Monster Man (2003)

Written & Directed by: Michael Davis


Eric Jungman .... Adam
Justin Urich .... Harley
Aimee Brooks .... Sarah
Michael Bailey Smith .... Monster Man

Release Dates: München Fantasy Filmfest: July 30, 2003; Frankfurt Fantasy Filmfest: August 10, 2003; Hamburg Fantasy Filmfest: August 18, 2003; Dead by Dawn Edinburgh Horror Film Festival: April 24, 2004;

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A young man named Adam (Eric Jungman) is on his way driving to his wedding and his sarcastic prankster mouthy friend named Harley (Justin Urich) tags along with him as he seems to get the two of them into trouble along the way and are unwelcomed by rednecks along the way due to Harley's mockery towards them.
Well they are driven off the road by a giant monster truck and then they are terrorised by it.
Along the way a hitchhiker named Sarah (Aimee Brooks) tags along with them as they try to escpae from this maniac as they saw on the news that this driver has been responsible for killing lots of people.
They also witness the drivers presence as he doesn't look human.


The beginning was well focused showing someone being tortured with his head being crushed and then things throw you off with the lead character Adam driving along in his vehicle as well as seeing someone in a mask behind a seat trying to scare him as this looked very hokey by what we reveal which was his dorky friend Harley as things looked cheesy with their discussions together.
Plus we see them having a sissy type of fighting out of frusteration as this looked a little lame to watch them go at it and Harley goofing off. Alot of this looked incredibly pointless to watch and couldn't wait till all of this was going to come to an end.
Also have a moment when they're in a bar and Harley being offensive to the rednecks that are at the bar with good shots on them showing off their angry expressions as this looked impressive and wondering if one of them will come and beat them up in which this was brought to life on an idiot you just feel like smacking for not taking anything seriously at all.
Interesting cheesy special effects when we spot the monster truck coming in towards the two friends in their vehicle and trying to knock them over as this offered some nice terror and suspense since this was entertaining to watch and good camera shots on this with this huge vehicle.
Another moment that was corny to watch is when they spot a trailer in the middle of nowhere and tries to find some way to seal gasoline from this object as I was thinking how lame can you get. But a good distant shot panning away and showing that the trailer is in the middle of a design on a pentagram as this looked amusing to watch.
In the story we have Adam needing to use a john near an public station as we spot the grossest place to be but then things looked good and spooky when we see the monster truck coming in and the feet of the driver which is the Monster Man walking into the area with Adam trying to hide in there while we hear this Monster Man banging on the door of the toilet as well as an impressive moment on a side hole with Adam taking a peek and seeing the Monster Man's eyes which looked creepy to watch. At the same time shows Harley on the top of the monster truck offering good timing and then about to take a leak in it as well as Adam running out and trying to get Harley to go drive away before the Monster Man comes out of the john as this keeps you in suspense wondering if they will escape in time. This looked impressive.
Nice dark moment on the two of them sleeping in a motel and one of them waking up realising that there's roadkill on him but you could tell that this was a stuffed animal as well as Harley sleeping and kissing this object in his dreams which looked twisted to watch but had a bit of a decent black humor to this. Plus great intense moments on them freaking out when Harley wakes up and they run out of the hotel in their underwear and pygamas speeding away which was impressive making you think that the Monster Man is watching every move they make.
We have a surprising moment in their car when in the backseat appears Sarah as this was supposed to make you jump but it doesn't and pretty corny with her appearing and surprising them. However good comedic timing when they get out of their car and freaking out as they realise they're only half decent with what they're wearing so it was a nice add on to the story at the same time.
Good intense moment when the gang hang out at a bar and we spot a big redneck demanding to dance with Sarah and Adam tries to defend her as you get a creepy impression that this goon will blow a punch at him but when we expect this happening it looked a little too obvious. However things looked impressive when Sarah shows her tougness towards this person which showed good timing.
Things looked nicely done when Sarah gets romantic towards Adam as there's some interesting charm with what they're talking about as things looked good and natural by all that was happening here. However good slapstick moments on Adam himself in a fast pace by taking his clothes off.
A great dark horror moment when the three of them run outyside at night spotting the monster truck pitting against the big redenck and revealing torture on him being run over by this object as this offers good horror timing as this looked very powerful to watch.
Nice shocking moment when they are near a dock and are eating something as well as the shock on what they're eating too. Plus another good shocking situations when they speed away in their car and spot what's in their backseat too as this offers more decent horror timing.
More dynamic action moments with the monster truck tumbling over their car as well as Adam and Sarah trying to rescue Harley out of their crushed vehicle before it's too late which keeps you in suspense and terror.
We see the Monster Man revealed with a couple of them trying to get away from him but this seemed to go into a bit of a slope.
Good setting where the Monster Man lives when Alan goes into the home to try and rescue Sarah as it looks like your everyday funhouse as well as spotting some sort of a slaughtered looking person lying there in which we expect him to open his eyes and say something by how this was shot but things looked way too corny when all of this unravels. Plus we have a shocking moment on a dark secret with one of the main characters too. It doesn't look overly inspirational. Too hard to be taken seriously.
Bottom line is that I thought this would be a great movie. Sure it's dark at time and alot of the times there's lots of stupid dark comedy in it which doesn't blend at all for the story itself. I found this one to be a spoof on Joyride or a ripoff type of spoof along with touches of Jeepers Creepers and the remake on Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We also see many elements quarter way through of Wrong Turn and House of 1000 Corpses. It does get exciting with the chase from the monster truck but the story weakens as it doesn't really have a nice surprise to why this madness is happening.

