Night Flier (1997)

Directed by: Mark Pavia

Written by: Mark Pavia & Jack O'Donnell
Stephen King (Novel)


Miguel Ferrer .... Richard Dees
Juliette Entwisle .... Katherine 'Jimmy' Blair
Dan Monahan .... Merton Morrison
Michael H. Moss .... Dwight Renfield

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: November 15, 1997 (Japan); February 6, 1998 (USA)

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A nasty reporter named Richard Dees (Miguel Ferrer) for a tabloid magazine called Inside View never seems to get what he wants but however, he discovers some news about a series of vampire murders by the name of Dwight Renfield (Michael H. Moss) that he's assigned to as this vampire apparently travels by plane killing local residents wherever he travels as Richard tries to interview any witness he possibly can in order to follow Dwight's trail.
Richard however is competing with a fellow worker by the name of Katherine Blair (Juliette Enwisle) which he is not happy about and will do anything to prevent her for taking over his assignement.
Yet, Richard is tormented by nightmares on Dwight which turn out to be real for him later on as he tries to keep his head screwed on tight to find out who this Dwight really is and what he wants.


A nice presence by Richard Dees walking into his work from the rain and then screaming at one of his employees about not having his report on the new edition as well as a nice sharp reaction by her to top it all off looking like a real pair who don't get along working together.
A good shot on Richard sitiing in a bar with a cigarette as well as Katherine Blair trying to come up to him friendly to try and talk to him as there's a nice close up shot on the two of them but things look disturbing when he acts cold.
We spot another nice shot on Katherine in the office at work ripping up a plane ticket and throwing it in the air.
A good close up shot on the dark plane and the camera panning away towards a supporting character Ellen Sarch sitting on some steps at her mobile home looking amused. We see another good shot on her standing looking happy along with a good shot on a victim getting slayed inside a window of a mobile home as he does well by hollering.
We have many corny discussion between Richard and Merton Morrison at the office scene of looking for reports on this vampire killer.
Nice shot on supporting character Ezra Hannon when he is in deep though about telling a story before the flashback sequence.
Good flashback scene with a good distance shot on Dwight Renfield walking of of his plane along with Ezra staring at him.
A nice shot on supporting character Claire Bowie washing a plane and not being all there.
Good shots on Richard walking along a graveyard and spotting a tombstone along with a nice aggressive kick on the tombstone. A good surprising shot on a caretaker approaching him speaking coldly and crazy towards him.
A nice shot in a hotel room with a hand clawing behind a window curtain along with a glance by Richard and then the shadowy figure of Dwight coming out from the curtain with heavy breathing which looked creepy for the first time.
Many good shots on some bloody corpses during an accident on the road showing Richard taking pictures.
Good close up shots on Richard and Katherine making phone calls to try and find out on who Dwight Renfield is.
A good shot on Dwight standing behind Richard and speaking coldly to him as well as grabbing him with his clawlike hands.
A nice black and white scene that involves Richard walking around some mist in the airport station with dream vampire's rising up towards him which looked terrorising.
Bottom line: A fun type of low grade Stephen King flick but yet alot of the times it isn't scary as we mainly see just a reporter questioning people or getting aggressive with others. However, it's interesting to spot a vampire flying an airplane instead of turning into a bat and flying to their next prey as Mr. King himself wants to make his stories as different as possible. At times it's enjoyable and at times it's annoying and bland especially at the tabloid magazine office and the going on's there. I always found tabloid reporters total scumbags which is probably the reason why I wasn't thrilled during those moments.

The acting is quite good as we have a winning performance by lead actor Miguel Ferrer (Richard Dees) as a nasty reporter as he brings his firm attitude across nicely showing perfect aggressions too. A kind of person that you don't want to know. A good disturbing nasty reaction by him when someone tries to get aquainted. Another part of the story does well by grabbing an onscreen bartender and demanding who bought him a drink which looked very energetic.
Juliette Entwisle
(Katherine 'Jimmy' Blair) does well with her tense actions espceially when she talks as she brings it well to the screen. She does well alsmot crying and walking away when someone is mean to her.
Dan Monahan
(Merton Morrison) is a little too much with his part as a newspaper employer as he brings too much comedy to his role and is not the least bit funny. A nice reaction on him laughing almost insanely after talking to someone on his phone in his office.
Michael H. Moss
(Dwight Renfield) does a nice job with his icy words as the vampire in the film Dwight although we hardly see him in the film.

A face is clawed.
A throat is torn open.
A headless body is exposed along with a decapitated head
Many bloody and torn corpses

There's some nicely light piano playing along with good echoey violin sounds along with other sharp noises all composed together by Brian Keane.

Richard Dees: Never believe what you publish, and never publish what you believe