Model Hunger (2015)

Produced & Directed by: Debbie Rochon

Executive Produced & Written by: James Morgart


Lynn Lowry .... Ginny Reilly
Tiffany Shepis .... Debbie Lomardo
Carmine Capobianco .... Sal
Suzi Lorraine .... TV Host Suzi
Brian Fortune .... Colin
Michael Thurber .... Arnold Winters
Robert Bozek .... Reginald Burke
Kaylee Williams .... Melanie

Release Dates: Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest: May, 2006; Crypticon Seattle Film Festival: May 23, 2015; Hoboken International Film Festival: May 31, 2015; Oldenburg Film Festival: September, 2015; Colorado Horror Con: October 31, 2015; Fantastic Horror Film Festival: October, 2015; Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival: November, 2015; Russian International Horror Film Festrival: January, 2016



A washed up model Ginny Reilly (Lynn Lowry) has been through alot with heartless modelling agencies and due to her age became unknown as she hated rejection and wasn't very competitive in her years which drove her to become insane and seeking revenge against people especially beautiful girls that go to her house in which she tortures, kills and eats them.
Her neighbor Debbie (Tiffany Shepis) starts to get suspicious of her and feeling that something is not right but her husband Sal (Carmine Capobianco) thinks that she's losing her mind.
Something happens to Sal after he eats one of Ginny's fresh baked meats that she offers him and Debbie herself goes to find out on what her neighbors deadly secret really is.


The film starts off quite campy like when we spot a cheerleading squad at rehearsal on a field as well as discussions with two teenage girls with one acting bubbly and another one showing attitude towards their teacher as this can offer some good chuckles.
Also they are sent on a mission to go door to door to promote their cheerleading team and meet up with what seems to be a too friendly elderly lady whom is of course Ginny Reilly as there's some hillarious one liners used and also draws you in when she invites them in for tea as this is a nice drawing card for the near horrors to begin as it looked clever that her house looked totally homely until one of them spots on what's cooking in her kitchen. Plus there's a real effective moment when Ginny whacks one of them on the head with a bat as this can please horror fans.
Also there's a show that she watches on TV which is a TV shopping network on carbs hosted by Suzi and showing her overweight models in which alot of this looked funny to start with but it gets annoying after a while but again this was the intention so people get irritated. While seeing what Ginny is watching and the reason why she's psychotic too.
Plus we spot one of the teens locked and gagged in the closet while we hear Ginny munching away on her dead friend which sounded perfectly gross as it was campy and horrifying at the same time.
There's also some effective arguments between both married couples Debbie and Sal. Which seemed natural with their frustrations and showing attitude but in alot of the scene's together it seems a bit overly long and stale during certain situations.
A good scene which gorehounds may love is watching Ginny cooking her fresh meat and using her own secret recipe as it looked shocking as well as adding black comedy into the situations that she discusses here.
There's a slightly and corny moment with a hitchhiker that Ginny picks up yet it looked entertaining as the location was in the country also there's moments with Ginny thinking about the girl which there's some brief chuckles on what this psycho is going to do next. It for sure doesn't look pretty as to what happens next.
Also a perfect disturbing moment on what she does to this poor girl when it comes to torturing her slowly as this for sure looked painful to watch while she was tied up and involves more cannibalism as well as her being alive watching this psycho eating fresh meat from her skin. People who love watching torturous horror flicks involving this kind might find this amusing.
We have a moment with Sal stuffing his face with what Ginny have to him as this was really in your face as it should have been.
Also we spot a moment when he's driving to work and he slowly falls asleep on the wheel which draws you in wondering if he will be killed in an accident.
Another dark amusing moment is when someone named Colin enters Ginny's home with their creepy discussions as well as him being tied up in her torture chamber as well as to what she does with his fingers which has almost a Saw feel to the whole environment and doesn't look pretty to watch. It for sure showed good horror violence to all of this.
We spot other moments which look bland and pointless but things start to become interesting when the police tell Debbie some devastating news which looked dramatically upsetting and well done.
Also things look good when Debbie is having a flashback memory on her childhood with her abusive parents in which there's near impressions that they are about to do something deadly to her which was well put into the story. Plus there's a modern day flashback scene with her digging something up.
with a warden treating her like a slave and then it shows her mother which looked impressive too. Then we spot something shocking by what she digs up as it was a perfect horror touch as well as leaving an impression that she's having a terrible nightmare.
We have another funny moment when a jehovas witness Melanie coming to her door and their interactions which were funny one liners.
Also another hilarious situation is when Melanie comes inside Ginny's home and she offers her tea and cookies but he refuses and then Ginny herself starts to change her mode to aggression and then Melanie changes her mind and then Ginny becomes happy again which shows perfect comedic and horror timing.
Good shots on when Debbie snoops around Ginny's home and going inside to look for clues while Ginny is torturing poor Melanie when she tries to plead to her to let her go and begging for mercy as this looked perfectly psychological and disturbing especially as to what she does to her as this doesn't look pleasant and truly perverted but done in a good sick style.
Nice moments with Debbie and Ginny struggling against one another with good fast action movements and thrusting energy which you wonder if Debbie herself will survive this battle. Plus perfect vengeful moments against Ginny which is painful and gruesome to watch and done in great horror style. However things seem disappointing when the police arrive as to what happens with who's mistakened for being the killer which totally leaves a door open for a sequel with us wondering as to what will happen next.
Bottom line is the film was slow in alot of scene's and at times the camera is jiggly but the picture quality is good for in indie horror flick as well as good gore effects as well as a directorial debut for scream queen Debbie Rochon who knew on how  to make you cringe at times and at times laugh too adding both horror and comedy together which is hard to please fans to enjoy both in one but it works in fairly well in alot of spots. It's well done in certain spots as It's hard to make a film for people to be pleased with and it does look impressive by exposing torture and cannibalism as well as entering the mind of a disturbed old lady. Not for everyone's taste but can please slasher fans who like to watch painful moments.

