Next of Kin (1982)


Directed by: Tony Williams

Written by: Michael Heath & Tony Williams


.... Linda
.... Barney
.... Dr Barton
.... Connie

Release Dates:
Theatrical: April 30, 1982 (Australia); Sitges Film Festival: October, 1982; Paris International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy Films: November, 1982; The Weekend of Terror: March 21, 1987; Paris International Fantastic Film Festival: December 6, 2018; Lyon Festival Hallucinations Collectives: April 17, 2019





After the death of her estranged mother, Linda (Jacki Kern) inherits a retirement home called Montclare, which has been in her family for years.
She finds the going ons there strange as well as supposed accidental death on the citizens there but finds her Mom's diary while reading it and reveals deadly moments in which they start to occur once again.


As the story rolls along we have the lead character Linda travelling to the elderly home after the death of her parent as it seems to be slow while following the story but then when she arrives at the elderly home by helping out in the garden and suddenly there's a struck of a thunderstorm occurs which is a nice touch for a horror story even if it seemed to be mildly cheesy while watching all of this.
Then at night it rains heavily and suddenly during a lightning strike a tree falls in front of a vehicle with elderly people entering the home as this was supposed to look exciting and suspenseful but it just doesn't cut it for some reason.
Yet things become effective when Linda starts having bad dreams on her childhood now and then as there's a mind boggling moment with the hallway of the home stretching out which looked well done.
Another nicely done scene is when a senior citizen is ready to take a bath with closely focused camera shots we suspect that something shocking will outcome of all of this and it sure does. Cleverly done situation and creepy too.
While Linda is in her room at night sleeping, an elderly creepy old man is tapping at her window which looked spooky to watch as I wonder what this was all about and a nice add on to a horror story.
Linda also hears water overunning during another moment as she slowly walks to the bathroom which made me cringe as to what will happen next. It was a nicely done moment.
Alot of the storyline seems quite slow but in the middle of the movie things pick up especially when Linda reads the diary that belonged to her late mother as well as what is detailed on it which of course is creepy and then more crazy moments start to occur which made things very exciting!!!
For an example she spots an old man passed out and sees some brutal marks near his neck as well as someone coming up behind her as this was nicely done in a mysterious horror taste.
Then there's another situation when she is near a water fountain with good close up shots on blood dropping down instead of water as well as what she finds there as it looked twisted.
Suddenly when she runs into the home she spots something gruesome that happened to her boyfriend sitting in a wheelchair charging towards her as she tries to find a way to get out of the mansion as well as trying to get one of the citizens out of the place since more deadly moments are about to occur.
She tries to lock herself in one of the rooms as we see the doorknob turning which leaves a chill down your spine along with a creepy mysterious woman turning around and acting spooky towards her along with a well remembered situation with this resident wearing a wig and taking it off. It made me wonder big time if this poor young lady is safe after all.
Then she struggles from a maniac trying to kill her which was a bogus touch in the story as things start to get even more exciting. Especially when she runs out of the home and speeds away as quickly as she can to go to a diner where she was shortly after the beginning of the story. It left a creepy feeling that this maniac will find her there and boy does it look dynamic and suspenseful to find out what happens here. This was great to watch for any horror fan.
Bottom line is that the story was slow at first like I mentioned but saved the best quarter way through which was a pleaser. It was indeed a strange tales while watching the whole outcome of all this. It was fun to watch I must say.

The acting is very well performed in which our lead actress (Linda) really stole the show with her performance showing a nice calm and mellow behavior. Plus does a nice job getting into a discussion especially when she's concerned about something. Shows great adrenaline when she screams or freaks out quarter way through the story. Certainly had the knack to do all of this naturally.
(Barney) brought it on nicely with his charming behavior as well as showing a nice sympathetic attitude. Did all of this in a fair fashion and can come across well with his characteristics. Had the fair appeal to this role too.
(Dr Barton) had a nice deepness in his speaking as he shows a great seriousness as someone in charge of the home. Plus had the right looks for this role. He comes across well as a mysterious type in the story as you wonder if he should be trustworthy or not he drew that in well.
(Connie) shows off a nice likeable attitude in her role of the film and being very sharp on what she did here. Does well as someone who isn't what she's cracked up to be almost seeming like she's actually wicked. She did her role quite well I found.

A dead corpse is revealed underneath a water fountain with her neck cut open.

Klaus Schulze composes the music in which he does a fantastic job by doing so as there's nice beats for the suspenseful and adventureous scene along with nice keyboard music blending in as this had a real 80's feel to everything. Plus creepy soounds which was a nice plus sounding very high proving you can do wonders with a synthesizer insead of using a full orchestra.