Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006)

Produced & Directed by: Jeff Broadstreet

Written by: Robert Valding


Brianna Brown .... Barb
Joshua DesRoches .... Ben
Greg Travis .... Henry Cooper
Johanna Black .... Hellie Cooper
Sid Haig .... Gerald Tovar, Jr.
Adam Chambers .... Owen

Release Date: World 3D Film Expo: September 8, 2006 (USA); Limited Theatrical: November 10, 2006 (USA)

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Barb (Brianna Brown) and her brother Johnny (Ken Ward) are late attending the burial of their Aunt as they argue along the way but suddenly Johnny is nearly attacking by people that are no longer alive. In fact they seem dead so he speeds away leaving Barb on her own as she tries to go to a mortuary in which she encounters zombies eating other people and the owner there named Gerald Tovar (Side Haig) tells her to flee as it's not safe while he himself tries to control these zombies.
Later on she is rescued by a guy in a motorbike named Ben (Joshua DesRoches) whom is a local college student and takes her a farmhouse by a family named the Coopers as they aren't prepared for the worst to come thinking that what they're talking about is a myth.
Suddenly they are attacked by zombie's and one of the residents named Owen (Adam Chambers) has his arm bitten and is suffering in pain while their little girl Karen (Alynia Phillips) is missing while being outside and when they found her she is not the same at all.
Gerald goes to the farmhouse to wanr the family on what is all happening but has an evil dark secret of his own.


The beginning looked a bit off key with Barb and her sibling Johnny while driving their car to the graveyard and then later on we have an attack scene that involved Barb against some a mourning zombie which looked totally cheesy.
There's also another moment with a discussion between her and Gerald Tovar, Jr. telling her to get away along with him battling a zombie which looked quite sloppy.
But there's also a good moment with more zombie's trying to attack Barb and then a great shot on Ben riding his motorbike in the mist and punching out a zombie.
A good shot on certain characters like a child staring outside in her house window with a zombie cut in half crawling along the ground towards her and then a good shot on him leaping at her which looked nice and horrifying. We also have a good shot on the farmhouse with the zombie's walking towards the house just like in the original Romero flick.
There's a corny conversation between a couple in a barn fornicating with one another but it really starts to get intense with the zombie's invading the barn with the boyfriend trying to fight them off and the girlfriend screaming running away naked and trying to keep herself safe in a vehicle along with good shots on the zombies trying to reach for her.
We have a nice surprised reaction by Hellie Cooper after spotting a bloodied floor which looked good with the camera shots on it.
Good shot on Hellie running down the stairs looking frightened along with a zombie of Karen walking down the stairs with a perfect close up on her turning her head and biting Henry Cooper's neck.
There's a great camera shot on Gerald sitting in a chair in a living room showing guilty reactions with Henry scolding him about what he is doing on keeping his corpses.
-A good shot on Owen rising up behind Ben and ready to attack.
There's a good ar
gumentative scene between Ben and Barn when she tells him about his habit to earn money as it looked natural. The setting looked great and dark near a dirt road and then we have a good shot behind a tree on a hill with two zombie's slowly walking towards them along with a good close up shot on one of the zombies and a nice shot on Barb covering her hand over her mouth and looking upset after discovering her brother resurrected into a zombie.
We have a scene with Gerald whacking Ben with a shovel which didn't look believeable.
There's a terrific scene that involved Gerald and Barb with a zombie father of Gerald's and acting insane about resurrecting the dead along with Barb getting vengeful by ligthing her lighter along with a great camera shot on the zombie in flames.
A good shot on Gerald outside throwing a punch towards Barb.
There's a real disturbing moment with Gerald dragging Barb down to a garage to get her turned into a zombie and he acts cheerful about it with her freaking out.
A great shot on the zombie's attacking Gerald with him convincing that he brought them back to life.
There's also another great shot on Gerald at a windshield smashing the window with insane expressions.
Bottom line is that remakes looked so much alike as the first remake of this film was pretty much like the first one with a different twist during towards the end but this one however is totally different. Yes there's the graveyard with the siblings and then the zombie's start to attack and one of them hides out in a farmhouse but however the farmhouse isn't abandoned and one of the heroes takes her there for safety.
It's also cool we have someone who is insane that takes the corpses from the mortuary and resurrects them so yes folks, this is a completely different story alltogether. It's funny showing one of the people living at the farmhouse watching the original Romero flick.
Plus, the dvd comes with 3D glasses but they don't work perfectly well and it's not 3D all the way through. I give this film the most original remake and the same with My Bloody Valentine. It's corny but in a fun way and well done too.

The acting is somewhat descent and somewhat bad too. Lead actress Brianna Brown (Barb) looked like that she graduated from modelling and is now trying to pursue an acting career showing very little characteristics and emotions to her part in it which I'm sure Judith O'Dea would not be impressed either seeing the role she portrayed in this one. Her running away from the graveyard and screaming looked cheesily performed and low on energy. She also looked phony when she is sobbing scared sitting under a tree and leaving a message to her brother on her cell phone.
Joshua DesRoches
(Ben) was so so with his performance playing the young hero in the film as he can pull off his aggressions okay but he's not superb in any way. She really does well by losing it and yelling at onscreen zombies and then pointing a gun at them and starts firing.
Greg Travis
(Henry Cooper) played a good family man and had the perfect looks to run a farm along with some of his good charming attitude in the film so I found him to be the best actor in the film.
Sid Haig
(Gerald Tovar, Jr.) was another great character actor usually portraying these crazy type roles in films showing great expressions and an insane attitude too. He just pulls this off in a terrific way.
Adam Chambers
(Owen) seems to put humor to his part but doesn't make his character believeable by portraying himself as a pothead. Sorry dude.
But in a certain scene he offers a good reaction on after being bitten on the arm reacting in pain. There's a perfect reaction on him lying on the couch acting sick.

There's a full named male zombie eating a preacher n the street.
Cristin Michele
is bare breasted in a barn during many takes in a barn and later on exposes her full naude body from top to bottom (Excpet in her boots) while getting up and running away.

We see a half cut zombie along with other gruesome looking one's.
There's bloody bite marks
A side of a woman's face in a truck is scarred
A shovel is stabbed in a zombie's face
Bloody gunshots in the zombie's heads
A person is gutted

Jason Brandt is marvellous with his music for this film. There's some good screechy sounds for certain moments when the zombies attack as well as hearing the odd thumping moments too. Plus there's some good low trombone music too usually occuring when there's a serious dialogue happening. There's also some interesting hissing sounds and low moaning synthesizer playing too.