Murder Weapon (1989)


Executive Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written By: Ross A. Perron


Linnea Quigley ... Dawn
Karen Russell ... Amy
Stephen Steward ... Kevin
Michael Jacobs Jr. ... Eric
Allen First ... Cary
Eric Freeman ... Jeff
Richard Sebastian ... Billy
Roger Burt ... Bart

Special Appearance:

Lyle Waggoner ... Dr. Randolph

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November, 1989




A young teenage girl Dawn (Linnea Quigley) returns home from school and later on and kills a boyfriend she witnessed having sex with another woman then was sent away along with her sister Amy (Karen Russell) who was also framed for doing something similar in which they were daughters of a mob boss.
Years later Dawn forces her shrink Dr. Gram (Lenny Rose) to let her out in which he has no choice but to do so and spends time with Amy in their house sunbathing as well as bringing their old boyfriends in order to try to have a hope for a relationship with them once again.
Amy is badly tormented in her nightmares on suicidal threats or being killed herself when she seems to fall asleep at certain times. She also has flashbacks on being in therapy with Dr. Randolph (Lyle Waggoner) on the murders she commited. Yet she still has hope in which one of her ex-boyfriend's Eric (Michael Jacobs Jr.) arrives and she seems to take a real liking to him once again.
Meanwhile the other guys are being slayed one by one by a mysterious killer with a bag over their head as a few of the survivors Kevin (Stephen Steward) and Jeff (Eric Freeman) try to find some way on protecting the rest and Dawn seems to have disappeared since this mandess has happened.


