Motel Hell (1980)

Directed by: Kevin Connor

Written by: Robert Jaffe, Steven-Charles Jaffe & Tim Tuchrello


Rory Calhoun .... Vincent Smith
Paul Linke .... Sheriff Bruce Smith
Nancy Parsons .... Ida Smith
Nina Axelrod .... Terry

Special Appearances:

Elaine Joyce .... Edith Olsen
Wolfman Jack .... Reverend Billy
Rosanne Katon .... Suzi
John Ratzenberger .... Drummer

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 14, 1980 (Netherlands); October 18, 1980 (USA)

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A farmer named Vincent Smith (Rory Calhoun) who owns a motel named Motel Hello as well as selling terrific meat that people come by for more seems to go on a hunting trip while he announces that his motel has no vacancy at the moment and spots a couple named Bo (Everett Creach) and Terry (Nina Axelrod) that wipes out on their motorbike and knocked unconcious as Vincent takes them back to his motel and when Terry wakes up Vincent tells her that Bo is dead from the accident and stays at the resort along with Vincent's sister Ida (Nancy Parsons) as well as encountering their third sibling Bruce (Paul Linke) who is the local town sheriff and seems to have eyes for Terry.
At night they send Terry to bed and Vincent goes hunting but it isn't animals he's hunting for food which is why his meat tastes so original in which both him and Ida have been kidnapping unsuspecting travellers and burying them in their garden patch as well as feeding them till they're just right to kill for being used for their meats to sell to their customers as Vincent's motto is "It takes all kinds of make Farmer Vincents fritters"


A nice beginning with Vincent Smith sitting on a chair in the front deck with the lights saying Motel Hello with the O flickering as well as him bringing his shotgun down near a road watching a motorbike wiping out that was driven by a couple which involves the main character Terry with shots on him dragging one of them in the back trunk of his truck.
There's a good take on little two twins dressed alike walking into a slaughterhouse looking around whick looked creepy with what was there along with a shot on some pigs on some hooks sliding by and someone rising up wearing a pig's head and then them screaming and running back to their car.
There's a good shot on Ida Smith hiding in a dark room holding up a meat cleaver with Sheriff Bruce Smith entering her house and trying to find his siblings and then Parsons wrestling him down which looked nicely done.
There's a good discussion with Vincent telling Terry about her boyfriend dead.
Good shot on supporting character Bob Anderson snooping around by jumping over a fence leading to a garden patch with a shot on a sack moving in a garden patch and then a shot on his hand slowly trying to touch it making it look scary along with him removing it and showing the head of the male biker moving around trying to speak as well as a shot on a shovel whacking Bob in the head.
There's a good dark shot on some wild teen rockers driving speeding along in a van listening to some heavy rock music with a good shot on their van wiping out and then Vincent coming down and spraying sleeping gas.
We have a good shot on Vincent and Ida looking at these teens sleeping in the back of their trunk along with Vincent driving a tractor and plowing holes in the ground as well as burying them up to their head in the dirt. There's a good camera shot looking up on both Vincent and Ida along with Vincent himself putting needles into their necks with them yelling in pain which looked believeably painful as well as a good close up shot ona certain one's neck with a small dissecting knife about to cut him which really makes you cringe.
We spot a nice camera shot on all Terry, Vincent, Ida and Bruce by having a picnic which looked peaceful and then Ida laughing out loud and about to tell them why their meat tastes so good with Vincent slugging her.
There's a good moment with Bruce in a car with Terry watching a nearby drive in movie with their binoculors and this officer trying to jump her bones as it looked goofily done but in good style for a film of this kind.
We also have a good moment with supporting character Debbie trying to speed away crying on a walkie talkie that someone is out to kill her along with a good shot on her car being pushed near a lake.
We spot many good takes on Edith Olsen by using a whip in a hotel room knocking stuff off with a shot on the TV screen of Reverend Billy preaching and then having Edith using her whip to grab her lover and then getting kinky with one another along with a good shot on Vincent and Ida holding some rope in the room not looking pleased. There's a good shot on Edith screaming and freaking out tied up with Vincent about to put a gas mask on her and then a good comedic discussion between him and Ida afterwards which offers some chuckles.
There's a good moment with Terry walking into the slaughterhouse and then Ida grabbing her by the neck asking her why she's snooping around.
We spot a good shot on the two of them splashing around on a tube in their lake and later on a good shot with Ida trying to drown her.
We spot a good moment with Terry trying to make a move on Vincent while she's in bed.
There's a good cheesy discussion between Billy catching Bruce with a Hustler magazine and him saying he caught a delinquent reading it which offered some slapstick.
There's a good goofy moment with Bruce by telling Terry not to marry his brother saying he's crazy etc showing great comedic energy on the two of them and it looked well done.
There's a good shot on the teens in the ground with Vincent telling them what's in front of them which was a coloured light which looked neat on camera and them looking hypnotised by it while some ropes are tied to their necks. All of this had some neat effects. Then we have a good shot on him driving his tractor and breaking their necks as well as dragging their corpses out.
There's some good gross out shots on Ida humming away and putting the corpses in large boiling pots.
We have a good shot on one of the victims digging out of the garden patch and helping the others too as well as good shots on him and the others walking around like zombies and then attacking Ida.
We have a good discussion between Terry and Vincent about what he's doing.
There's a good struggling moment between one of the victims and Vincent battling one another in the slaughterhouse.
A great shot on Vincent wearing a pig's head and approaching with a chainsaw and some terrific choeography with him and Bruce fighting with chainsaw and swinging at one another as well as a good shot on Terry unconcious on a table moving towards a meatcutter.
Bottom line is that the film is sick and twisted but yet well done and entertained if you're in the mood for it. The black comedy shows a fair sense of humor but after you watch it you'd probably wish you were a vegetarian.
There's nice dark creepy shots with the bodies in the garden patch which psychs you out a bit as well as making the movie mysterious on what's going to happen later on.
This film is definetely one of those early 80's cheesy horror cult favourites for those of you who likes slapstick with it and a nice summertype feeling to it too with the area around the lake and slaughterhouse zone.
To top it off the film almost looks like a parody to those other flicks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre but a different storyline as well as those Herscell Gordon Lewis cannibal flicks too. It's a party flick for sure and can be enjoyed with a group of friends to watch late at night with the lights off and a drive-in type of classic too.
The slasher boom was really big when this one came out with others that would appeal to the same viewers like Mother's Day, Friday the 13th and Prom Night.

