Night of the Demons III (1996)

Directed by: Jim Kaufman

Written by: Kevin S. Tenney


Gregory Calpakis .... Nick
Stephanie Baulder .... Holly
Amelia Kinkade .... Angela
Kris Holden-Ried .... Vince
Tara Sloane .... Lois
Patricia Rodriguez .... Abbie
Christian Tessier .... Orson
Joel Gordon .... Reggie

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1996 (Canada)




A group of kids are off to a Halloween party but on their way they pick up two girls who's car broke down on a corner and then they arrive at a corner store.
At the store one of the troublemaking kids named Larry (Larry Day) tries to buy a six pack of beer and then a gun shooting occurs causing that kid to be shot.
They leave the store and they all try to find a place to hide.
One of the kids suggest the Hull House as the place is apparently deserted but one of the girls heard about all the terrible stories of that place.
When they arrive there the Hull House looks like a house like any normal house with a resident living there.
That resident is of course Angela (Amelia Kinkade) who makes out at first that she is an innocent resident but then she kills them off one by one and turning them into her people which are of course demons like her until there are only two left which they struggle to break free from the Hull House as much as they can.


A nice start with a sheriff entering the Hull House and some special effects on his vehicle driving through a gate. However the Hull House looks even more different than ever and looks like a farm yard in which this seems a little odd. There's of course Angela greeting the officer telling him she is preparing for trick or treaters in which there's some nice shots on a couple of jack o lanterns. We all kinda suspect that her terror will unveil on him since he tells her no one lives there and insists that she lives there. Then we spot an animated opening sequence almost like we spotted in the original but showing more colorisation and other interesting moments. This looked very fun to watch and suits the film taking place on Halloween.
There's a familiar scene like in the original with a teen named Holly undressing and getting ready for a party and two little sibling brats break into her room and tease her. However there's some different situations here since this is not a remake at all.
Also another similar moment like in the original is a bunch of teens driving to a party in a van but this time we have a delinquent couple tagging along in which things look pretty watchable with them causing trouble by creating insults towards a geeky one who is driving known as Orson. This definetely looks well put in with typical teenage bad asses looking to create drama and their own style of fun.
Then we have Holly and her friend Abbie stranded as their car broke down like a situation in the original flick but this time the people in the van pick them up in which there's some nice typical teenage hormones with the guys seeing two beautiful girls wanting to cruise with them. This was a clever moment indeed.
Some great action is put in here while they stop at a corner store since one of the bad ass teens Vince needing some smokes since most of these tough teens have a bad habit like this along with a bad incident during a police shooting moment when he gets out of hand and one of his friends gets shot and bleeds half to death but they manage to get away as things look terribly dysfunctional for all of them having an injured friend as well as thinking they killed a cop too. A nice drive to the story here for sure especially when one of them suggests to hide out at the Hull House as well as some of them scared about it due to the stories on what had happened there keeping these moments traditional and proving this is a sequel since that place was popular for the terrors that unleashed there with everyone knowing about it now. I just loved this scene.
While they enter the Hull House it gets creepy when Vince tries to break the silence by firing his gun to see if anyone is there which we have a sinking feeling that this is not a good idea at all during this moment we spot the crematory oven opening with a force moving out of it as well as exposing the head of that demonic type of dragon that we saw in the first film which still looks cool to watch. Of course in the previous sequel they left that object out which I thought was a mistake.
Angela of course introduces herself to everyone as Vince gets aggressive with her pointing his rifle towards her as I was thinking that this was a big no no and had a feeling that he was going to be in for danger with his friends. Angela is part of the damned after all. It looked well out in nevertheless.
There's an interesting moment with Orson pointing a gun towards Angela and she sucks it like doing some sort of blowjob and spitting out the bullets. This scene is defientely memorable for anyone who watched this flick. It seems to work in well for a horror plot and some suggested terror that will happen to this dude.
Then in the story while Vince keeps an eye on things with his rifle he fools around with his girlfriend Lois and gets distracted since most horror stories involving a sleazy couple needs this moment especially in a teenage horror flick.
While Angela turns most of the people into her possessed demons I love a moment where Abbie is in a barn fooling around with Vince and then Lois catches them in the act leaving an impression that a cat fight is about to break out and I loved watching Abbie getting vicious towards this bitch and scaring her while exposing a monstrous face in which the effects looked cheesy but in an entertaining way. Right away you hope she gets what's coming to her for being nasty towards others like her boyfriend did.
Terrific hyped up one liners from the sheriff in the beginning of the story acting crazy with his sleazy speaking towards Hollyabout his gun and other situations about what he does in which we know he's a possessed demon but the lines he said would stick into your mind big time and can be influential for future horror films who have dark comedy used in them.
Then we spot better suspenseful moments like a head policeman named Dewhurst trying to protect some of the survivors from Angela as the effects with Angela's face changing and the intense moments here look pretty good.
A perfect struggling moment with Holly trying to escape the Hull House and Angela grabbing her away as well as Holly discussing the loss of her friends and returning there every Halloween to make sure no more terrors will happen in which this for sure leaves a door open for a part 4 but sadly it never saw the light of day and instead a stupid remake.
Bottom line this story made out as if part 2 never happened and having similar elements like in the original as mentioned but not as much excitement since the chemistry seems to weaken a tiny bit almost running out on what to do here. Of course Kevin S. Tenney returned to write the third installment of the Night of the Demons trilogy. No where as exciting as the first two but still enjoyable to watch. The effects are still good and I loved the ending when the Hull House lit up and Angela cackles saying "Happy Halloween".