I checked this flick out and there's a scene with the character Dawn as a young teenage girl walking home from school looking happy in which she looked like the worlds oldest young teenager with innocent pigtails in which the hairdresser didn't seem to put too much effort into making her look young at all. Then she enters her house to drink a glass of milk in which the writing in this seemed to make this scene look like a heartwarming family type drama flick. I couldn't firgure out this lady named Vicki constantly rubbing sun lotion on herself in which I was thinking to myself that this is way overly done. Then a guy named Al comes home and they are about to go in a room in which I kinda figured what they were going to do in any slasher film before a murder starts to happen in which fornication is a no no in order to stay alive. There's a moment when Danw takes out a kitchen knife which seems to tremind me of a John Carpenter classic that we are all familiar with. Later on I discovered that Al and Vicki were possibly Dawn's parents or one of them her boyfriend fornicating with another woman. The actors all look the same age so I wasn't the least bit convinced along with being a bit confused at the same time.
After the murders happened which looked amateurishly done we see an opening with a moon at night and glowing credits. I found this to be cheesy but in a neat fashion which suits a made for video low budgeter. It almost looked similar to another slasher flick done by Scott Spiegal in 1988 titled Intruder.
Afterwards it looks clever seeing Dawn in a psych ward talking to his shrink and she shows a bad ass attitude as it seemed necessary to have this taking place when she's older and demanding to get out along with her vicious attitude towards him. The makers tried to make this a brainteaser wondering if her shrink will lose it but this looked a bit trashy to really be convinced to make it look disturbing.
There's another moment with Dawn's sister Amy having dream hallucinations in therapy which alot of this psyched me out a bit and was supposed to make the viewers wonder when the killings happen that it could be either Dawn or her. Still with the writing and all of it didn't make much sense at all. Plus there's moments with Amy hallucinating on one of the guys named Jeff killing her in which some of this looked dark and twisted. Yet it was supposed to almost scare you but this misses by a longshot.
Then the guys come to party with Dawn and Amy as Dawn dresses into something more sexy for the guys in which there's boring conversations with the guys hanging out near a swimming pool which reminded me of Andy Warhol's flick Heat but that was done in better style. The low budget picture on this looked quite similar though. Close to being a Grindhouse tpye of look on how everything was filmed.
There's a real soothing scene with one of the guys named Cary is shaving Amy's legs and being charming which seemed relaxing to watch and you see Amy closing her eyes as you know she's going into a deep sleep Then BANG she slashes her wrists in her dream and wakes up all of a sudden panicking. We've seen this before many times in films like A Nightmare On Elm Street or even Slumber Party Massacre 2.
Next up Cary is lying on the floor asleep and Amy says a sleazy line in which this seemed very typical for a T&A slasher flick with all of the cheesiness surrounding this but yet it was done in decent humor too.
More skin is revealed when Dawn and Jeff are in a convertible about to get some things and take off their shirts to change into someothing and making out with one another. I was just thinking to myself that this was a lame way to kill some time in the film since the plot was quite weak.
Then a murder scene is about to happen as Billy seems to wander in a cellar in which the lighting looked good and dark in which this really works for a horror flick but yet the lines are cheesy. A perfect killing though with a sledge hammer plunging down on his head but the effects looked poor in which you can tell that the head was made off a mask and some glass when his head smashes.
Dawn of course takes it off again and is about to fornicate with Bart as the writing was supposed to look very sexy like on what they were doing. This fails big time and later on when she leaves a hand bursts through his neck trying to make this killing look original but it looks very stupid and uninspired.
There's lots of shots on the front house. After all this is a tradition for a killing taking place in a home of you've seen Halloween or A Nightmare On Elm Street. It was necessary yes but there was too many takes on this in different scene's. I mean we get the point here.
There's another dream sequence with Amy and her shrink which seems to have a change of scenery and then bang she wakles up and things seem different. This was very mind tripping without a doubt.
A few of the guys while drinking beer are watching cable TV and what shows on TV??? DeCoteau's comedy spoof Nightmare Sisters. Right here I wanted to jump in and join the fun even if alot of this looked trashy. But yet this all seemed uplifting too.
The writing seems a bit better later on when Amy and her boyfriend Eric are getting kinky and sarcastic with one another as well as Amy getting paranoid closing a window in case of anyone trying to come in as the scene here seems to flow quite well.
The writing seems to get more serious when the survivors discover that a killer is in the house which is only a little bit good and then it falls into a slump like the rest here and there's some good struggling moments on trying to survive in the house. No one ever thinks about getting out of the house though. There's also moments with certain people thinking that any one of them can be the killer since this is a good slasher tradition. There's even a moment with the killer blowing someone's head off in which you can tell with the results that it's a rubber mask (More poorly done gore effects).
Then there's the cellar sequences for the final moments with everyone trying to struggle against the killer and was done in a good fashion here which the writer did something right for once for the final showdown. But at the same time we all know who the killer is and it was very obvious too instead of trying to make out who is really killing these people.
Bottom line is the film is just as clever as something like Slumber Party Massacre in which that one had better effects and a bit of a bigger budget but not by much. This film is a bit better than part 3 though. Plus the music was louder than the audio so it was hard to hear what certain things were said drowning out the dialogues. Yes this film was made that cheap.
This story didn't make alot of sense whatsoever. The writer Ross A. Perron never carried on with his career which is not a surprise and seemed like he was not into anything creative..
This flick was made when the slasher craze was dead until when Scream came out to cinema's in 1996 but this film still would've never stood a chance. The plot went around in circles alot and not stirring anything more creative.

