Mr. Jingles (2006)

Produced, Executive Produced, Written, Directed, Edited & Cinematography by: Todd Brunswick


Kelli Jensen .... Angie Randall
Jessica Hall .... Heidi
John Anton .... Stranger
Nathaniel Ketcham .... Dylan
Chris Peters .... Bill
Heather Doba .... Melanie
Doug Kolbicz .... Chris
Brian Zoner .... Curtis
Tom Reeser .... Mayor Baines
Amber Whelan .... Jen
Shaun Buckley .... Cameron
Novelle Neechi .... Trisha
Dr. Rudolph C. Hatfield .... Mr. Jingles

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: July 18, 2006




A killer clown slaughters a family as one teenage girl named Angie Randall (Kelli Jensen) as she manages to survive the deadly massacre when the police arrive and nearly shoots the clown to death.
Afterwards for a long absense, Angie returns home but still hears the jingling sound of the clown in her head and can't shake it off and keeps having nightmares about him returning for revenge.
But apparently another story is behind all this as he was imprisoned for years for a crime he didn't commit as he tried to save Angie from a maniac but now he emerges from prison as Mr. Jingles as he goes on a killing spree on families of those who put him behind bars.


We have opening credits that almost took 4 hours long which was a wasted time killer but then we go into the beginning of the story with the killer clown Mr. Jingles doing away with two parents and their daughter Angie Randall trying to hide and helplessly watching all of this as this was supposed to disturb you while watching this but this flick had too many low production values in order to do so. Some of his killings with the two hatchets in the head although not too overly graphic seemed to work in well though. Yet when the police breaks in to shoot this maniac it was phony as you hear the click of them and could tell that they were cap toy guns.
Later on in the story we have some teens smoking dope and discussing the birthday party which could look mildly fun to watch as well as planning to play a trick on poor Angie which seemed to be necessary for a horror story but at the same time the moments looked trashy like ther rest of the flick.
A cheesy moment with someone at a tombstone showing his frusterations and then hearing a jingling sound which was supposed to keep you in suspense and it almsot works as things were good and still. Then a surprise slaughtering but this doesn't make you jump like it's supposed to but the end results may please you fans of horror violence.
A real trashy moment with both Angie, her cousin Heidi and their friends going in a car on their way to another place with their discussions as the moments looked incredibly annoying and bland to watch.
We also have some trashy situations with Bill, Stranger and Mayor Baines having unfinished business about the Mr. Jingles incidents near the graveyard area as this looked overy annoying and amateurishly done.
In the story we have two kids about to dig up a grave and one of them hears the jingling sound as I must admit works in a bit but then we have Mr. Jingles appearing behind someone else trying to creep up on them but this looked terribly trashy as well as a sick moment on what part of a body this maniac cuts off. Then we have him throwing a weapon to kill the next person which doesn't work in well at all.
There's a discussion between Bill and Stranger with their plan and then they open the door and Mr. Jingles takes one of them by surprise with a killing which was supposed to grab your attention and was also supposed to have shocked you but neither of them work in well at all.
Interesting moment when Melanie is getting ready to dress up as Mr. Jingles along with a good shot on the actual Mr. Jingles approaching behind her and ready to do her in.
Another lame moment when two horny teens are about to get it on and Mr. Jingles kills one of them lying on bed and the other one doesn't notice this until later on.
Things seem mildly suspenseful but barely when Angie and some of the survivors try to escape from Mr. Jingles as well as later on Angie spotting dead bodies at a table which was done in a decent horror fashion. Plus some good shots on dead bodies in a backyard which has a nice slasher feel to it.
The ending looked awfully confusing as we're supposed to think that Mr. Jingles was always dead but suddenly he isn't. It for sure wasn't well written at all.
Bottom line: God from the start of this movie I knew it was a huge mistake to rent this one. None of it is convincing at all and the story is so scrambled too. Anyone who makes an indie horror film should do it right as these people didn't take their time with it. This whole movie is a real joke with your stupid everyday teenagers smoking dope and playing tricks.
Not much of a stroy to remember here since it's nearly plotless.

The acting is terrible that you can laugh it off and these actors seriously need to take acting lessons. But I will try to dig up some people that's worth mentioning which isn't many even if it was a large cast....
Kelli Jensen (Angie Randall) seemed to do an okay job as an innocent teen in the flick and wasn't too bad with her emotional attitude but when she screams waking up from a nightmare or situations like that she seemed a little off and at times over the top. She good energy near the end of her performance as well as doing a decent job acting disturbed at the very end of her role.
Jessica Hall
(Heidi) really drew in nicely as the cousin in which she does well with her symathetic and understanding behavior. Also shows off a goo nobullshit sharpness to her role. Shows off a nice bright type of bheavior in which she shows off good energy and a nice aura around her. She made her part quite worthy I must admit.
John Anton (Stranger) was the most annoying and over the top performer that I've ever seen. He shouldn't be acting at all he was that awful. He comes acorss like an amateurish madman in what he does here. Had the crazy looks as I wasn't sure if he was supposed to be this way or not but very unconvincing I must admit. No points for this dude.
Chris Peters (Bill) as very stale in his role especially when he's stern or aggressive. Had the right looks to portray his role but other than that he was very off. Seemed to just say his lines and that's about it. Was supposed to be one of the key roles but this fails a great deal.
Heather Doba (Melanie) had the right wide build looks to portray a rough and tough chick as well as her presence. Plus does a good job with her arrogant attitude too. But at times she was over the top or very rough when she gets aggressive. Yet was one of the memorable one's in their supporting roles.

Theres a big breast shot by Jessica Hall as she untowels herself before taking a shower as she looks at herself in the mirror for a long time
There's a gothic type chick with big breasts exposed while making out with her boyfriend.

The gore is perverted and extrremely bloody.
A womans guts are spilled out
A mans hand is cut off
There's an axe in the head
A persons private part is cut off
Mr. Jingles puts his fist through a guy's chest

There's the cheap violin synthesizer composing by James Souva and T.J. However some of it wasn't all too bad in certain parts with other classical type playing. Plus we have some interesting clown type music for the near killings as this sounded mildly creepy. Now and then we hear thumping and banging sounds which is not the greatest but not too bad. Plus some high tones and deep gloomy tones too which works in a little better.