The cast are Canadians but of course this was shot in Quebec, Canada. The actors all do a fine job. Gregory Calpakis (Nick) was also good as a boy next door type of person who can be tough when he needs to be. He also has a good guy macho type of personality and speaks very smoothly which works well in his favor and coming across perfectly onto the screen. He also had the perfect looks for this kind of role like he's a jock of some sort. Plus was perfect with his charming attitude and heroic type of behavior.
Stephanie Baulder (Holly) has a perfect innocence about her and looks beautiful too with her nice girl type of behavior which works in perfectly here along with showing some decent energy whenever she performs a suspenseful scene in the flick making her stand out pretty darn good into the story. She definetely has the right appeal to try and be a survivivor with the terrors happening around her. I remember watching her in the children's sketch comedy You Can't Do That On Television and is impressive that she pursued an acting career shortly after that.
Amelia Kinkade (Angela) of course went up to Quebec too to play this role for the third time and does a good job pretending to play an innocent resident of the Hull House and still has what it takes to this part along with her soft speaking words and wicked charming attitude.
Does well by talking smoothly towards her fellow actor. She also does well sucking on a gun moaning which seemed natural. She also does well with her sharp nasty words too whenever she tries to fool someone.
Kris Holden-Ried (Vince) played a believable punk in the film and one of the best actors too. He was perfect with his vicious attitude and loudness along with getting violent in which this came across smoothly too. He really rolled with the punches in each scene that he was in and studied this role perfectly along with having the perfect tough guy looks to add to his part which was another perfect bonus here. Two thumbs up for this dude.

Tara Sloane (Lois) perfectly played a slutty type of character as the punk girlfriend in which she was very believeable by doing all of this and also was great with her nasty and slick words too. She has the nice bad girl looks too which suits her role as well. Plus she knew on how to act very tough in which she comes across as someone you feel like hitting back for being such a bitch here. There's a nice violent reaction with her by showing great nasty aggressions against another actress in a barn.
Patricia Rodriguez
(Abbie) seems to pull her weight pretty good as someone who is a little more shy than the rest and really comes across perfectly onto the screen with everything that she did here. She does well with her spooked reactions along with acting like a slick cat while she's possessed which really sticks out in my mind to this day and can be well remembered for acting like this halfway through the story due to her talented acting skills.
Christian Tessier (Orson) was another cast member from You Can't Do That On Television in which I found to do fairly well in his performance as he definetely comes across well with his insecurities acting like a pussy and showing high pitched energy whenever he tries to act courageous and aggressive. Plus does well with his evil speech when he turns into one of Angela's demons. Nice pointers for this guy too.
Joel Gordon
(Reggie) showed some good spunk and charisma into his character acting like an innocent homeboy having a sarcastic attitude and enjoying himself. He shows alot of good enthusiasm on his behalf as well as showing terrific intensity too when he is injured and bringing all of this to life. He was for sure a good character actor.

Two girls played by former YCDTOTV actress Stephanie Baulder (Shocker folks) and Tara Sloane gets undressed to get ready for a Halloween party and even have a butt shot too as well as exposing ther breasts.
Sloane exposes her breasts after she is posessed making out with a juvenile delinquent.
Two juvenile delinquents are making out and his girlfriend is topless for a long time played by
Patricia Rodriguez.

Lots of bloody gunshots.
A police officers head is cut open exposing his brain.
A punks eye is shot out.
Angela melts to her skeletal body when the sun rises.

Dennis Michael Tenney recomposed the music like he did in the first one and still has the touch to it. Raymond C. Fabi also composed the music as we have alot of the low budget adventureistic horror feel to everything which blends in well to the story that is put here and sounding different than in the original one keeping it updated for it's time too.

Lois: What's the matter??? Cat got your tongue???