The Nesting (1981)

Produced & Directed by: Armand Weston

Written by: Armand Weston & Daria Price


Robin Groves .... Lauren Cochran
Christopher Loomis .... Mark Felton
Michael David Lally .... Daniel Griffith
Gloria Grahame .... Florinda Costello
Bill Rowley .... Frank Beasley
John Carradine .... Col. Lebrun

Release Date: Theatrical: May, 1981




A disturbed gothic novelist named Lauren Cochran (Robin Groves) who suffers from agoraphobia moves into an isolated house of her dreams to concentrate on her writing but has no idea what had happened there and is very haunted by prostitutes of the undead and the house was once a borthel for them as she hears strange sounds coming from there along with her typing errors which she was certain that she never made and it also taps strange messages too. Not only that, she remembers her nightmares while sleeping in the house which she always forgets after she wakes up.
She encounters bloody deaths from people she knows caused by forces of ghosts as well as being terrorised by a couple locals around the area but however one of the ghosts named Florinda Costello (Gloria Grahame) seems to help her when she's in danger.
But one thing is for sure her dark dreaming for her story ideas becomes a realistic nightmare.


The discussions in the beginning are a little rough between Lauren Cochran and Dr. Webb as patient and counsellor. There's another scene with her speaking to him on the phone and getting aggressive which looked not too bad.
There's a good shot on Lauren feeling herself and then some ghosts are circling around her and staring at her with a nice close up shot on her screaming in hysterics
A good camera shot on her walking up a staircase looking a little frightened and asking if anyone is there. We also have a nice shot of her on a house roof looking frightened and crying emotionally while Dr. Webb tries to go on the roof and take her hand making the moments looking suspenseful.
There's a good shot on her running to a door handle and crying emotionally.
We have a good moment between Lauren and Frank Beasley with her trying to talk to him about a possible haunting in the house and then he tries to molest her with a good distant shot on Florinda Costello watching and then cheesy shots on Frank being mysteriously thrown around as well as him running away into a pond and then zombielike hands pulling him down.
There's a good moment with Lauren having a discussion with a supporting character Abner Welles and him looking at her fascinating like and then getting crazy with her along with a good runaway by her trying to get into her car and him jumping on top of him. We also spot a good shot on him driving and Florinda walking across the road with him running her over and her repeatingly doing this as it psychs you out a bit.
A good struggling moment between Lauren trying to get away from the grasps of Abner although at times it looks a bit corny. However there's a nice haunting moment again by Florinda cackling.
We spot a good discussion between Mark Felton and Col. Lebrun with good close up shots on both of them especially on Lebrun in bed telling him a dark secret and then a good flashback sequence which involved younger people in the film shooting people to death in a house with nice creepy shots on all of this as well as a good close up shot on young Abner bashing someone several times with a metal object.
A nice peaceful looking conversation between Florinda and Lauren by telling her not to stay at the house as it no longer needs her.
We spot a good shot on Lauren screaming and crying along with a misty looking shot on some windows with a vehicle crashing in and catching on fire.
Bottom line is that this film was sometimes too dark to see and very low budgeted too. Sometimes it seemed effective but other times trying too hard to be scary and hauntinglike. I found this to be a ripoff cross between The Amityville Horror and The Sentinel.
There are some effective flashback moments like a murderous shooting in the house as well as the odd struggling moments with the crazyness happening to the lead actress.
Most of the story is very bland with pointless dialogues that doesn't pick up the pace at all.
You're taking a bit of a risk watching this flick if you're in the mood for a scary haunted house film as this one sinks like the Titanic and is just saved from bombing due to the odd interesting flashback scene's.

The acting is fairly bad in this film although most of the actors tried their best. Lead actress Robin Groves (Lauren Cochran) was one of the people who tried but was sometimes low on energy with her words but knew how to cry emotionally but she is no Jamie Lee Curtis in which it looked like that's who she was trying to portray. She does well acting stubborn in a certain scene as well.
Christopher Loomis
(Mark Felton) who plays her boyfriend was the worst one of them all as he seemed to just read his line and barely got into character at all.
Gloria Grahame (Florinda Costello) had the right looks and attitude to play a ghost in the film acting spooky but yet sympathetic during other moments of the story. I found her to be the best actress throughout the movie.
John Carradine
(Col. Lebrun) often had brief supporting roles during this time period till his death and this was one of them but had a few more scene's than he normally does. He of course pulls his character well by acting someone who is sick with his growly voice.

Robin Groves opens up her robe and exposes her breasts while feeling herself.

A sharp object is stabbed through a person's eye
A sharp dagger like object is stabbed in a person's head

We hear alot of badly composed orchestral music mainly a toned out violin playing here and there but yet there's some good rusty and metal clanging noise during a flashback moment on a murderous scene composed by Jack Melken and George Kim Scholes.