Night of the Demons 2: Angela's Revenge (1994)


Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Written by: Joe Augustyn

Story by: James Penzi


Merle Kennedy .... Mouse Franklin
Cristi Harris .... Bibi
Ladd York .... Kurt
Bobby Jacoby .... Perry
Amelia Kinkaide .... Angela Franklin
Jennifer Rhoades .... Sister Gloria
Christine Taylor .... Terri
Zoe Trilling .... Shirley Finnerty
Mark Neely .... Albert
Rick Peters .... Rick
Rod McCary .... Father Bob
Johnny Moran .... Johnny
Darin Heames .... Z-boy

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: August 31, 1994





 It's years later since Angela (Amelia Kinkade) had her Halloween party at the Hull House and was possessed by it. She has not been heard of since but only rumours that she still lives there.

Her younger sister Mouse (Merle Kennedy) attends a Catholic school and is being tormented by her nightmares about her sister coming to get her. 
She is picked on by her classmates constantly because of her freaky sister.

Well, one night a troublemaking teen named Shirley Finnerty (Zoe Trilling) decides to invite her classmates including Mouse to a party only to set them up at partying in the Hull House which scares Mouse. 
When they arrive there this awakens Angela. 
One of the girls there finds some old lipstick from there which was used by one of Angela's friends from the last party there. 
The lipstick is possessed and one of them brings it back to their school but Angela has control over the lipstick so she decides to crash the Catholic school Halloween party by killing many people and posessing their bodies.

One of the students named Perry (Bobby Jacoby) had warned them beforehand about Angela's presence at the school. 
So Perry and an ultra strict Nun named Sister Gloria (Jennifer Rhoades) is in full combat to try and put a stop to Angela's evil deeds using holy water and crucifixes. 
But is it too late to save Mouse from the clutches of Angela too?


I enjoyed the beginning to this movie in which we have two jehovas witness' entering the Hull House which seems to offer some good humor here and Angela of course welcomes them as well as spotting some cake telling them it's devil's food which was a nice one liner and then of course we know that they are hauled into her trap in which we spot Angela's eye's turning black going into the slaying here. Suddenly the credits roll up which looked pretty good but this time looks very different compared to the original.
Meanwhile, there's a private school with perverted guy's looking across with binoculars spotting the girls changing or taking a shower before going to bed as this seems to add to the story since most horror film's have these types of things happening especially at a dorm. It was done in fine taste.
Real impressive scene's was with a bunch of stuck up school girls discussing Angela's disappearance before going to bed telling a ghost story which was nicely explained on what happened shortly after the end of the first movie as well as discussing Angela's sister Mouse who is at the boarding school whom they all despised except having the odd nice girl in the crowd named Bibi who sympathesises for Mouse a bit as this well perfectly put in the story always having the odd nice girl in the stuck up crowd since we have known some in school like this.
There's good nasty gossip with the girls discussing Mouse the next day which looked good to watch as well as Sister Gloria preventing it to keep happening as I really liked this with the others thinking she's a bitch but someone with a good heart and trying to prevent bullying.
Nice dream sequences with Angela being sweet towards Mouse and then showing her demonic looks and doing something horrible which looked shocking to watch for anyone who can't handle certain horror violence.
Some nice slapstick moments like one of the guys named Johnny dribbling a basketball and it is caught in one of the girl's legs named Shirley in which he finds some way on getting it back in which you know that they are about to get good and dirty. This is what just happens and then we expect Sister Gloria to catch them doing this knowing that she will almost have a heart attack while she discovers on what they're doing. It is a bit funny to watch all of this.
The story becomes even more entertaining when Shirley gets into a vehicle with her brawling tough boyfriend Rick since this is another fine moment with the main stuck up school girl having a creep like that in her life along with the rest going to the hull House and Mouse being tricked into going. It looks cool when the cremation oven opens and a demonic spirit comes out like in the first flick. While people hang out at the house we spot more humoress moments like when someone opens up a toilet seat and spots a demonic face which doesn't explain itself too well as why it was there but there's good slapstick lines with this.
Then we spot someone finding lipstick in the Hull House in which this must be the one Suzanne used before planting it in her breast nipple so I take a nod to this for at least having some information on the first flick. Later on when someone looks inside the lipstick capsule there's a good jumping moment here which looked well done and decent effects too.
Nice cheesy but well put in moments with some students digging in some records finding non threatening artists like Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond in which seems to fit in at a cathloic private school as well as Sister Gloria keeping an eye on couple dances making sure nothing dirty or sexual will happen. Of course this had to be put in before hell breaking loose later on.
A good suspenseful entertaining moment with a dweeby kid named Perry doing a chant with his book to call out to Angela and nice horror moments with her bursting through a mirror trying to grab at him. I thought this moment was done in great taste with good effects as usual here.
There's a good temtping moment with Angela trying to act pleasant towards Mouse in which this seemed very impressive that Angela tries to come across innocent about stuff trying to explain her absence since the party she had at the Hull House. It almost makes you think maybe she's not so bad after all as well thinking she's good at tricking her big time.
TOns of fun touches with Sister Gloria strapping herself with religious objects like holy water and other stuff like that going into battle to try and save Mouse from Angela's grasp at the Hull House in which this looked well done adding some good humor here of this Nun playing a hero preparing for combat. Looks very impressive when she goes in for battling the possessed people at the Hull House showing nice skillwork on what she does since she never reveals this proving to the audience that she's not just a boring Nun.
There's a nice touching moment with Perry choking out his last words towards Kurt on a situation which looked emotional to watch as well as perfectly serious and strongly written in since we do spot some of these in a horror film before someone dies on someone who cares for the other.
Perfect peer pressuring moment with Angela manipulating Mouse to do a sacrifice on Sister Gloria in which you wonder if she will be folled into doing this or not.
What we have never seen Angela do like in the first film was turn into a serpeant of some sort while trying to attack the other survivors as this looked pretty cool to watch without a doubt.
Bottom line is that this sequel was taken in a different direction but still based after the original. There are more scenes than just mainly in the Hull House as well as alot of scene's at the catholic school.
You could also tell that the flick was made on a bit of a bigger budget although it never went to theatre's like the original did but many producers intent for horror films to go just to video and DVD since it does better that way.
Also, Linnea Quigley was promised to return but that fell through. However, her character's lipstick is shown in the film as it's evil too proving this took place after the original although the story seemed totally different alltogether.
With the mean kids picking on a misfit kid especially involving the head bully Shirley dating a nasty punk Rick that you can tell there are some elements borrowed from the Stephen King classic Carrie. An enjoyable flick almost as good as the original.

