on this mutant bug.
A nice surrounding when Peter sees where all the cockroaches are hiding out as well as him trying to find a way on snuffing them as things looked perfectly intense with the swarm of them trying to get at him when he tries to blow up the place.
Perfect creepy moment when a roach tries to corner Chuy with him being frightened as well as a great energetic moment on Susan trying to catch this objects attention while running towardsa subway coming towards them
as you think to yourself, what is going to happen to her?
Bottom line is that this was a cool flick for anyone who had fear with bugs or other insects and watching this they'd have every right to. It's very imaginative and creepy too bringing back the classic style of those 50's type giant insect horror flicks proving that 90's films can have an effective chemistry for movies like this too bringing it up to date. The special effects are great too.

The acting is well done and have a well supported cast in it. Mia Sorvino (Dr. Susan Tyler) really concentrates on her role incredibly well as she proves worthy as a character actress. Shows off a nice smart attitude as well as coming across as one of the mellow and nice types which works in well along with her reacting greatly to situations. Plus shows off great itense energy screaming or trying to survive the madness around her. Was terrific explaining on what the cockroaches do to imitate as she shows off a believeably knowledgeable behavior.
Jeremy Northam (Dr. Peter Mann) really showed great energy into what he did and had great hyped up energy when he is alerted on things. Seemed to do well with his speaking showing that he is ready for anything. Also does well with his struggling attitude or nervous behavior as he studied all of this nicely. Really rolled in with the puinches near the conclusion of the terror surrounding him.
Child actor Alexander Goodwyn (Chuy) is an interesting character watching the cockroaches and analyzing at what they do in which he shows off a good eccentric attitude as well as being a quiet type. Shows off a nice and happy type along with being creaqtive too. Does well reacting to being scared in a scene as this shows off greatly.
Giancarlo Giannini (Manny) who plays his father comes off as a good worker shining shoes at a subway station trying to support him and his son. Offers a nice seriousness to his behavior as well as being believeably cautious ojn certain events. Had the right looks and appeal to play this role along with having a nice seriousness in his speaking since he seemed to know this part inside out.
Another worthy actor is Charles S. Dutton (Leonard) as he played a good aggressive sarcastic police officer trying to investigate the cases of the giant cockroaches in the subway areas.
He showed a good tough as nails behavior as well and really shows some great adrenaline while shooting his gun and freaking out. Plus does great with his fast paced attitude. He really made is supporting role very memorable.
Alix Koromzay (Ramy) was another one with an effective supporting role in which she added a ton of great spunk by what she did as well as acting full of life and being believeably bubbly into her part. Shows a good unique type of personalitry and acting young at heart. Also seemed to do fairly well when briefly crying during the near beginning of her performance. Was a good character actress.

A dog is eaten by a giant cockroach.
A rotting corpse is lying down in the subway area
An officer leg is slit.
There is slimy gore effects with the cockraoches when they are being slaughtered

We have terrific classical music Marco Beltrami which he has powerful composing in almost every suspenseful moment. Alot of great fast paced trombone composing for the cockroach chasing in the abandoned subway station as well as areas like that. Plus we have alot of good hissing sounds and heavy drumbeats as this all sounded effective. All of it sounded good and dark. He has worked in countless mainstream films making them sound superb like in this one including Joy Ride and The Omen remake.

Chuy: Funny shoes!

Peter Mann: Leonard, have you ever seen anything like this before?
Leonard: Why you asking me if I've seen some shit like this before? Do I look like I've seen some shit like this before? Hell, no I a'int never seen no shit like this before. Who the fuck would wanna climb up one of these walls and hang one of these? Musta been a big elephant-ass motherfucker.

Susan Tyler: Sometimes an insect will even mimic its predator.

Susan Tyler: They mimic us. We mimic them.