The acting is not too bad as Rory Calhoun (Vincent Smith) shows alot of great characteristics to his part showing great timing with his dark comedic moments while using the victims for his garden as well as showing a warm and caring side to the people who don't know what he's doing too. He showed alot of good energy to his part along with great facial expressions too. The performence with him towards his fellow actress in a scene by telling her she's lucky to be alive and in a safe place looking really heartwarming. It's sad he passed away since he was famous for being a character actor.
Paul Linke
(Sheriff Bruce Smith) was another good one in the film as a dimwitted sheriff but he shows a great charming personality to his role and perfect timing with his slapstick humor too. He was the most energetic one in the film and knew how to act really goofy. He had the perfect guy next door looks too.
Nancy Parsons
(Ida Smith) brought her comedic lines nicely as well as showing her tough attitude and at the same time, her caring moments to protect anyone knowing their deadly deeds. She had a nice freaky look to playing a demnted one in the film. I loved her role as an obnoxious gym teacher in the Porkys flicks.
Nina Axelrod
(Terry) however was awful and only had her beautiful looks. She really lacked when she got emotional or whenever she had to pick up her energy for the suspenseful scene's she just didn't. Nope she wasn't convincing to say the least. Her sobbing looked fake after she hears something tragic.
Wolfman Jack
(Reverend Billy) seemed to bring his timing not too bad as a preacher in the film but I didn't find him funny. Again, that's just me.
Elaine Joyce
(Edith Olsen) seems to really get down acting like a wild and horny type of prostitute showing terrific characteristics and energetic all the way through. It was a shame that her role wasn't too big in it.

There's two naked man and a woman outside running to their car.
Nina Axelrod
exposes her breasts in bed as well as in a bathtub too during different scene's. Beforehand her shirt is wet in a lake and is almost see through.

We have body pieces of pigs head in a slaughterhouse etc.
We have a throat sewed up in a garden patch
There's a bloodied bucket of feet and other objects
A leg is sawed off
A chainsaw is sawed halfway through a man looking very bloody
Not overly gory but the graphic moments make you gringe and gross out nonetheless but hey this is a black comedy-horror flick.

We have alot of good strong classical music composed by Lance Rubin along with some terrifying violin sounds for the certain suspenseful moments. There's good piano pounding with the people who crawled out of the ground planning to attack the ones that tried to kill them.