Mimic 2 (2001)

Directed by: Jean de Segonzac

Produced & Written by: Joel Soisson


Alix Koromzay .... Remi Panos
Bruno Campos .... Det. Klaski
Will Estes .... Nicky
Gaven E. Lucas .... Sal Aguire
Edward Albert .... Darksuit
Jon Polito .... Morrie Deaver
Jody Wood .... Det. Clecknal

Release Date: Direct to Video / DVD: July 17, 2001



A bunch of research biologists developed a species of Judas bugs engineered to mimic and overrun the diseased roaches in their grubby habitat as they threatened to decimate the child population of New York City four years ago.
Their plan worked but now suddenly to mimic their next prey which happens to be humans.
People thought they were destroyed but some of them survived and the mutated one's have a new metamorphoisis threatening to take over.
A school teacher named Remi Panos (Alix Koromzay) who is having trouble with her job and finding the right guy is pitted against these creatures with two of her students as they intruded on their nest which happens to be their school and are trapped by battling these things.


Impressive beginning with an asian trying to run away as well as what seems to be a person standing in a dark alleyway only to tease you that it's a giant cockroach as well as great fast action moments with him being slayed and attacked which was a nice start off to the story.
We have a scene that grabs your attention a great deal when Remi Panos is finishing her work as a teacher at school and we have a troublemaking student Nicky trying to make a move on her which is a nice throw off to this woman in which was nicely done by making an adult uncomfortable with a kid trying to pick them up on a date.
Impressive moment when Remi is in her apartment and her neighbor knocks on her door acting creepily charming by trying to offer her flowers to ask for her to go back out with him and she refuses as well as a perfect jumping and intense moment when he smashes her door down and gets into a rage. This catches you off guard for sure.
Then we have a dysfunctional situation with her taking a pic of herself and writing the name of that person and placing it in a door of a little cabinet which makes you think to youself why she's doing that.

Then we have her trying a date with someone else which shows the obvious moments on things not working out which was amusing to watch on her date seeming bored by what she was talking about and trying to be interested.
Nice jumping moment with this guy later on in the street like something knocked him in the head and then another which looked perfectly intense after what we spot here.
Perfect dark moment on Set. Klaski in an alleyway with a street light shining on him as well as a bit of blood dripping on him and suddenly a dead corpse falling from a wire which is impressive for any horror fan to watch.
Nice mysterious moment with both Remi and Sal Aguire in a school hallway at night and seeing a bunch of desks and chairs all huddled together and we spot the principal on the other end talking to them and then an attack which seemed mildly bloody but at the same time doesn't seem to be as effective like we'd all hope as we've seen these moments in many other horror films. It didn't look terribly done but not original either.
Impressive moment on Remi telling Nicky about the natural instinct on why the cockroaches are killing by disturbing their nest which gives you the chills that they made the school their nest. There's good nervous interactions with the two of them together talking about all of this.
Perfect creepy moment on a suitcase full of large bugs trying to get out as well as these vicious insects crawling over Remi, Nicky and Sal as this definetely gives you the creeps for anyone who is scared of bugs. It was well done.
Good classic moment as we see what seems like a dark shadowy figure approaching as we see a disguise on what the cockroach does what seems to be the principal and then some neat effects with the face being turned back on the cockroach.
Nice fast paced shots on Remi being attacked by a cockroach as well as her being dragged away. Plus some nice moments when she wakes up and struggles to get out of the school with nice blurry shots on her eye sight. Certainly leaves a weak impression on her trying to manage to get away.
More spooky moments with bugs crawling past a floor in Remi's building and other moments like that which for sure gives you the creeps once again for bug haters. Plus a good moment with a dark shot on a figure holding some flowers as well as a face appearing in which we could tell a giant cockroach disguising itself which was a well remembered moment nearing the end of the film and what Remi does which draws you in carefully on what is about to happen next.
Bottom line is apart from the creepy moments the story was very slow as well as this film being taken in a different direction alltogether and real disappointing typical bad sequel. The film at times still has a dark edge to it like the first one but otherwise the story in this one was a complete waste of time. However, there were good effects with the giant cockraches and it was cooler how more human they looked too.

The acting is nothing special in this film at all and only a handful to mention.... Let's take a look.... Lead actress Alix Koromzay (Remi Panos) is very average with her part as a school teacher trying to find mr. right and quite frankly she is not my first choice at all. Yet does seem to react well by here down and troubled behavior. Seemed to be well alert when attacks start to happen. Also does well by acting spooked for when she speaks. Also does a great job acting injured and out of it when trying to slowly get away from the school as she relates to this perfectly well.
Bruno Campos (Det. Klaski) doesn't do much better himself and doesn't make a convincing detective. He does an okay job with his speaking as well as showing good energy for when the suspense happens or trying to get answers being on the alert. He shows great forceful energy when firing his gun against the giant cockroaches and really getting into this nicely.
Will Estes (Nicky) was impressive in his role as a cocky and sleazy type of teen coming across as somewhat a bully at times which he shows a nice driving nature into that kind of persona. Also offers a creepily charming moment when trying to make a move with his onscreen teacher as he was good by doing this too. Shows great energy with his running or finding a way on escaping when the terror strikes him.
However young actor Gaven E. Lucas (Sal Aguire) seems to do fine as a young school student and shows a nice charm to his character. Adds some good spunk and innocence into what he does along with making his part believeably likeable and a clever little kid too. Shows off some great spunk and enthusiasm too. He was a fine character actor indeed.

An asian man on the street in the pouring rain is slashed across the chest.
There's a skeletal corpse with the flesh torn off of it.
There is also a corpse hanging from a telephone wires with his face torn off.
A woman is stabbed by a cockroach in the stomach.
Another cockroach stabs a detective in the sides of his head and blood oozes out.
We also have slimy gore effects from the cokroaches.

We have a nice orchestral composition by Walter Werzowa as he knows how to do a descent score for the film. Also some perfect and powerful banging as well as fast music playing for the adrenised moments with good high pitched violin playing racing along to the storyline. Plus some hissing and whooshing sounds which were very catchy too.