My Little Eye (2002)

Directed by: Marc Evans

Written by: David Hilton & James Watkins


Laura Regan .... Emma
Stephen O'Reilly .... Danny
Kris Lemche .... Rex
Jennifer Sky .... Charlie
Bradley Cooper .... Travis Patterson

Sean CW Johnson .... Matt

Release Dates: Toronto Film Festival: September 10, 2002; Vancouver International Film Festival: September 28, 2002; Sitges Film Festival: October 10, 2002 (Spain); Gothenburg Film Festival: January 26, 2003; Festival van de Fantastische Film: April 13, 2003 (Netherlands); Hamburg Fantasy Filmfest: August 15, 2003; Gérardmer Fantasticarts Film Festival: January 29, 2004 (France)









Five young people apply and win the contest to live in an isolated house for six months while there are numerous camera's filming them for an internet reality show. If everyone stays at the house they win one million dollars but if one leaves they lose.
Each person has a personal issue they have shared with others and their issues come to haunt them in the hopuse by a person who viewed the show.
They get a box from the company and one box has a bunch of bricks with an intimidating letter. Later, they get another box with a gun stored in it.
Also one of the women named Emma (Laura Regan) who has experienced a devastatiing past of someone yelling the words "You sick bitch!" to her she sees it scrawled on the bathroom window.
Emma also experienced a kid she went to school with who killed his family with a hammer and then finds a bloody hammer in her bed.
Not only that, a strange person enters their house and fornicates with one of the applicants.
One of the main applicants is found hung dead but some suspect that it wasn't a suicide. Is someone in the house trying to get them all?


The beginning looks interesting with the contestants introducing themselves on a camera as well as the rules on staying together for the length of time else no one wins as this is a nice peer pressuring moment. It for sure leaves some clues on the horrors that will unveil later on.
There's some dull discussions with all of them eating at a table together as well as talking about how cold it is where they're at as it needed a bit of a push to make this moment really watchable.
Nice dark eerie moment when they go to a door while hearing something which is a nice shot on a night light shot on this which leaves a good spooky impression as well as a crow flying around adding some nice suspense as well as what to do with it which is a memorable scene to anyone who saw this flick.
Another effective moment is when they get a box and they think it's food and its a bunch of brocks with a letter as this for sure leaves a chilling moment that the letter isn't a good one which also leaves a good touch to the horror story.
Nice creepy moment when Emma sees writing of obscene language on a window while in the bathroom as well as later on her talking to Charlie about a past life and revealing a dark secret which looked well concentrated which is a nice drawing card to the story.
A nice moment with Emma waking up and realising there's a bloodied hammer next to her bed which definetely leaves a good mysterious creepy feel to it all as well as the intensity towards the others after they find out as well as a disappointing moment when Rex confesses that he did it which spoils the fun in the horror story until later on admitting he only said he did it so no one leaves. This for sure brings the mysterious terror back into the story.
Also another drawing card is when another box is delivered to them and they take out bottles of champagne as well as their uplifting attitudes which looked convincing and then we watch carefully when we spot one of them seeing a gun stuffed into that box as this also leaves a good dark feel as to what is going to happen later on within all of this.
A perfectly effective moment when Rex goes out at the night and calls to whoever is doing this which is spooky to watch and wondering if something is going to happen as someone is about to come to the door and they try to lock the door which is scary to watch all of this happening but ends off as a disappointment when we find out as to who is at the door.
Things look rather lame from then on as we have a mysterious fellow Matt getting it on with one of the women there and fornicating as this looked dumb to watch and losing the susense that piled up in what we thought was going to be a good horror plot.
An average shocking moment with someone who hung themself as wellas the body falling to the ground as there's great suspenseful shots on all of them freaking out by all of this. Yet it lacked inspiration as it wasn't as suspenseful like it was intended to be.
Nice shocking moment with the killer being revealed and what happens to one of the contestants which doesn't look pretty and done in a good horror taste as well as later on Emma being pitted against the killer and her struggling moments as well as trying to find a way on escaping. Plus we spot a cop coming to the area as well as a twist to this story which isn't what you'd expect from someone in the law which made things more twisted as I'd have to give credit for.
Bottom line is that it's a film that borrowed the same quality as the Blair Witch Project but nowhere near as good. However, this film was just as creative. It is shocking and effective as well as mysterious but it drags at times. Nice different pictures displayed with the contestants in a room or a green light effect as this adds some nice spooky touches.

The acting is very good as all the cast were naturals like it was real with their discussions to one another as well as their aggressions, emotions and fears. Laura Regan (Emma) was one of the most effective cast members in which she does well showing her emotions as well as her crying when she reveals a dark secret. Plus shows good adrenaline when she's upset on a situation. Was very energetidc when she tries to survive the terror quarter way through the story as well as bringing a nice hype when freaking out.
Stephen O'Reilly (Danny) had the right build and brawny jock type of look to his role as he stood out the most in the cast as he offers a great seriousness to his role. Does well when reacting to a crow flying in the room as well as what to do on situations. He for sure came across nicely as a guy next door type.
Kris Lemche (Rex) was probably the best out of the cast as someone outspoken who speaks his mind in which he shows this off superbly along with adding a great hyped type of behavior when things aren't good in situations. Springs into action perfectly. Had the right appeal and looks to his role as well. Two thumbs up for this guy.
Jennifer Sky (Charlie) offered a nice sympathetic behavior into all that she did in her role as she comes off strongly within whatever she did here. Also showed off a great tough as nails behavior whenever she needed to be this way. Certainly knew her craft by grabbing your attention when we watch her get into action.
Sean CW Johnson (Matt) seemed at first a little dull in his mkysterious supporting role but he picks it up quarter way through in which he springs into deadly action marvellously and knew on how to act shocking by what he does. Plus does well with his icy and vicious speaking too. Also was powerful in his forceful and violent blocking too.

There are 5 different pics of the applicants doing activities and one of them gets topless.
There is a nude shower scene as well as an erotic sex scene.

A person is decapitated and there are corpses.

The music composed by Bias but it's really just chilling sound effects and there's not alot involved. We hear some buzzing sounds and hissing noises which seemed to play along with what we see on the screen.

Rex: [on website audition] Why should you pick me? I'm a fucking people-person.

Rex: Go fuck yourself, Matt, because she isn't going to.

Rex: [Matt pulls a gun out of the package] I know what this means. I know... fucking cocksuckers.
[looks at the camera]
Rex: I know what this means, fuck you. Do your fucking research okay, 'cos him doing that to himself was the best thing that ever fucking happened to me. Fuck you.
[looks back at the others]
Rex: What?
Matt: [indicating the gun] I'll put this out of harm's way.
[goes over to Rex]
Matt: Come on, lets go upstairs.
Rex: What? They think they can fuck with me now?
Charlie: His dad, right?

Danny: [picks the crow out of the basket] It's got a broken wing.
[he breaks its neck, the others look disgusted]
Danny: It was the kindest thing to do.

Emma: The boy I was at school with killed his parents.
Rex: No shit! What the hell happened there?
Emma: He used a hammer. He beat them to death.

Rex: [looks at and talks to the camera] I'm here for the money. What's your excuse? What? You've got no life of your own? It's not real enough for you? No family? What is it? I pity you, you sad fuck.

Charlie: Do you think they're punishing us?
Rex: Yeah. I don't know, maybe. Or, maybe we've been punishing ourselves.

Rex: [going outside] Hey, psycho! Come on in. It's nice in here. We got food. And women. One in particular you may be interested in.