The Mummy (1932)


Directed by: Karl Freund

Written by: John L. Balderston

Story by: Nina Wilcox Putnam & Richard Schayer


Boris Karloff .... Imhotep
Zita Johann .... Helen Grosvenor
David Manners .... Frank Whemple
Arthur Byron .... Sir Joseph Whemple
.... Docter Muller
Bramwell Fletcher .... Ralph Norton

Release Date: Theatrical: December 22, 1932

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In 1921 a field expedition in Egypt Ralph Norton (Bramwell Fletcher) discovers the mummy of an ancient egyptian prince named Imhotep (Boris Karloff) who was condemned nd buried alive for sacrilege as well in the tomb something that can bring the dead back to life and awakens this corpse as he disguises himself as a modern egyptian and spots whom he thinks was an ancient princess from his love love reincarnated into a beautiful young woman who happens to be Helen Grosvenor (Zita Johann) and will use his deadly powers on others in order to reunite with her so they can be together forever.


We spot a great mysterious moment with 3 investigators looking at an ancient mummy egyptian as there's a nice close up shot on this corpse as this looked creepy along with a couple of the people warning a young one named Ralph Norton eager to see what's inside a box they dug up of a transcription and Doctor Whemple telling him not to open it as this was nicely written in to the story making it mysterious and a good horror feel to everything that something bad could happen.
Then the scene was still and well focused when Ralph concentrated on reading what was inside the box with good carefully focused camera shots on him and what he was reading but yet it seemed lacking when he read out loud what was written which seems like a downfall when you expect this character to be more suspenseful for the story to get rolling. A greatly focused shot on the mummy when this is happening as you get a feeling that he will awaken.
Perfect mysterious presence by the title character Imhotep having a creepy discussion with both Sir Joseph Whemple and Docter Muller with nice close up shots on him as it makes you wonder as to who he is in this story and having a feeling that he's not anyone good at all.
A perfect moment with this person using his voodoo magic and then we see Helen Grosvenor in a trance and see he walking away from her party acting strange as this for sure is a grabber to the horror story and can be fondly remembered to anyone who saw this.
Nicely done romantic discussion between Frank Whemple and Helen with her laying on the couch and him trying to have a light hearted discussion towards her to make her feel better on what was happening in which this looked carefully done and nicely focused.
Also a great moment with Imhotep approaching Helen powerfully towards her and talking to her in which this all looked impressively done and showing off a great creepiness to the story in which you wonder as to what's going to come out of this.
Also have a calm dispute with both Frank and Sir Joseph towards Imhotep when they challenge him which was carefully done in a good dramatic fashion which makes you wonder if some terror will be unleashed here while this situation unravels as well as great close up shots on Imhotep's evil staring eyes as this psychs you out while watching all of this.

Perfect intense situation with Imhotep casting a deadly spell on Sir Joseph as this moment looked perfectly powerful by what happens to this poor man and for sure was a great add on to the story.
Perfect moment with Frank being demanding towards Helen as to where she was when she explains that she was walking her dog and realising her dog isn't with her and not remembering anything else as this looked perfectly done and adding some good mild suspense into what was going on here.
Nice intense moment with Imhotep casting a spell on Frank and him passing out as well as a nice camera shot on him lying there on the floor and Hellen's feet walking past him in a trance showing nice timing here.
The excitement really gets going when she awakens and real,ises that she's in Imhotep's tomb and dressed up as an egyptian herself along with him telling her his secret. Plus a great shot on him showing a small pool with mist and then a reflection on a flashback sequence revealing his past life and a woman that resmebles her as well as the going on's which looked entertaining to watch and a nice historical moment on his life. Also a great psychological and disturbing moment when he is wrapped in bandages as a mummy and about to be placed in a tomb which looked totally unpleasant and good close up camera shots on all of this.
Great struggling moments with Helen being dragged by Isotep's servant as well as her pleading him and more deadly moments surrounding this as this looked well done as well.
Perfect action moments with Frank and Docter Muller going to the tomb and trying to save her when we are about to see a near sacrifice that Imotep was about to do towards her along with neat moments on watching to what happens to this horror villain.
Bottom line is that this was a nice classic horror flick in which most of these fiilms from Universal back in the days borrowed a bit from other one's such as Dracula and White Zombie. This was the first one to inspire many other films over the decades and offers alot of fun and enjoyment. Might not be scary in today's standards but was certainly back them I'm sure. Worth checking out if you enjoy old fashioned horror flicks such as myself.

The acting stands out good and dramatic even if it's dated still shows talent. Boris Karloff (Imhotep) stole the show with his evil presence playing the title role and has a great deep and wicked speaking. Was great by acting expressionless and emotionless adding alot of mysterious feel to everything surrounding him. Plus shows great energy whenever he is casting a spell adding a nice punch to everything around him. Plus does well while talking reasonably towards his onscreen actress offering a nice versatality to his role. Plus shows a different feel to his role when performing a flashback sequence. Yes he deserves a gold metal to this and always had a gift by portraying these kinds of roles indeed.
Zita Johann (Helen Grosvenor) certainly drew in her role as a horror victim to the title character in which she shows off a nice outgoing attitude and knowing on how to get into a conversation and then does a perfect job acting expressionless while she's in a trance. Plus she does a great job just losing it and showing off a decent emotional attitude. Plus she does a nice job freaking out and getting scared too when the final moments are nearing her.
David Manners (Frank Whemple) played the charming guy next door and seems to do this quite strongly within what he does here. Seemes to show off a good energetic and happy go lucky type of behavior. Also offers a nice romantic and charming attitude in a certain scene as well. He also has a nice sterness in another part of the film which offers a good versatality into all of this.
Arthur Byron
(Sir Joseph Whemple) had the perfect looks and appeal to play the role of the father as well as showing a good seriousness to everything. He also showed off a nice cautious attitude along with having a believeable protective and mellow behavior. Reacts well to being tortured to death when a spell attacks him getting into this nicely.
(Docter Muller) adds alot of great spunk and enthusiasm into his part in which he offers a convincing type of outgoing behavior into his part. Also adds a nice change into this when he is serious on a scary incident and getting to the point as he draws this in greatly. Plus he does a good job while acting courageous or powerful in other spots too. He for sure studied this role nicely and a true character actor.
Bramwell Fletcher (Ralph Norton) only had a brief supporting role in this one but was worth mentioning as he was good by acting convincingly hyperactive as well as eager into what he did. He came across as one of those people whom were too curious aboutr stuff and made his role worthy as a key to the horror story. Plus does a great job by reacting in shock to what he spots as well as laughing crazily adding perfect inensity into all of this. He was a ball of energy for sure.

A speare is stabbed through someone in a flashback sequence as this is proabably the first almost gory scene you'd spot in an old fashioned horror flick such as this one.

Perfect old fashioned classical composing by James Dietrich as sadly you don't hear stuff like this anymore as it was well concentrated especially for the dramatic and adventuresous moments that was used into the story. Alot of nice drum rolling and trombone playing too which sounded good and strong along with the violin music too. All of this draws in terrifically. Some of it sounded unique too which is a good thing.