Mother's Day (1980)


Produced & Directed by: Charles Kaufman

Written by: Charles Kaufman & Warren Leight


Nancy Hendrickson .... Abbey
Tiana Pierce .... Trina
Deborah Luce .... Jackie
Frederick Coffin .... Ike
Michael McCleery .... Addley
Beatrice Pons .... Mother

Release Date: Theatrical: September 19, 1980





Three women whom were college friends reunite to go on a camping trip in Deep Baron's catching up on old times but are attacked by two backwoods goonish maniacs whom mame, rape and torture their victims to please their demented mother.
One of them dies and the other two seeks revenge and turns the table on them.


An impressive beginning with people at some sort of a conference in which we spot a hippie couple later on getting a ride from a deceivingly caring elderly woman whom is of course the Mother. The discussions looked slightly off and a bit cheesy but not too badly done compared to most Troma Team type of flicks as they got way worst in time. Plus there's a moment when it seemingly that Mother's car broke down in the middle of the woods and she checks to see what the problem is which is a creepy sign that something terrifying is going to happen and it just does as something gruesome happens with Mother's two goonish sons in which one of these hippies which is the female gets brutally beaten as this is disturbing to watch before she dies. Great timing and a nicely focused shot on the Mother achieving her boys for doing a good job which looked genuinely twisted and then the opening credits start to roll offering perfect horror timing.
Perfect situation with one of the college graduates Trina in which she's the rich girl having a party in the backyard of her home in which there's a pool as well as good shots on someone roillerskating with some sort of disco type music playing since it fits in due to the year this movie was done.

Then a moment with Abbey entering her home and we hear her sick mother nagging in the background which seemed awfully corny as I wondered if it was a guy impersonating a woman's voice.

Then the story starts to roll with the three women travelling to go to their camping trip and stop at a corner store in which one of them asks the store clerk on which way to their destination is with him being shocked that they're going to that location which was nicely put into a horror story but yet when we see this moment occuring it looked very cheesy and a bit over the top. Yet good moments with the other two women wearing some sort of a mask and knocking over some apples placed at the store which looked nicely done with someone causing a problem for him.
Decent moments on the three of them arriving the camp area as well as using beer cans to track where they were and moments like that as well as bathing in the lake which looked campy fun along with some deep breathing on someone watching them. Plus a good shot on two of the brothers Ike and Addley watching them and looking at one another which leaves a nice chill down your spine that something terrifying will happen to them soon.
Good natural moments when the 3 of them are around a camp fire pulling practical jokes to scare one another as well as discussing a memory on setting someone up after what this person did to one of them which was well remembered to anyone who watched this film.
Then nice peaceful moments when they are about to go to sleep and complimenting one another. Then the silence breaks when the two brothers leap in to attack which is a nice shocking and surprising moment adding great horror timing.
Great disturbing moments when the two brothers get forceful towards the women as well as being abusive. Plus an intense moment when Jackie is forced to do a scene for them outside of their home with Mother watching and gets molested half to death which makes these situations very hard to watch.
Nice powerful moments taking place the next day with the two brothers training like they're in the army doing push ups as well as using objects attacking with weapons and smashing a watermelon and things like that which looked well shot on all of these events. Plus we have fun brawling moments between the two of them fooling around but are rougher than you'd expect.
Perfect struggling moment when Abbey tries to pull Trina down in her sleeping bag over a window in order to try and escape but one of the brother's wandering around the area and her trying to hold on tight so he won't notice anything and the painful moments on her holding onto the string of the sleeping bag. This for sure made me watch and cringe wondering if they will manage on escaping as well as finding out where Jackie is.
Nice shot with a police car slowly driving by and Trina waving this vehicle down but at the same time you kinda get the feeling that something isn't right here which works in well for the story and leaving a chill down your spine.
Great moments when Trina is hiding out in the woods as well as Ike trying to find her with nice dark shots on him which these moments looked nice and deadly as well as her trying to find a way on tricking him.
Perfect moments with both Abbey and Trina preparing for battle with their equipment to get back at these two brothers which was well forcused on what they plan on doing.
A well remembered and twisted situation with Mother being disappointed on Ike not being able to kill the two women and him promising her that he will find them and kill them but at the same time needed a bit more convincing as Ike still seemed like a real goof by how he was convincing his mother.
Also with the two women coming in for battle makes you watch carefully if they will be able to survive their vengeful battles against the two of them but they for sure do well by being brutal against the two of them which will make you root for them as these situations looked good and strong. Plus a great shot on Ike crashing through a top window of their home on attacking them.
Another well remembered moment with Abbey by what she does to Mother acting disturbed on her own family life which was a classic moment in the film.
The best moment in the flick is the very ending which looked perfectly freaky and a great way to end a horror story but won't give this one away.
Bottom line is that this is a decent pre Troma Team film as it isn't too gross or too over the top like what you'd expect from this company but at the same time controversial in different ways which shocked the nation when this first went to cinema's. This is a horro revenge flick like you's see in Last House on the Left or I Spit on Your Grave but this was somewhat like a parody on those two. To some people this was a cult classic but the story doesn't seem to go anywhere.