The acting is in descent shape as Eric Jungman (Adam) does well playing a shy dweeby type of character as well doing a convincing job portraying someone whom is sensitive with things. Also shows off some great struggling energy as well as doing well with his sarcasm battling off the demented characters which also looked impressive to watch. Does a good job with his role and studied this one well.
I enjoyed Justin Urich' (Adam) performance since he plays a convincing dork in the show with his sarcasm. He reminds me of people I encountered in my life as he plays a practical pain in the ass. Really goes into a nice outrageous outspoken personality offering great energy within all of this as well as having the perfect looks for all of this which he was a perfect fir for all of this. Plus shows off some decent freaked out energy when the terror strikes as well.
Aimee Brooks (Sarah) also does good with her supporting role as she seems to play good by being sexy and romantic too but has a secret of her own which she pulls off greatly too. She shows a great no shyness with her outgoing behavior and coming across as someone who you can deceivingly trust. Her screams when the terrors happen could've improved a bit but she wasn't terrible by doing this. Had a nice beautiful looks and features which was a great bonus for someone in a horror flick.

A piece of roadkill is thrown on Adam sleeping in a hotel
A redneck is crushed by a monster truck
Adam spits out an eyeball while trying to eat something
There's a corpse in the back of a car with their eyes gouged out
A person is lying on a flat and the middle of his body is torn out guts revealed and then later on his body is cut in half
Adam cuts the Monster Man's stomach open to get a key he swallowed
A throat is slit
There's chunks of the Monster Man splattered over a dirt road
The monster truck driver looks gruesome himself

John Coda does well with his music for the film putting different sounds in each scene. He shows a great guitar riff when there's a sexy scene in the film. Also there's hissing sounds and metal clanging as well as the fast classical and trombone playing which works in powerfully. Plus some good echoey and heavy drumbeats. Also for the comedic moments we hear hokey string pluckings and xylophone playing which didn't tickle my fancy at all. But suited the slapstick that we saw in the flick. Just wasn't my cup of tea is all.

Harley: [while sitting in a bar that's showing a monster truck competition on tv] These fucking rednecks must have IQs the same number as the size of my underwear to watch this!

Harley: I feel like we just played Drop The Soap with Godzilla, man!

Police Officer #1: [in a thick redneck accent] You dang kids are up to your assholes and elbows in trouble now!
Adam: Ask your elbows *what*?

Harley: I'm a corpse burrito, dude!

Brother Fred: [lying in two pieces whilst the end credits are running] The end? This can't be the end! I was gonna fuck my sister! Now what am I gonna do? This sucks!