Motor Home Massacre (2006)


Written, Edited & Directed by: Allen Wilbanks


Shan Holleman .... Sabrina
Nelson Bonilla .... Roger
Justin Geer .... Benji
Tanya Fraser .... Nicole

Breanne Ashley .... Brooke
Greg Corbett .... Nick
Todd Herring .... Lincoln
Diana Picallo .... Melanie

Release Date: Cannes Film Festival: 2006



A group of teens drive down in a motor home to go camping in the woods while one of them named Sabrina (Shan Holleman) can't get over her ex-boyfriend Tom and hopes to get things off her mind.
However, when they are camping out they are tormented by a couple of rednecks.
Then they meet an estranged girl named Nicole (Tanya Fraser) as she just broke up with her ex-boyfriend herself and seems to be attached to one of the guys camping out named Benji (Justin Geer) but however while the rest are having fun and playing stupid jokes on others a machette wielding maniac is there too to do away everyone there.


The film starts off with lousy performances which was too over the top but there's an interesting slaying but it's nothing to brag about either.
Then when the story rolls after the opening credits it lacks big time with the friends getting ready to go on a trip with their lame discussions and what they are doing.
Then they go to a corner store to get some goodies and we see a clerk there staring at them and putting his hands in his pants basically jerking off (I'm not kidding) It was lame by how he approached them as he was supposed to be creepy but he didn't fool me and telling a story about the people that once camped there. When we get into the story he tells there's one guy and two girls that decide to have fun in their tent as there's a near lesbian moment and of course offered some skin which was supposed to entertain you but it looked lame to watch. Yet when a murder happens it looked mildly surprising and effective with some intensity even if the performances lacked big time. It repeated another murderous scene that was shown during the almost beginning of this film.
In the group of friends we of course have the main dickhead of the bunch which happens to be Roger goofing around with a machete in the motorhome as this was a bit convincing but still nothing to brag about. There's arguments accuring and stuff like that which makes you wanna hate this guy.
Then when the gang arrives to their campground a supervisor talks to them as the setting looked good with mist floating in the air when they cross a bridge as this I had to admit was nicely set out.
When they camp out they are terrorised by the store clerk they encountered with his redneck sidekick which looked terribly silly and not as disturbing like you'd imagine that this would turn out to be while watching this scene unravel.
Benji meets up with the mysterious girl Nicole that was mentioned in the tale as well as what we spot during the beginning of the film as the conversations with them walking together was supposed to look nice and dramatic but this fails.
Then the killings mysteriously start afterwards which looked terribly phony to watch as well as a girl kneeing the maniac in the crotch before running away as this was laughable but in a bad way.
Roger goes haywire tying both Sabrina and Benji up afterwards and driving the motor home away but then the vehicle stalls which was a half decent effort to make you wonder if he's behind this mess or not.
Later on Benji and Sabrina manages to untie themselves and tries to get the vehicle running as the setting looked still and creepy so another nice pointer with this scene but the disappointments add up later on in the story.
There is a nice shot on the killer in a suit to not reveal themself as this looked nifty but then when the killer is revealed and there's struggling moments it falls flat big time.
Bottom line is that I was looking forward to seeing this movie as I was hoping for another Friday the 13th meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre flick like Just Before Dawn and other cult favourite like that and was aware the budget wasn't too big but I was in for a shock in a bad way.
Everything about this movie was so unscary and phony but shot in good ole Georgia where there aren't alot of film opportunities there. After seeing this hunk of trash you hope there are better one's to come. Watch Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3 instead. However, this film wasn't as bad as Camp Blood and made on a better budget too.

The acting is god awful as lead actress Shan Holleman (Sabrina) has to go as all she has going is her looks and doesn't know how to pull off her character. Her crying and emotional attitude was so stiff it wasn't even funny as well as her aggressions. She was just saying her lines. Her looks could've been more convincing but she wasn't unattractive at the same time.
Nelson Bonilla (Roger) however does a nice job playing a dickhead trying to get a rouse out of his friends. He certainly had the motivation by playing a real shit disturber as he studied this part in a fair fashion and had the real looks for this role too. Hoever when he acts fearful he was a bit stale.
Justin Geer (Benji) portrayed the clean cut boy next door although his looks were quite nerdy. He tried to pull off his role but wasn't too convincing at all by what he did here. Sorry but he doesn't cut it. Also when he tries to act charming it doesn't look convincing either and needed some acting lessons.
Tanya Fraser (Nicole) however does a fair job with her mysterious part in the film. Seemed to do a good job by acting outgoing within whatever she does as well as showing some spunk the odd times. However when she is emotional she needed a bit of a boost with her characteristics. She wasn't terrible like most of the cast mentioned here.
Breanne Ashley (Brooke) got on my nerves a great deal as she was supposed to be a stubborn one with sarcasm but she doesn't cut it at all as I didn't like on what she did here. She was wooden but not as bad as most of the cast in this flick.

Nicole Crisp shows off her breasts making out in a tent
Diana Picallo
does the same thing during a much later scene

A lusty woman is bloodily stabbed in her tent
A guy's stomach is cut and bloodied
A redneck is gutted lying in the woods but the shot is so fast
Flesh is stripped off a corpses back
A mans arm is chopped off

The music isn't your average cheesy synthesizer playing which is a real shock cause just about everything in this movie is bad and it was arranged by Allen Wilbanks and is okay with the score on this film surprisingly. Some nice dark low sounds during the last horror still moments which fit in still night moments when we all get a feeling that something is bound to happen.

We have an annoying soundtrack by groups like

Donn Aaron - "Hey
Truckadelic - "Truckin Lovin Man" (Ugh I couldn't wait till that song was over as it was played towards the near beginning of the movie. The singer was off key)
Scott Roberts - "Pretending"
Acres - "All I Need"
Buttonhook - "Sea"
Brass Knuckle Surfer - "Haunted Mouse"
Subject2Change - "Valles Mariners"
Rae' Ven Rae - "Truth or Lies"
Buttonhook - "Abra Cadaver" , "Skindrop"
Tapestry - "Hand Full of Hate" , "Love Break Down"

Faith: Wait a minute.... You like her don't you?! Better than me!
Jake: No baby of course not I just don't think she should be out there walking by her herself
Faith: You ass! Go fuck her then!

Jake: Nicole... Sorry about earlier... Hey listen, you think I can sleep in your tent? .... I promise I won't try anything.... Nicole???

Jebediah (After telling a creepy tale): Will that be cash or credit?!

Brooke: (After Roger does a stupid prank with fake blood on him): God have you ever thought of writing children's books???

Roger: Smell that fresh air girls (He lets out a fart)

Benji: Sabrina can't stand you
Roger: Then why is she out here sleeping with me then?... You don't know a thing about women man.

Lincoln: Y'all think the killers on the loose?

Shut up!!! I don't have to. I'm the one with the machette