A Goodbye and Thanks Interview With Nancy Feliciano by Owen Keehnen

After only a few films (and a lasting indelible impression) Nancy Feliciano is saying goodbye to the big hair, big heels, and big screaming lungs world of scream queen stardom. She made an unforgettable impression from the very start. In her first film ‘Arena of Death’ (Falcon Video) she played a dream character walking along the surf in a pink bikini. Since then she has worked extensively and exclusive for Falcon and Phil Herman where she ruled the roost as top femme fatale alongside Debbie D. In her brief career Ms. Feliciano graced such films as ‘Jacker’, ‘Jacker 2’, and ‘Burglar From Hell’ as well as the chapter film anthologies ‘Tales Till The End’, and ‘Tales for the Midnight Hour’ and ‘Before I Die…” Her sequence in the latter ‘Someone Is Sleeping In My Bed’ also contained her very first and very memorable nude scene. We’ll miss you Nancy. As a parting treat Ms. Feliciano was kind enough to grant this farewell interview as a treat for her fans and for the faithful at racksandrazors.


  Owen: Say it isn't so.  Is it true that you are retiring after so few films? 

Nancy: I feel like I have reached my peak in the movies. I got into this as a one-movie deal but it developed into a regular gig. I love the attention I am getting and appreciate the fan base that has developed but feel that I have set out to do what I wanted ... to become a scream queen.

Owen: What were the main factors that prompted your decision?

Nancy: I just don't have the drive to do this anymore...each role seems to be all about topping what I have done before. I really would like to focus more on writing and developing my own projects!

Owen: I have read that you got into acting on a fluke, doing a cameo in the Falcon film 'Arena of Death' as that gorgeous creature in the pink bikini.  Since then fans just have not been able to get enough.  After that film did you make a conscious decision to "go for it" or did you need to be convinced to take another step in front of the cameras?

Nancy: I did not even think that part would make it into the movie. Little did I know that I would become the focus of the movie. Who is that girl? Will she be doing any more movies? Etc.... I mean I was in the movie for maybe 15 seconds!!!

Owen: Of all your films 'Horrortales 666', 'Arena of Death', 'Jacker', 'Tales for the Midnight Hour', 'Burglar from Hell', 'Jacker 2', 'After Midnight', etc. Which gives you the greatest sense of pride?

Nancy: I have always loved The Jacker series. They were well written and well made movies. They had that film noir look to them and put Falcon on the map. I played the misunderstood girl friend Kate who died in the first scene but returned to haunt the almighty Jacker (Phil Herman) in the sequel. I always told Phil that I would return to the character Kate if he did another one. Those movies were so brutal in the portrayal of the lead character as an unstoppable killing machine that hated everyone and killed everyone who tried to stop him. They were the height of my career and will always cherish those movies.

Owen: You were also quite hesitant to do a nude scene and had to be convinced.  How did Phil Herman talk you into taking that plunge in 'Before I Die...'?

Nancy: Well, I had done nude scenes for Jacker 2 but at the last moment changed my mind. Phil had taken pictures of me for behind the scenes for interviews in Draculina and Celebrity Sleuth. The response was overwhelming and I was very pleased at the way I looked. I said what the hell and told Phil that I would do nude scenes if the script was right and if he would do it with me. Before I die I had a great dream scene were we would be both nude and I took the plunge. I was so comfortable I did almost the whole short in the nude and my fans went crazy. I thought that I had reached my peak with that, because for so long I had been getting letters requesting that. Each movie leading up to it I had a more risqué role till I finally did it. I was pleased with it and have no regrets. People pay to see these movies and want a little T/A, and it was very tasteful!

Owen: Do you think Phil could work the same magic to talk you out of retirement?

Nancy: He keeps writing and begging for me to either do a short or a cameo for Always Midnight the final chapter in the Midnight series. But so far I have declined. I was going to host but said been there done that!!! But I did give him permission to use some footage that was not used in After Midnight, which will work in well to the movie!

Owen: Looking back on your film career is there any moment, scene, or occurrence on a set or in front of the cameras that stands out in your memory more vividly than any other?

Nancy: In Burglar From Hell we were filming for 3 months on that. We were using for exteriors a boarding house that was used by a mix of college kids and derelicts. It was a huge scary looking house and really worked well. Every once in a while, like the arrival and a few other scenes that needed the outside of the house, we would plop on their lawn and film. This went on for almost 3 months before finally the caretaker came out with a hose and starting spraying us and cursing at us. Saying, “who the hell are you guys, get away from here." It was so funny as Phil was trying to calm him down the title character in The Burglar From Hell is choking me to death on the lawn with blood all over the place. That was the last shot and thankfully we did not have to return there.

Owen: I also hear that you are married.  Is your husband okay with your spicy film career or does the thought of so many men lusting after you make him jealous?

Nancy: That is another big reason for retirement. I have only done Falcon Movies and my husband has been present for every one. He and Phil are like brothers and Phil is a real good guy, you never hear anything bad about him in the business. He just loves his women naked in the movies. Getting back to my husband, He doesn't take it well and doesn't ever watch the finished product. There is never sex, just nudity so that makes things a little better. But we’re very private people and this doesn't make for a very private life with these type of movies.

Owen: Do you have any ideas as to why you have been such a success as a scream queen?

Nancy: My Latin heritage and curly black hair has a big deal to do with it. People love the Latinos and there are very few in the business, also I am a natural girl next-door type who everyone can relate to and wants to pal around with. I am not snotty or conceited and when we’re filming I never complain about conditions or long shoots. I give it my all! I never thought of myself as beautiful or to be lusted after till I started making these movies, they have been very good for my ego!

Owen: Have you always been a fan of horror films?

Nancy: Love horror movies, nothing better than cuddling up with the one you love and being scared!

Owen: What are some of your favorites?

Nancy: I like a lot of the old Hammer movies they were sexy and scary! Especially the old Chris Lee movies were he played Dracula!

Owen: What are Nancy Feliciano's favorite things to do to relax and have fun?

Nancy: My favorite thing to do is go to the beach on a nice hot day and just hang loose surfing, boogey boarding and being with my family. Simple huh!

Owen: What scares you in real life?

Nancy: The current status of the world. With all the terrorist bombings it scares me more than any horror movie. Life has become a horror movie were you don't know what lurks behind the next corner and who the bad guy is anymore!

Owen: Thanks again Nancy and good luck to you.

Nancy: I would like to thank you for this interview and hope to talk again soon. Thanks for thinking enough of me to conduct this interview. God bless and be safe!!!!