New Years Evil (1980)

Directed & Story by: Emmett Alston

Written by:
Leonard Neubauer


Roz Kelly .... Diane Sullivan
Kip Niven .... Richard Sullivan
Chris Wallace .... Lt. Clayton
Grant Cramer .... Derek Sullivan

Special Appearances:

Louisa Moritz .... Sally
Teri Copley .... Teenage Girl

Release Dates: Theatrical: December, 1980



On New Years Eve a wild woman named Diane Sullivan (Roz Kelly) is hosting a countdown TV show hotline party fronted by many wild punk rock bands at a dance floor.
She gets an obscene from a stranger announcing on live Television that when New Year's strikes in each time zone, a 'Naughty Girl' will be murdered (punished), and the killer leaves a threat saying she will be the one to die last.
Everyone takes the call seriously after a Lieutenant named Clayton (Chris Wallace) discovers that a nurse on the other side of America being butchered as the killer dresses himself up as a crazed fan, a religious psychotic, or perhaps it's someone much closer to Diane then the police (or audience) could have ever expected.
Dianne's son Derek (Grant Cramer) is also troubled by something that he wants to tell her during this night but is too busy to talk to him about it that night.


The story starts off a bit cheesy with the opening credits and a group of punks in their vehicle on their way to a New Years Eve show in which this scene looks similar in the cult exploited action flick Savage Streets. It seemed to have that cool 80's cheesiness while watching all of this.
We spot a moment with a son named Derek Sullivan upset about his father and thinking about him in while watching this moment didn't look convincingly touching and way too corny on how the settings were along with the crappy writing in it.
The story looks slightly entertaining with the hostess at the Hollywood New Years Eve concert Dianne Sullivan hosting the show and really getting down along with the band performing which also had a great 80's punk rock feel to what is happening with the audience slamming into each other while the music goes on and people acting wild.
Then a moment which was supposed to be creepy with the killer calling from a phone booth threatening to come after her in which this killer is revealed spoiling the mysterious moments as well as the writing was off to top it off not making this seem intimidating even if it was a clever idea for a killer to call at a live party doing this since it's a good pointer in a slasher film.
There's even a moment with people partying out at an insane asylum while watching the countdown on TV as I was thinking to myself that this was incredibly silly and unbeliveable adding goofy comedy into this which doesn't fit in at all. also we spot a moment of the typical bimbo caretakers in a room ready to get it on since most slasher films have these types but even that looked kookie.
Meanwhile we spot Derek acting a little crazy ripping some stuff as well as putting a net over his head which makes us think that he could be a suspect which seems very confusing since the killer is already revealed. Later on in the story it comes together though but still it leaves an impression of awful writing that carries on while watching this lame flick.
There's cheesy entertainment at a dance club where this maniac acts charming to pick up a bimbo blonde in which looked corny but seemed a bit of fun since we know those types wanting sex but you have a bad feeling that he is out to kill her and she brings along her sister for the ride which makes you wonder as to how he will kill both of them.
He does use a killing device on one of them which is a plastic bag over the woman's head in which I was convinced that they stole this scene from Black Christmas plus it didn't look dark but a bit intense still when this moment happens. Again the film is corny that it's hard to take it seriously.
There's a scene where two policemen discovering dead female bodies in a playground as it almost seemed dark and creepy but needed improvement big time to make this moment look convincing. However it was done in fair taste for a slasher flick of those who enjoyed spotting results on corses like in Halloween for example. But with alot more cheese in this one.
There's even a moment when this killer is in trouble with some bikers and tries to hide away at a drive in as this wasn't convincing but can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it along with a boyfriend making out with his big breasted bimbo girlfriend along with this maniac throwing the guy out of the car demanding to know where his keys are and like most people who aren't smart tells him where they are and he drives off with this girl as she offers hgim sex to stay alive. Yep a typical bimbo she was here. When she tries to escape of course she runs away in a forest since lots of slahser films have this moment and it does look a tiny bit suspenseful when this killer tries to find her when she is hiding from him wondering if he will find her.
There's a moment when this killer reveals himself in front of Dianne in which this does leave a chuill down your spine a bit when he tells her that she isn't going to be hosting her show when New Years strikes. This was cleverly put in I must say as well as suspenseful moments like her being tied at the bottom of the elevator and spotting shocking moments when this event occurs.
There's an insane moment what this killer does when he is cornered on top of a building with two detectives which psychs you out wondering why the hell he did what he did but I won't give this information out since it would become a spoiler.
Bottom line is what a load of crap this film is and the only thing that saves it from bombing is the bands playing on the dance floor. It's not the least bit scary and alot of times way too corny with obvious plots in it not knowing whether for it to be an action/thriller or a slasher/horror.
The story goes around in circles too not explaining too much why this killer is stalking girls on New Years eve for their sleaziness. Prom Night did this the same year but theirs was far better and four years later, Silent Night Deadly Night used some of the same chemistry too but knew how to do a proper slasher flick.

