Mortuary (1983)


Produced & Directed by: Howard Avedis

Written by: Howard Avedis & Marlene Schmidt


.... Christie Parson
.... Greg Stevens
.... Paul Andrews
.... Eve Parson
.... Hank Andrews

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 2, 1983




After the death of a family man, his daughter Christie Parson (Mary Beth McDonough) is convinced that it was no accident and goes to the aid of her boyfriend Greg Stevens (David Wysocki) who is employed at a mortuary in which he spotted the main owner Hank Andrews (Christopher George) and her mother Eve (Lynda Day George) performing an occult.
Greg thinks that they are responsible for what happened and that Christie herself may be in danger.
To top it all off, Christie is sleepwalking in the middle of the night while a maniac is watching her move, harrassing her and trying to scare her while doing other people in mainly at the mortuary making her think that it's her father back from the grave.


The beginning of the story is supposed to look shocking but it just misses by being that way with a man having his head whacked by a baseball bat from a mysterious killer and he falls into his own swimming pool but it doesn't look as brutal like it was supposed to have been. It shows that the film is dated by seeing this unravel but still it looked entertaining for a mysterious slasher flick.
The fun happens big time when two college kids Greg Stevens and his friend Josh goes to the mortuary warehouse to do some business while working there in which their discussions were very entertaining to watch as well as them spying on a group of people doing an occult as this gave me an impression that something creepy is going to happen and putting those two in danger in which all of this looked very well done making me want to watch for more.
Then when Josh is missing, Greg goes to the aid of his girlfriend Christie Parson to search for him in which they go to a rollerrink to talk to their friends there as this brings back great memories on skating as it made me want to join in on the fun.
Later on the two of them make out in their vehicle with the mysterious killer creeping up which made me watch in suspense as to what's going to happen next as we all know horny teens end up in a deadly trap whenever they do this in a slasher flick.
When Christie arrives home her mother Eve gets into an argument with her as Eve was a part of that occult which is for sure twisted and making me wonder if she will cause terror later on proving you can't trust anyone these days even if they seem deceivingly innocent.
A campy scene is revealed when Hank Andrews tries to sell a coffin to a couple of people when planning some sort of a funeral and they seem happy go lucky which isn't a case at all when a family member of theirs have passed and Greg comes into the store to bring something for him in which he accused him on doing that ritual which I knew their discussions weren't going to be pretty and then Hank threatens this kid which makes me wonder as to what will happen later on in the story. This moment was well put into the scene.
Perfect nmysterious and creepy moment when Christie is sleepwalking and is wandering outside where he pool is as things seem too still and made me have a deep dark feeling that the killer is watching her make every move. This was one of the best moments in this flick.
At night both Greg and Christie are having fun at their home but their power goes on and off when you least expect it which catches me by surprise and gave me a fearful feeling wondering if the killer will spring into action when these incidents are occuring. Leaves a great horror touch.
Greg and Christie pay a visit at the mortuary and try not getting caught when they spy on Hank going to do his ritual as this made me watch carefully wondering if they will get away afterwards. When the ceremony happens we spot Hank doing his ritual as things are quiet and still but this wasn't effective or creepy to watch at all.
When they arrive back to their home they are in a lustful mood in which there's nice outside camera shots on the killer approaching and spying on them as this looked well done and quite creepy to watch.
Then during bedtime, Christie sleepwalks once again and hears a voice calling to her and then we spot the killer in make up crying to her to let him in as this was supposed to be scary but it looked way too corny and over the top to be taken seriously.
Perfect still setting when Eve tries to go to sleep as it's too quiet which left a creepy impression that something is going to happen as this made me watch in terror as to what will unravel here.
Then the killer is revealed which I won't give away but things looked twisted but yet nothing too extremely effective but sick moments when thius killer tries to make out a wedding ceremony between him and Christie and dead bodies dressed up in seats as this offered a nice moment for a shocking slasher flick as well as Greg trying to save the day but trying not to get himself slayed by this maniac which wasn't too shabbily done. Some of the situations unravelling looked slightly cheesy and could've been a bit better but nothing terrible.
Bottom line is that this is a fun film to watch at times things were rusty but other times it was mysterious and creepy to watch. It was a disappointment when the killer is revealed as things didn't look as intense like they were supposed to have been but it was all horror fun regardless. If you are in the mood to watch something odd and to be entertained for a slasher flick you may enjoy this piece.

Half of it is good and half no so good as we have (Christie Parson) who has the lustful and beautiful innocent looks and appeal as she knew on how to act outgoing and situations like that but when she is having nightmares or freaking out she is way off and not making it look convincing. In other words over the top and mellodramatic. She really needed some lessons with her intensity as I wasn't the least bit convinced.
(Greg Stevens) however did a splendid job as the kid next door type showing off some great spunk and energy within whatever he did. Does well with his charming type of personality as well as doing a good job springing into action when the terror happens as he shows a good courageous type of attitude within this without trying to act intense or freaking out. Yes he knew his craft for sure.
(Paul Andrews) plays a crazed and eccentric one at the mortuary before moving onto mainstream acting and he often does a good job but not in this one. He was young at the time and could tell that he was just starting out so when he gained more experience he improved was my guess. He knew on how to act a bit odd but when he acts crazy or disturbed he's way too over the top by acting like this. Seemed more comedic than intense which wasn't what he was supposed to have been.
(Eve Parson) brought on a good calmness to her role as well as doing a nice job being stern whenever she needed to act this way. Also shows a good concerned attitude too whenever she had to behave this way as well as showing a nice loving attitude too. Yep she did this all in good fashion.
(Hank Andrews) adds a great gruffness with his speaking as well as having a nice obnoxious and arrogant attitude coming across as perfectly threatening when he shows this personality off. When he does a seance he seems to concentrate well onto this but he doesn't seem overly believeable. Yet he was always a talented actor within whatever I saw him in and this was his last film to date before his passing.

A bare breasted corpse is lying on a table
A couple is stripped on top of one another making out
Woman drugged is lying on a table fully nude

Many victims are stabbed through a thin sharp object
Axe is slashed on someone's back

John Cacavas was fantastic with his music score in which there's classical suspenseful deep piano playing as well as the violin music. Plus in many areas having wavy synthesizer music which sounds similar to the cult 1979 motion picture The Warriors. Also there's deep sounds for the real creepy moments as it adds nice terror onto the screen along with some flute playing and light uplifting sounds for some of the happy moments in which he offers a nice versatality within this. However for when the killer is watching there's phony heartbeats which sounded incredibly annoying.