The cast was way more solid than in the first one with less cheesy dialogue too but of course the actors in this one have a bit more experience than the cast in the first one.
Merle Kennedy (Mouse Franklin) had the right looks to portray a misfit but can she act??? Well she was okay but nothing too spectacular. Yet she does well choking out her words and having a shy type of behavior in which I will give her credit for that. She also does great with her freaked out behavior too showing some good energy there. A nice moment with her freaking out in a car full of poeple after discovering that they are at the Hull House showing terrific intensity with her performance in this scene. So she's not a bad actress at all.
Cristi Harris
(Bibi) does well as the caring one of the students and looked right for that type of a part in it. I can see her going far for future acting gigs playing other girl next door types of roles. She was believeable whenever she spoke softly with her warm type of attitude as I have no criticism for what she did here.
Ladd York
(Kurt) had the right looks as a preppy jock boy next boy next door type. He certainly brought on his charm well and I was satisfied with his work by acting heroic and trying to save people from Angela and her demons. He really knew this part inside out with everything that he did as someone portraying the Mr. nice guy out of his snobbish crowd. A good shocked reaction by him after he spots something bizarre.
Amelia Kinkade (Angela Franklin) returns to her role as the posessed demonic killer. Her hair style is less gothic looking however. She still does a great job in it nonetheless especially with her dancing since the fact that she is a professional dancer. She also showed many good humouress moments with what she does as well as bringing on a nice cold and evil temptation. Does well acting powerful and showing great rage during the final battling moments which is her best performance throughout everything.
We have a good supporting role by Christine Taylor (Terri) before she became a name as she does well playing a stuck up but insecure student in the film. She showed some nice talents even in this low budgeter and came across well with her energy along with acting believeably stuck up too. I always liked her work with whatever she did.
I loved Zoe Trilling (Shirley Finnerty) in her role as the nasty school girl who hosts the party briefly at the Hull House and she becomes one of Angela's first victims to raise hell at the Catholic school. She had the perfect stunning nasty girl looks as well as a great tough girl attitude too. She knew her stuff well as a teenage delinquent.
My favourite actress in the film however is Jennifer Rhoades (Sister Gloria) who plays the strict head Nun that everyone hates but in the end turns out to be a hero. She is very powerful with her speaking and really brought out great characteristics in her role too. She also came across nicely as someone who is good hearted too whenever she performed like that. She really made her part very realistic.
Bobby Jacoby
(Perry) does his part well as a dweeby type in the film but I've seen him perform better in other stuff. Yet as mentioned did the job well plus he had the perfect looks for this part in the film. He was well remembered for what he did in this film. He also shows a good behavior when he acts upset or anxious coming across as someone choked up in his words and making this look pretty good while doing this.
Shows off a great strong effort while weakly talking to someone by getting him holy water when he is slowly becoming possessed which looked well acted out.
Rick Peters
(Rick) looked terrific as a punk and really came across as someone you don't want to mess with due to his size and lived to play this kind of role. He showed a great appeal to this part and brought some nice energy to his part in the film making him one of the best actors in the film.
Rod McCary
(Father Bob) who played the minister in the film seemed to do well with his serious attitude but yet he seems off with his character acting at times and looks like that he is just saying his lines but sometimes gets back into character. He was just a bit wooden now and then while watching the film.
There's a nice supporting role by Darin Heames (Z-boy) as a goofball punk in the film and looked perfect with his zany hairstyle and zany attitude along with his slim type looks making you remind of some punks you encounter at school as he did his part just right.