The acting is quite bad with most of the cast members but lead actress Roz Kelly (Dianne Sullivan) seems to pull her role off not too shabby as a wild hostess for the punk rock show for the New Years Eve TV show. She shows a good sharp attitude as well as good by acting stern and aggressive when necessary. Also her frightening attitude comes off well too. A great shocked reaction on her choking out her words as this looked nicely done. She shows off great energy by screaming hysterically while being chained up to the bottom of an elevator.
Kip Niven
(Richard Sullivan) was quite good too pulling off as a decent one in the film but disguising himself as different people to kill others and is convincing at doing so. He also does well with his charming type of behavior making himself as someone who is believeably outgoing to show a perfect versatality into what he does here. I found him to be a convincing character actor and doesn't go over the top with his performance. However some small criticism is that he disguises himself alot and looks the same as well as reacting the same a wee bit too. He for sure gives a good aggressive expression while driving as if he's ready to kill somebody right then. He made this moment look very believeable during that certain scene. He does show great insane expressions when he suffocates someone with a plastic bag. Was great at acting quick by stabbing someone else as this looked highly energetic. He slowly walks around hissing and searching for his next victim in which he does this pretty natural. He does well speaking towads his fellow actress with his icy speaking. He also looked good by being physical towards his actress when he handcuffs her and ties her up acting menacing towards her as if he will soon kill her now and right there.
Chris Wallace (Lt. Clayton) pulls off his role as a calm and sympathetic type in the flick along with showing a good sewriousness to his part along with getting tough when needed to be. Basically he seemed to study his role as a detective pretty darn good and shows a not too badly performance with good clear speaking whenever he speaks.
Grant Kramer (Derek Sullivan) plays an okay troubled teenage kid and can be considered above average with his part in it. Yet when he shows an emotional attitude he seems either wooden or a little too over the top. His looks seemsed to do the talking for what he does having that cute guy next door type. Yet he can do an okay job whenever he seems a little too crazy at times. There's great reactions on him when he shows frusteration and intense anger in his hotel room as well as tearing apart some roses but it looks too planned out as if someone was telling him step by step on how to do this instead of letting it flow.
Now here's where the cast slumps.
Supporting actress Louisa Mortiz (Sally) is overly annoying as a party girl wanting to have some guy fun. She is way over the top by portraying a bimbo in the film and doing her best to do some characteristics but yet she just doesn't have what it takes to be this type of character. She needed some acting lessons for sure.
Taafee O'Connell
(Jane) played a terrible lusty nurse in the film. She was too giggly and not coming across as a believeable airhead in the film in which you can tell that was what she was trying to do. Her performance was supposed to be a bit humoress but at the same time she was over the top silly in her role.
Teri Copley
(Teenage Girl) really overdoes her frightened emotions and is convinced to be in the film for her looks only but she isn't overly hot either.
In a scene where she pleades to someone looked stale. Also she was very off on her blocking while running away. She looked like that she graduated from either the modelling or porn industry. You get what I mean dontcha??? Yes those types!

There is a quick breast flash by a woman in a van to a group of punkers driving in a car towards the opening of the film.
There's almost a big breat shot on Teri Copley in a car at a drive-in.

A slit throat and some stabbings but this film was not really gory.

The music was composed by W. Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder as we have a bit of effective cheesy synthesizer slasher style music along with some sound effects very similar to the effects used in a Friday the 13th film. Plus great effective low icy sounds which reminds me of the controversial slasher flick Silent Night Deadly Night. Plus great high intense sounds too along with heavy piano playing too.
There's a nice bitchin soundtrack by many 80's cheesy hard rock and punk groups too in which one of them is the for the opening and closing credits titled "New Years Evil" sounding very Janes Addiction like with the insane vocalising and wicked guitar playing too. Basically having that 80's sound for that time it was released. Many more groups were played in the film. Some were okay and some sounded crappy.