Mosquito (1995)


Directed by: Gary Jones

Written by: Tom Chaney, Steve Hodge & Gary Jones


Steve Dixon .... Parks
Rachel Loiselle .... Megan
Tim Lovelace .... Ray
Ron Asheton .... Hendricks
Gunnar Hansen .... Earl
Mike Hard .... Junior

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: May 20, 1995




An alien starship crash lands in a swamp in a U.S. forest causing t as a bunch of mosquitos drink the blood from the alien corpses causing them to grow gigantic to the size of a vulture.
They get more hungry for human blood and go on a killing spree to locals at a campground that complain about skeeter bites. Well they have every reason now as they all drop like flies.
A new park ranger named Megan (Rachel Loiselle) and her boyfriend Ray (Tim Lovelace) tries to find out how these insects grew so large as they run into a meteor chaser named Parks (Steve Dixon) as well as a dipstick park ranger named Hendricks (Ron Asheton) who tries to survive this madness by blowing any attacking mosquito with a shotgun but things get worst for them as they run into thieves led by a guy named Earl (Gunnar Hansen) who wants what is right for him but has no choice but to stick together and hunt for the mosquitos breeding ground.


An impressive cheesy shot on an alien spacecraft in space heading towards Earth as well as later on seeing it crashed with a dead aliens hand hanging out of the ramp as well as a mosquito drinking blood from this object which we see shots on this insect doing this and it was well focused.
We do have a good moment with both Ray and
Megan by having a conversation together after encountering a roadkill of a giant mosquito they hit along with some good shots too.
There's a situation between Ranger Tony and Ranger Hendricks discussing about the skeeter bite issues which looked ultra lame and unnecessary for this type of film as this looked like a scene borrowed from a comedy-horror Troma Team type of scene.
There's a good shot on a regular skeeter drinking blood from a man's arm.
A perfect shot on Hendricks coming out of a shack with a big skeeter spraying type of weapon looking like a hero but it falls flat when he runs around everyone spraying the stuff in the air. However this was mildly funny at the same time offering okay slapstick with the locals being irritates on this dork getting in the way spraying this stuff.
Then we have supporting characters Earl, Junior and Rex as robbers wandering outside in a forest as their vehicle broke down acting like the Three Stooges. This looked very conry to watch and weakly inspired.
A good shot on Rex running out of an outhouse and then a good special effects shot with a giant mosquito chasing after him. It kinda looked funny while watching this whole scenario as well as the first time hearing shrieks from this insect.
We have great shots on a moquito attacking someone in a fishing boat. But once again alot of this looked incredibly campy and cheesy. However it can be an entertaining piece watching all of this happening and looked like a grindhouse type drive in moment since this almost pays a tribute to those types.
Then there's a scene with a couple fornicating inside which seems to be common for a horror film taking place in the great outdoors. Then the boyfriend has to take a whizz and the girlfriend is lying there with her back turned and we see a moquito coming in and feeling her as she thinks it's her boyfriend of course which was pretty hilarious. We see a great shot on a giant mosquito breaking into a tent and a good close up shot on a woman inside looking scared but her reaction to screaming is extremely fake. But the attacking looked quite intense and well shot.
Perfect moment when Megan is looking over a bridge and a boat passing through with a dead fisherman as this was done in great horror taste. The effects weren't too badly done for a low budgeter such as this one.
The scene's get alot better as the story gets more serious about the killer mosquitos that involves all three people Parks, Ray and Megan having a discussion on what's going on while searching a campground.
There is a good camera rolling by with the corpses coming up to Parks who looks freaked by all of this.
Great reactions by Parks, Hendricks, Ray and Megan when they hear the giant mosquito's buzzing their way and they try to scramble into a vehicle as you wonder if they will make it on time as this scene packs some chills.
There is a nice dark shot on Earl from the forest approaching with a gun in his hand.
A nice brawling scene between Earl and Parks fighting for a gun likewise with Junior and Ray this packs a great punch with the action involved here as well as well focused camera shots.
A good close up shot on Ray about to hit Junior.
There's many great shots with the giant mosquito's attacking a trailer as well as Earl really being mean and threatening by holding an axe next to Megan. Of course some fun moments on her kicking him in the nuts after losing his balance and dropping the axe. Plus many great moments when they keep speeding away and cheesy special effects on the moquito's still charging after this vehicle or Megan almost flying out of the vehicle and struggling to get inside as this looked suspenseful to watch and making you wonder if she will survive.
A great shot on Junior being pitted against a mosquito with neat close ups on the cheesy effects. These moments look disturbing to watch but a pleaser to fans of cheesy horror violence as this was the main drawing card while we watch the results here.
A good shot on the forest with some mist and some of the surviving people walking through.
A good spinning shot on Hendricks escaping in a pipe as well as others battling some mosquitos. This looked highly energised when we continue watching the battles and struggles as well as spotting these giant insects.
Some amusing moments with everyone trying to blow these skeeters away with their weapons especially Earl using a chainsaw and slicing through them. During these moments there's a great close up shots on the mosquito's hatching from eggs in a cellar with him trying to do battles from there.
There's a perfect shot on Earl with his chainsaw sawing a mosquito as well as him sawing open a door in a Leatherface type fashion.
Perfect special effects on a house blowing up which is quite decent for the budget that this film was made on.
Bottom line is that you just start to wonder how bad this film will be and it looks like a straight dark comedy at first with bad writing but then it gets better and the horror does happen. We get lots of bad special effects too but it's still interesting to watch nevertheless. It's almost a take on those old fashioned insect drive in horror flicks. In fact it's almost like a spoof. It's a good look at people's irritation to skeeter bites but imagine if they grew large and in need for blood. There are many terrific shots on the great outdoors as well as the lake and campsites too.