Two guys use their binocular's to look at the girls getting changed in the other building and many of them are fully nude.
A girl at the Hull House is topless while making out with her boyfriend wearing nothing but panties.
Also the head troublemaking teen played by Zoe Trilling who hosted the party exposes her breasts only to use them as killing devices on her boyfriend as she got possessed by Angela at the Catholic school.

Mouse has her bottom jaw torn off during a dream sequence by Angela.
A guys fingers is burnt to a crisp.
Angela slices another guys head off and blood splurts through his neck then he turns into a demon using his head as a basketball.
Perry's head is bloodied after he is hit in the head with a bat of spikes.
Posessed victims are melted in a pool of flesh.
Angela's body as a serpeant explodes.
This flick was the goriest of them all.

Jim Manzie does a fine job with this film but not as good as the original composer. He does have some nice low keyboard playing for the scene's at the Hull House as well as some icy synthesizer music along with some organ music too. He made many moments of the music sounding very fast paced and suspenseful too.

We also have numerous songtracks by artists like Texas Chainsaw (Good name for a band composing for a horror film), Jones Street, Morbid Angel, Ol '55, Michael Kelly, Tribe Nunzio, The Assassins and DV8. Some of the music was death metal which was not at all my cup of tea.

Angela: It's devil's food cake.

Terri: The day after the Party the county sherrif went in with his deputies. They found the bodies, or rather hat was left of them. Their bodies were chopped, graded, sliced and diced, totally toasted I'm talking ground-round.
Bibi: [disgusted] Terri!
Terri: Their relatives could barely identify them, but they did. Everyone one of them, everyone except Angela!
Shirley Finnerty: Angela?
Bibi: The Girl who threw the Party. They searched the property over and over, high and low but never found her body!
Terri: They say it's because she descended into Hell. Body & Soul and now she's Satan's favourite, sitting on his Lap.
Shirley Finnerty: She's probably sitting on his big Spike right now!

Terri: Sister is it a sin to kiss a boy? I mean if you really really like him!
Sister Gloria: A kiss is a sin, when it is an upper persuasion for a lower invasion.

Shirley Finnerty: Sister Gloria is Fellatio a mortal sin or a venial sin?
Sister Gloria: Fellatio? I don't think I'm familiar with that term. Could you please explain to the class exactly what that means!
Shirley Finnerty: [remaining silent] ...
Sister Gloria: What's the matter Miss Finnerty? Cat got your tongue?

Bibi: Hey, Mouse is all right she just had a little rough thats all.
Shirley Finnerty: A little rough? Some who hasn't!
Terri: Well, listen to this: About a year ago her parents were sent a weird "Halloween"-Card. It was home-made and really creepy like decorated with dead bugs and dried blood totally disgusting... anyway it was signed by Angela!
Bibi: They really took it hard! Everyone tried to convince them that it was just a really bad joke, but they swore it was her signature.
Terri: That night both comitted suicide!
Shirley Finnerty: [excited] Suicide...
Bibi: That's why she's here. She's an orphan!
Shirley Finnerty: No shit! Just a charity case.

Rick: Smells like Godzilla's butthole...

Shirley Finnerty: [looking into a mirror] Hi there Doll-Face, looking pretty good tonight.