The acting was powerfully done in which Lynn Lowry (Ginny Reilly) was award winning material since these days she really portrays crazy roles nowadays since she's superb by portraying them although she has played something almost similar in her earlier days like in They Came from Within but nothing like what you see in this one. She does well by being too overly friendly and showing perfect comedic timing by doing this as she offers you many laughs in her performance. Also does incredibly well with her nasty words and acting perfectly harsh and deadly in which she lets out a ton of adrenaline into her role and studied it terrifically as well as her physical blocking just acting perfectly powerful. Yes folks she shows off a perfect horror character within this role.
Tiffany Shepis (Debbie Lomardo) was great in her role and brought alot out in her performance. She does well with her aggressive attitude and coming off natural by what she does as well as doing a good job with her concerned behavior along with her shocked and devastated attitude as well which looked incredibly natural while watching all of this come to life. Plus does well with her powerful aggressions while struggling against the onscreen maniac offering a great strong behavior within this. She is indeed a talented scream queen.
Carmine Capobianco (Sal Lomardo) seemed to come off onto the screen nicely with his role as the everyday husband showing his seriousness as well as his sarcasm too. Also brought in his real life charm by having a good and concerned attitude. He really got into a scene a great deal when eating some meat and gorging down on it. He certainly had the right looks and appeal for this role which was a nice plus.
Suzi Lorraine (TV Host Suzi) shined off nicely and looked entertaining as a host on the shopping network and had a good comedic character and coming across as perfectly annoying and showing a good typical type as someone who could offend you while she introduces stuff. She certainly had the personality as the type you would want to change the channel while watching her show as one of those typical phonies for sure.
Brian Fortune (Colin) did a nice job with hhis arrogant behavior by showing some nice aggressions within whatever he did as one of those obnoxious businessman at his shop. Also does well getting aggressive towards someone else too. Plus does a nice job reacting to the torrture too offering some nice intensity within this.
Michael Thurber (Arnold Winters) seemed to have an effective key supporting role to the story as an elderly bitter neighbor in which he came across as perfectly funny with his bitterness as well as doing a good job reacting to what is going on in the neighborhood. He also shows a nice kind hearted attitude later on which he brought to life making you want to like him which he added a nice versatality within this.
Robert Bozek (Reginald Burke) had the right looks for one of those lazy, stoned out and drunken employees as he brings that to life too with his low energy and gettiing sick from partying as this looked convincing too. Does a good job while having a worried attitude on what is going on which he does nicely with his alerted behavior.
Kaylee Williams (Melanie) was another effective supporting actress coming across funny as a jehovas witness as she made me laugh. Also shows a nice mellow behavior and acting genuinely polite within whatever she did here. Also does well with her crying and scared behavior asking for mercy which almost makes you feel sorry for her.

A cheerleaders breasts is exposed in the dark while having her shirt torn off before being tortured to death.
A jehovas witness has her breasts revealed while tiied down as well as her vagina exposed.

Pieces of human flesh is used for baking.
Insides are torn out of someone's leg.
Blood is splurted out of a teens breast while being cut open.
Fingers are cut off as well as a slit throat.
Bloodsheds in a kitchen is exposed with remainings of body parts.
Part of a vagina is cut.
Eyes are pushed in and spotting the gruesome results.

We hear some different tones composed by Harry Manfredini which isn't all that great in the opening credits with some quiverring violin music and clarinet playing that didn't really give it a right vibe. Yet there's some of the high pitched echoey piano playing and some of the other old school theme's that we hear which he upgraded it to today's standards and still gives the picture a perfect effect to everything. So there's a variety of sounds in this picture.