The acting is a bit wooden at times but not too terrible unlike most Troma flicks in which Nancy Hendrickson (Abbey) seemed to know her craft as the somewhat brainy looking girl as she showed a good serious attitude to everything as well as showing off good anxious energy when the terrors occur around her. Also shows off great insane aggressions quarter way through during a vengeful sequence in which she deserved good credit for during this certain scene.
Tiana Pierce (Trina) had the right beautiful looks to play a rich girl plus did the trick with her spunky behavior in which she wasn't too off at all in her performance. Also does a great job with her aggressions during the terrors that happen and really get on the ball when she prepares to go into battle to seek revenge. Shows off alot of great energy and enthusiasm.
Deborah Luce (Jackie) stood out the most out of the three in which she showed off alot of spunk and an outgoing attitude too. Plus does a nice job joking around as most of this seemed fairly natural. Also showed a good versatality when she is forced to do stuff with her fearful and emotional attitude. She knew on how to make her part disturbingly upset. Also does a nice job acting weak and out of it too.
Frederick Coffin (Ike) had the tall ugly looks to portray a killer with the deep voice but he seemed aq little too goofy to have been taken seriously. He wasn't awful though. Seemed to show alot of energy when leaping into action as he was a ball of energy while acting like this as well as acting wild which he showed off a fair brutal amount of energy.
Michael McCleery
(Addley) brought up the pace big time with his energetic talking and fast paced personality. Does a nice powerful job being aggressive and controlling as well as really getting into doing exercise or attacking someone as well as raping someone in which he knew on how to act like someone whom is twisted and sick. But he wasn't as intimidating like you'd imagine with someone in a horror flick.
Beatrice Pons (Mother) was probably the best out of the whole cast. At times she's a bit stiff but again knew her role as someone whom is mysteriously eccentric as well as showing a twisted loving motherly attitude. Definetely showed good horror timing complimenting on her onscreen son's evil deeds. Also shows off a good disappointed or paranoid attitude like she's crazy which shines off nicely. She's a passable character actress.

Brief breast shots with a couple of women in a lake
Person stripped down in a ball field with butt fully revealed
Another brief breast shot with someone's shirt torn open
Butt shot on a guy raping someone

A head is chopped off
Chopped off ear is revealed in a box
An object is stabbed through one of the maniacs

Great horror composing with a spooky synthesizer sounding high at times and low too which suits the low budget feel as well as some echoey sounds too espcially from some sort of a slide guitar for the creepy moments blending in superbly making this sound entertaining. Plus wavy sounds of the synthesizer as well which is right on cue especially for the closing credits. There's also the odd Spanish sounding guitar playing for the great oudoors. This versatile composing was done wonderfully by Phil Gallo and Clem Vicari Jr

Male of older couple at EGO: Thank you for sharing this experience with me. You're beautiful and I love you
Female of older couple at EGO: I love you

Older man at Pool Party: There are three rules in the film business - Distribution, distribution, distribution.

Storekeeper: Don't go messin' up in Deep Barons!

Storekeeper: You'll get what you deserve in them Deep Barons, you lez-beans! You won't be causin' no one no trouble no more!

Trina: You backwoods, perverted piece of shit!
Ike: Don't you ever say backwoods again! We're city-fied, look around.

Ike: I'll get the Kodak!

Addley: It's a beautiful day, you see? You see? You're all alone in the park, sittin' on a park bench, and you're readin' somethin' real good.
Ike: Yeah, like a muscle magazine.

Mother: Ike, you better bolt that door good tonight.
Ike: Ma, there's nobody out there...
Mother: Now you just do what I say! Queenie's out there, I just know it.

Abbey: Jackie, everywhere you turned in life you got shit. Well now we'll do the fighting back for you.

Mother: Addley, you tell your brother Ike a hound dog that comes home with nothing in his mouth should keep it closed.
Addley: [can't remember it all] Ike, ma says a hound dog who comes home... em -- empty handed should keep... keep your big fat mouth shut!