Mutant (1984)

Directed by: John 'Bud' Cardos

Written by: Michael Jones, John C. Cruise & Peter Orton


Wings Hauser .... Josh Cameron
Bo Hopkins .... Sheriff Will Stewart
Jody Medford .... Holly Pierce
Lee Montgomery .... Mike Cameron

Jennifer Warren .... Dr. Myra Tate
Ralph Redpath .... Vic
Marc Clement .... Albert Hogue

Release Date: Theatrical: August 24, 1984




A man named Josh Cameron (Wings Hauser) takes his younger brother Mike (Lee Montgomery) out of the city and into the country to get away from his personal problems.
They are chased off the road by a bunch of rednecks and they hike it to a small southern town in order to call a tow truck but first they hang out at a bar but they aren't felt welcomed by the locals there as they run into the rednecks that drove them off the road but are protected by the local Sheriff named Will Stewart (Bo Hopkins) as Mike encountered a corpse near a railroad but instead they all find a homeless person sleeping there as the corpse was removed.
They stay the night at a bed and breakfast. While they are there Mike is pulled under his bed and Josh tries to look for him as he didn't witness what has happened to him and then discovers a dead little girl at an elementary school that is closed and that people are getting sick and being plagued by a chemical reaction there and are turning into zombies and the town ends up being deserted.


There's some nice flowing conversations between both Josh and Mike when they're speeding away in their car as well as Josh acting nuts driving towards someone else which looked intense as well as later on a bunch of rednecks lead by Albert Hogue chasing them off the road which looked strongly done as well as to what was said later on.A nice impression on some locals making the newcomers unwelcomed into their little town.
Interesting moment with a drunk crossing by and then a good surprising hand shot on what looks like a zombie attackingthis person in which this leaves a nice mysterious horror impression to the whole story.
Great dark moment when the brothers go and check out what that drunk was up to near a corner spotting this figure as well as a nice dark setting along with a good surprising shot on a train speeding by when they find this person dead with a strange type of formula on him. This added some interesting horror timing when we spot all of this.
Perfect powerful and intense moments when the two of them go into a bar and then spots Albert and his gang trying to pick a fight with them as this looked believeably unwelcoming as well as good forceful moments and the fighting seemed well on target too.
Mysterious moment when they go to a bed and breakfast resort and encounter Mrs. Mapes being too friendly and bringing them into her home as you wonder if she has something hiding from them as this looked well done.
Perfect moment when Mike is cautious in the room he's staying in and looks underneath the bed and something drags him under as this was supposed to have made you jump but misses. Yet it offers great timing from when you were a child and fearing on what's underneath your bed so it was nicely added into the story.
We spot a discussion between Josh with Holly Pierce as it looked a bit stiff but at the same time draws you in offering a nice charm between the two of them.
Alot of the other scene's seem to run pretty slow with what's going on in the small town especially a moment when both Josh and Holly going to her school that she teraches and spots on of her students Billy alone in a deserted classroom and their discussions towards one another which looked very rough and uninspired.
Good creepy shot on Josh opening a door of a school with stuff falling out as well as a blue looking corpse which works in well for a horror film. Then we have his redneck enemy Albert trying to attack him as this looked fairly strong but at the same time pointless in order to kill more time in the story.
We spot more slow moments involving Sheriff Will Stewart and his deputies reviwing on what is happening in the neighborhood but yet some nice creepy touches when we reveal them looking at an abandoned house that is trashed.
Yet a nice ghoulish moment when Dr. Myra Tate is recording herself while doing an experiment on something and her assistant slowly turning into a zombie which looked impressive to watch as well as great intensity on attacking moment.
Nice add into the story when both Josh and Holly try to find out on the secret area where the toxic waste is being developed as well as perfect action fighting and struggling moments involving Josh when he is caught redhanded as well as the criminals falling into the waste which looked well done too.
Great intense moments when Josh returns to the bed and breakfast getting demanding towards Mrs. Mapes in order to find his brother as things looked energetic as well as him going down to a cellar and her locking the door as this leaves a chilling impression that this lady has a deadly secret as well as what happens down there which was a nice add on to the story for a horror flick such as this one compared to many dull scene's beforehand.
A good intense struggling moment when Holly tries to rescue Billy from the clutches of students now as zombies but there is no hope at all which made this scene for sure look disturbing on a poor helpless innocent child.
More nice fast paced action with both Josh and Holly trying to speed away in a car with zombies surrounding them as well as them trying to run away in the mist with these ghouls swarming around them as this was nicely shot and done.
Bottom line is at first this looked like an interesting zombie flick setting place in good ole southern Georgia. It does look mysterious and interesting if if the plot itself is stale. Well the story does seem mysterious at first but like any zombie flick it is just the same old thing except these zombie's look a little creepier. Yet it's been done before and the story drags big time making this a pointless flick.

The acting is quite good as we have a terrific performance by b-film actor Wings Hauser (Josh Cameron) as he really knows his craft as an actor. He is dynamic with his actions and choreography during fighting scenes too as well as his emotions towards his dead brother which looked very sad making you feel the same way if a family member of yours were just killed and you encountered it. Also offers a nice charming type of personality as well as being free minded on stuff which looked believeable on his behalf as well.
We can't forget about Bo Hopkins (Sheriff Will Stewart) as a tough lawman as he is usually typecast with these roles cause he's very good at portraying them. Does well with his stubborn attitude as well as convincing with his bluntness. Seemed to be on the ball acting closed minded to his fellow actors in certain scene's too. He was a powerful force of nature for sure.
Jody Medford (Holly Pierce) is just as brilliant as the rest with her energetic performance and frightened emotions too. She offered a nice charm to her personality as a healthy nice girl next door type of appeal. Plus she does a nice job talking kindly as well. Plus in a scene really knew on how to act shaken up and losing control of herself as she brought her intensity to a good pace here.
Lee Montgomery (Mike Cameron) was a little over the top at times with his anxious behavior but at times seemed to work in well for what was going on. Certainly had a nice paranoid type of behavior for everything and his energy was there. Just wasn't one of the better actors that's all. Had the right looks and motive for the role though.
Jennifer Warren (Dr. Myra Tate) had the perfect mature looks to portray a scientist in which she also had the right sharp and serious attitude too. She defientely pulled off her role quite well for what she did here. Shows off some nice spunk into all of this. Plus shows great fearful energy and screaming near the end of her performance.
There's a nice supporting role by the late Marc Clement (Albert Hogue) as he makes a believeable everyday troublemaking redneck and is very intimidating at wanting to pick a fight. Does well with his goofballish behavior and for sure portrayed a typical troublemaking bully. Looked right for his role too as he was a perfect fit. Bless his soul.
We get a nice special appearance by Cary Guffy (Billy) (Yes the little boy from Spielberg's classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and it's nice to see him have lines.
However he seemed awfully wooden and stiff as he seemed to lack getting into character at all.

We have some wonderful classical music by Richard Band with his sharp violin playing and other wonderful musical instruments and none of it was played by a synthesizer. Alot of great screechy noises that really made the moments sound perfectly effective. Plus there's other violin playing and other types not sounding cheesy at all like you'd expect in a b-flick such as this one. There's also a nice peaceful classical score for the closing credits which shined off nicely.