Mum and Dad (2008)

Written & Directed by: Steven Shiel


Perry Benson .... Dad
Dido Miles .... Mum
Olga Fedori .... Lena
Ainsley Howard .... Birdie
Toby Alexander .... Elbie

Release Dates: London Frightfest Film Festival: August 22, 2008 (Premiere); Fantasy Filmfest: August 23, 2008 (Germany); Imagine Film Festival: April, 21, 2009 (Netherlands); Karlovy Vary Film Festival: July 3, 2009





While working at an airport such as cleaning the toilets etc. a young Polish employee named Lena (Olga Fedori) befriends with another employee named Birdie (Ainsley Howard) and her mute retarded brother Elbie (Toby Alexander) in which Birdie tells her that her adopted parents who also works at the airport and accepts an invitation to go to their house but then is trapped there and later on told by Mum (Dido Miles) and Dad (Perry Benson) that she is now apart of the family and chained up and discovers that other family members are punished by being tied up with barbwire and discovers that she can't escape and has to deal with their sanity or be tortured to death by Mum and Dad as she is beaten, tortured and nearly molested.


There's good many shots on airplane's flying by a house. We spot a good conversation between Birdie and Lena at the airport washroom and other areas.
Good close up shot on Elbie locking a door while both Birdie and Lena are inside which leaves a bit of a chill down your spine that something bad is going to happen.
Good shot on Birdie coming up from behind Lena and injecting her with a needle and then her slumping to the ground.
We spot a good twisted moment with Dad entering a doorway looking bloodied with an aggressive expression on his face and then Mum approaching Lena and telling her she's family now which looked very impressive for a horror flick like this. There's also good shots on Lena chained up and Mum poking in sharp objects on her body and it looks disturbing too as they make things seem like a normal family the way it's set.
A nice shot on Dad coming up towards Lena and grabbing her neck being aggressive with her.
We spot many good angle shots on Birdie scrubbing Lena roughly on her back while she's tied up the next day as it looked very intense.
There's very good intense moments with Elbie dragging Lena into a kitchen like it's a family having their breakfast as there's alot of creepy shots on different situations along with some body parts accidentally dropped when it was meant to be put in a freezer. Yuck!.
Many good shots on Lena chained up to her bed crying.
We spot a nice close up shot on Lena massaging Mum's feet with a nice shot on her starting to fall asleep and then a shot on her having a thought which leaves an impression on her trying to get away. Then we have a good moment with Lena massaging Dad's foot and him acting aroused by it all as well as him getting obnoxious with her and grabbing her face as the moments looked really intense.
Great moment with Birdie screaming in her room cursing and then throwing things around with a shot on Elbie approaching her and she starts to mock him as all of this looked very powerful.
A good shot on Mum grabbing Lena's cell phone out of her pocket after she finds it ringing and pressing it against her neck speaking coldly and evil towards her in which you wonder what she's gonna do next.
We have a good shot on a van man entering the house and going near the front row of a stairway to hear what's going on and then a nice approach by Birdie coming up behind him and wrapping a plastic type of object around his face with good close up shots on watching him suffocating to death.
Good disturbing moment with Dad getting obnoxious towards Birdie by telling her he had to kill his partner he knew for 15 years and then a good shot on him trying to force her to kiss a decapitated head which looked believeably sick.
Some good takes at the dinner table with the five of them there and Mum telling Birdie she was a good girl with Birdie herself giving Lena a bratty expression towards her with a shot on her looking miserable with bruises on her face.
Good shots on Lena trying to sneak away in which makes you wonder if she'll make it. We have a good shot on her trying to figure a way on freeing a Female Torso tied up in barbwire with great shots on her which really makes you cringe on her suffocating reactions being tied like this.
We also have a good moment with Lena spotting a young man tied to a floor with barbwire and getting crazy with her trying to shush him.
Nice shot with Lena hiding in a room breaking down and crying.
A nice shot on Birdie stripping off the months on a calendar and then screaming it's Christmas which looked good too.
Good close up shots on both the female torso and the young man tied as displays in a living room with Christmas decorations around them as well as a camera looking up at the young man moving his eyes and hands.
Good shot on Dad acting like he's molesting Lena and trying to force her to drink some wine and acting crazy.
A good chase with Lena trying to run away injured out near an airport landing area with both Dad and Mum on her tail limping and injured too which keep you glued to the set wondering if she will make it.
Bottom line is that this is a perfect psychological horror flick imagining if you're kidnapped by a demented family and finding no escape as well as being tortured half to death for the rest of your life.
At first the film looks harmless during the beginning of the story which makes you wonder if this is actually a horror film and once this innocent victim is trapped inside the house her friend invited her to then the terror starts. We spot the typical parental behavior as the husband being the aggressive disciplinarian and the mother as the loving one but make them demented and you'd never want to cross your parents ever.
We have some similar elements on Hostel and the remake on Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as similar elements on retro flicks like Parents and Last House on the Left. This film will for sure psych you out on what goes on there as well as looking forward to finding out what happens in the end. The film also teaches you a lesson on who to trust and leaving a public place with someone you barely know.

The acting is very well done as Perry Benson (Dad) is by far the best as the Dad. He really knew how to do his sneering evil aggressions onto the camera and act violent and sick too playing an evil type of assertive strict family man. He came across to the point that you'd have every right to be afraid of him if you did something wrong and not wanting him to punish you.
Dido Miles
(Mum) as the Mom showed the evil motherly kind and showing a normal type of mother attitude but doing evil deeds. She showed a nice icy voice as well as having a soft speaking voice too. She certainly brings her part across very well. She showed nice wicked expressions too.
Olga Fedori
(Lena) played the perfect victim held hostage to the demented family in which she shows good upsetting expressions along with her frightening looks. She really knew how to cry in fear as well as to react in pain. She does well reacting to the pain in one of the first terrors in the story. Does well with her disturbed expressions on how to get away from a situation. She definetely showed alot of great intense energy to her part in the film all the way through.
Ainsley Howard
(Birdie) played the perfect evil brat in the flick with her whiney attitude and menacing actions along with her evil expressions too. She performed very childlike and not acting her age which reminds you of those nasty kids you want to stay away from.
Toby Alexander
(Elbie) had the perfect part as a mute retarded one in the family and he came across his role well that he didn't like the things he had to do but did it anyways. He drew attention to the audience incredibly well.

Perry Benson is pantless in a scene with his butt briefly exposed while attemting for a molestation.

There's an inside of a body piece the Dad is holding
A sharp object is being stabbed through Lena's skin
We spot some body pieces dropped in a kitchen
A decapitated head is displayed on a counter
Barb wire is tied tightly to two kidnapped people