Night Hunter (1996)


Directed by: Rick Jacobson

Written by: William C. Martell


Don "The Dragon" Wilson .... Jack Cutter
Nicholas Guest .... Bruno Fischer
Melanie Smith .... Raimy Baker
Maria Ford .... Tournier
Ronald Winstan Yuan .... Hashimoto
Cash Casey .... Det. Browning
Marcus Aurelius .... Det. Hooper
Sid Sham .... Sid O'Mack

Vince Murdocco .... Curt Argento

Special Appearance:

James Lew .... Tom Cutter

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: May, 1996

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Jack Cutter (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) is on the kill for vampires and has been disturbed since his childhood after his family was killed by then and was raised to be a warrior.
He will not stop until they are all killed as he saves the life of a woman named Raimy Baker (Melanie Smith) when he explains to her what his mission is while also running away from the law and the only way to kill these vampires is to break their necks.
Yet he needs to not get caught by the police else the vampires will continue to breed and put more people in danger.


The film shows a prologue on what happened in the very beginning that involves a young Jack Cutter trying to hide away as well as their parents being betrayed by someone whom they thought was on their side as this looked still and well concentrated but nothing too disturbing like it should've been. Seemed a little too cheesy for that.
It looks clever when we spot the upsetting child and then showing present day when he is now full grown taking place years later as well as what his scheme is going to be. Plus we have the vampires getting together at a fancy restaurant reuniting which looked pretty corny to watch but then we spot Jack coming in and shooting away which seemed to offer some nice action packed moments.
More decent action sequences when Jack is on the run from the police which looked well paced as well as him stowing away in a car driven by Raimy Baker and commanding her to speed away as well as perfect deadly moments with the police shooting away as well as what happens to her as this makes you cringe on these moments.
Things start to get lame when all the vampires are at a table with some candles lead by Bruno Fischer as well as their aggressions on what happened as well as their vengeful plans to do away with Jack. All of this looked corny and uninspired.
Some nice fast action shots on a vampiress Tournier circling around Jack and attacking as well as trying to pin against Raimy which looked powerful to watch at first but the interactions looked terribly trashy and the vengeful moments very amateurish.
We see near amusing martial arts battle sequences with Jack against other vampires out on the streets and scenery like that but yet it looked uninspred since we've seen these types of battling in other actions flicks beforehand.
Nice dynamic moment when Raimy is pitted against Tournier and to see how tough she can fend off a powerful vampiress as this was alot of fun to watch for a turkey like this flick which was one of the only scene's worth watching I'd have to admit.
Plus some nice teasing moments when Jack tries to snuff out Bruno when he hears ihis evil laughter but is too quick for him as this looked good and still to watch.
Another attention grabber is when Tournier comes across soft and soothingly towards Jack with her wicked and charming temptation which almost looked nearly lustful which makes you watch carefully wondering if he will give in or not.
Mild amusing gunfighting moments with Jack and a couple of officers entering the vampires domain and trying to gun them down but not overly exciting at the same time.
We spot final struggling moments when Jack tries to save Raimy from the clutches of Bruno on the top of a building with the intensity of Bruno's grasp against him as this was supposed to look powerful and intense but doesn't cut it well at all. Alot was missing in the scene's since it looked a little stale to watch.
Bottom line: What does this film offer? Some lame Jackie Chan type fighting, unscary vampires and a lame plot. I mean there was nothing good about this clunker as it was trying to be an action film mixed with horror and nothing dynamic or scary to top it all off. You'll wanna wait till the sun rises long before finishing this film to kill these vampires off.

The acting is weakly inspired as we have Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Jack Cutter) as a warrior vampire slayer and really is making an ass out of himself with his performance. However at times he does well with his aggressions and seriousness towards others. Plus shows nice rough expressions when doing his battles along with his martial arts choreography being okay with his fast action fighting. Knew on how to act smooth and mellow with his speaking during the still moments.
Nicholas Guest (Bruno Fischer) had a nice icy feel to his speaking as he was good by being slick and wicked. At times overly does it when he loses it with his loud speaking though. Otherwise he seemed to fit the part as the vampire leader of the tribe. Had the mobster type looks and appeal too. He shows some decent adrenaline when going into action.
Melanie Smith
(Raimy Baker) is quite passable in her role as she seems to try and deliver a part in her role for the film. Shows a good patient and shapr appeal to her role. Seemed convincing as someone whom is patient to control her fears and sanity with the suspense and action that surrounds her. Also does a good job by acting tough as well as being physical which she brings alot into her character wonderfully.
Maria Ford (Tournier) had the right lustful looks and beauty as a vampiress but that was about it since she was way too over the top with her vicious and vengeful behavior. Also when she shouts in anger it looked terribly performed. She seemed to do fairly okay with her forceful blocking as well by being soothingly tempting. Plus reacts well shouting in pain after being shot.
Sid Sham
(Sid O'Mack) seemed to have the right brawny looks and appeal to his role as a dimwitted muscle brained vampire. Comes off as a complete goof. Had the right speaking voice for this too. Does a nice job with his powerful and forceful attitude too. Seemed to be a right choice for the role since we often get these types and will tip my hat off for what he had to do here.

Some bloody gunshots

Terry Plumeri composes some really outdated violin playing during the beginning of this movie but some of it sounds a bit better afterwards. Yet, he has some real stale spanish guitar playing to top it off which sounds quite irritating. At times it works into the fighting scenes.