The acting is quite bad for the most part with a few exceptions like lead actress Linnea Quigley (Dawn) has performed better but she seems to try and pull off on what she did in this film by having a sleazy type of attitude along with acting like a bad ass in certain spots too. You can tell that she did her best in what she did showing some good energy at times. During the beginning when she portrays a teenage girl she seemed to be unnatural and too acted out on this. There's good reactions on her while taking off her top and she shows good energy having an orgasm and belting it out big time. She also produced this clunker.
Karen Russell (Amy) shows good spunk into what she did and is often a ham performing in comedy but here she seems to do well acting serious as well as acting bubbly too. She does her job nicely by acting disturbed whenever she wakes up from having a nightmare or getting blunt about stuff too. A nice nautral reaction on her about to fall asleep along with a good energetic reaction of her waking up while someone is shaving her legs. Offers a bit of good spunk when she leans near her fellow actor acting sarcastic when he is lying on the floor offering some nice characteristics. She does well having a bitchy attitude when talking to her onscreen shrink in a certain scene too. Shows some nice scared energy in a cellar while trying to survive by splashing gasoline on the killer showing good fearful expressions. She proves worthy as a character actress.
Stephen Steward (Kevin) played the heroic type in the film who had a surfer boy type of appeal in his performance in which he seemed to pull off in an average fashion. He seemed quite cheesy alot of the times when he tried to pull off his character due to the fact that the writing and most of everything else was poorly done. He stood out fairly well though. Yet in a certain scene he is screaming after someone is about to be killed in which this looked totally amateurishly done and very low on energy. There's decent energetic panicking moments on him trying to load a gun. He was better in his supporting role on Vice Academy though.
Michael Jacobs Jr. (Eric) was just average portraying a sort of tough macho guy character in which his looks did most of the talking than his performance. Even he kinda looked geeky for a tough type of role so his looks was a bit off too. He tries to show off some charisma but fails most of the time. In a secne he was supposed to act weak in pain after being stabbed but yet this was roughly performed and didn't look convincing at all.
Allen First (Cary) was a bit stale as a party animal goer but had the perfect looks for who he portrayed though and can seem believeably charming and goofy too when he needed to be and showing off certain energetic moments whenever he needed to do this. He does a good job going into the kitchen and showing some spunk while trying to get some drinks and good shocked expressions while being stabbed in the neck by a broken glass. However he seems to only stand out by doing trashy low budget flicks like this one and couldn't see him doing better things at all.
Eric Freeman (Jeff) was credited as Damon Charles in which he seemed to have a good masculine feature for his part in it but yet he doesn't seem to know on how to portray a character at all. He was quite wooden. He was even over the top in Silent Night Deadly Night 2.
Lyle Waggoner (Dr. Randolph) was credited as the lead actor but he only has two effective scene's in the film and they're about less than 10 minutes alltogether. He seems to really know his stuff as a shrink in the flick showing a good serious and understanding atttiude making his role very believeable. He was the best out of the cast indeed. Of course he was a veteran actor for alot of TV and film in his days and was taking work in smaller one's like this which is a shame since he's a talented actor.

Sexpot actress Victoria Nesbitt takes off her top revealing her breasts fully while fornicating in a bed.
Butt shot is revealed by other sexpot scream queen Linnea Quigley while walking into a shower.
Karen Russell is seen at a distance of a swimming pool taking off her robe and fully nude before jumping into the water.
A brief breast shot on Russell is revealed while wrapping a towel around her when she comes out of a shower
Quigley also reveals her breasts while taking off her top while sitting in a convertible in a garage. She takes it off again in a bedroom while she's about to fornicate with someone along with revealing her butt shot too.
Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer expose their breasts while they are on TV in which it's a film called the Nightmare Sisters.

Blood is splattered in a shower door window.
Throat is bloodily slit.
Wrist is slit.
A throat is cut open.
A guy's head is bashed in by a sledge hammer in which the effects looked very poor but at the same time pretty gross too.
A hand is driven through a guys throat with gruesome results.
Glass from a broken champagne bottle is stabbed in a person's throat and lots of bloodshed on the floor.
Guy's head is blown off.
Scarred face is revealed in the end.

Del Casher composed some nice and pleasant guitar twanging during the beginning of this film along with some peaceful synthesizer music for the moment to look uplifting in which the beginning was supposed to be that way. He also has some nice guitar riffs for the opening credits along with cheesy synthesizer music that blends in well too. Then there's alot of odd corny comedic type playing in some of the spots where there's dry humor added. However, later on when the dark scene's are occurring and the killer is about to make a move alot of neat cheesy low playing and thumping too which seems to work for it's low budget timing. There's also some sythesizer flute type playing in certain areas and drum groovy beats too.

Amy: Oh shit I think I fucked him to death