Most of the supporting cast acted they they took lessons from Troma Team. However, some did a great job so lets look here....
Steve Dixon
(Parks) stood out the most with his solid performance so I have to give him credit for that. Plus shows off a nice masculine presence as well as proving worthy with his tough as nails attitude. Really throws a punch with the terrors that surround him or being good with his brawling. Plus shows off a great courageous attitude and good hearted behavior.
Rachel Loiselle
(Megan) was another one who does well as a new park ranger and knew how to act tough too. At times she's a bit rough with her lines but picks it up here and there. Has the nice girl types of looks as well as showing convincing energy when the suspense starts to happen. Shows a nice blocking moment while kicking someone and showing off a great no bullshit attitude.
Tim Lovelace (Ray) shows off a nice good guy next door types of looks to the film as well as doing an okay job with his lines and motivation. He was stiff here and there but seemed to show decent energy with all that he did here. He comes across as one of the people that will survive in the flick.
However, Ron Asheton (Hendricks) needed acting lessons as a dipstick park ranger but sometimes peresented himself well in some spots of the whole film. But he was just saying his lines with excitment but no characteristics whatsoever. He came across as incredibly annoying by what he did here. He sometimes drove me nuts.
Gunnar Hansen
(Earl) was presentable as a bad ass robber as he shows a good seriousness to his role as well he offers a stern behavior which he was a bit off by doing along with getting cold and nasty which looked a bit amateurish. He was often rough with everything that I saw him in. Does well with his blocking when going in for the kill using a chainsaw as he pulls off his Leatherface attitude well doing this. Looked right for the role he played as a one mean mutha.
However, supporting actor Mike Hard (Junior) who played his sibling really lacked as he was overly dramatic.
He was getting way too carried away acting crazy and goofy. Over the top wasn't the word for what he was doing here. He needed serious acting lessons as he was another one that got to me big time.

There is a brief butt shot on supporting actor Kenny Mugwump while running out of an outhouse.
There is a breast and butt shot on bit part actress Margaret Gomoll lying in a tent.

Giant mosquito's stab people in the eye and other body parts as well as sucking their life out causing their eyeballs to explode.

The music by Allen and Randell Lynch was extremely hokey and corny like having a slapstick appeal to it from the first part of the film but then we have some neat cheesy synthesizer creepy type music once the film picks up. Alot of strong composing for the fast action moments like the main character's trying to avoid those skeeters while speeding away in a trailer van.

Parks USAF Meteor Chaser: Then we get rid of it. Whatever it takes.
Hendricks the Park Ranger: I knew it! I knew you were gonna say that. I could have stayed in my little cubby hole under that boat, till the cops showed up. But noooooooo... you guys had to come along and find me. And NOW I'm on a mission to save the world from giant mosquitos! Man, the late show doesn't get any better than this.

Parks USAF Meteor Chaser: [breathing] In the basement. Eggs, mosquito eggs. Hundreds of them, thousands of them.
Ray, Megan's Boyfriend: Oh, man...

Hendricks the Park Ranger: Hey Doc, that's science fiction bullshit!
Parks USAF Meteor Chaser: No, Hendricks. You... are living... in science fact!

Earl (Holding a chainsaw): Aint life a bitch!!!!