Night of Something Strange (2016)


Directed by: Jonathan Straiton

Written by: Jonathan Straiton, Ron Bonk & Mean Gene


Trey Harrison .... Dirk
Rebecca C. Kasek .... Christine
Nicola Fiore .... Pam
Tarrence Taylor .... Brooklyn
Michael Merchant .... Freddy
Toni Ann Gambale .... Carrie
John Walsh .... Jason
Wayne W. Johnson .... Cornelius
Kera O'Bryon .... Sue
Al Lawler .... Sunny
Janet Mayson .... Betty

Special Appearance:

Brinke Stevens .... Teacher

Release Dates: Phoenix Film Festival: April 8, 2016; Motor City Nightmares Film Festival: April 22, 2016; Crimson Film Festival: May 14, 2016; SRS Fest: May 28, 2016; Scare-A-Con New England: June 3, 2016; New York TromaDance: July 30, 2016; Genre Blast Film Festival: August 20, 2016; FrightFest: August 26, 2016 (UK); HorrorHound Weekend: September 9, 2016; Fright Night Theatre Film Festival/ Halloweenapalooza Film Festival/ Scare-A-Con: October 1, 2016; PUFF: October 7, 2016; Tucson Terrorfest: October 13, 2016; Shock Around the Clock: October 15, 2016; Columbus Nightmares Film Festival: October 22, 2016; Requiem Fear Fest: October 29, 2016; NYC Horror Film Festival: November 11, 2016



Cornelius (Wayne W. Johnson) is a nechrophelia working in a morgue as he fornicates with a corpse turning into an infected zombie and fornicates with others turning them infected as well.
Meanwhile, a group of teenagers are ready to go on a holiday during their spring breaks but are unexpectedly detoured to a isolated motel where this virus is spreading and they become infected by it as well and turning them into the living dead.


The opening looked sick as we spot a mortuary with a nechrophila Cornelius revealing a naked corpse this person fornicating this dead body as I was thinking to myself that I'm in for another bad movie and I was right.
Then he is at home the next day groaning and then later on urinating in his room as well as attacking and raping his somewhat wife Betty which looked so gross as what he was doing to her. You'd have to see for yourself as I dare you to watch this awful flick.
After a good opening credits thins set place at a school with a narration on a girl explaining her classmates which looked lame to watch and a rebellious girl Pam asking to use the washroom only to bail class and go on her spring break early with her boyfriend Dirk which seemed to fit in the story but that's nothing to brag about.
Alot of pointless situations with the other teens ready to go away on their spring break which was a time waster as well as Pam going to a store to ask a key to the washroom only to do her period and wipe with a bloody tampon which is disgusting as well as Cornelius going in and throwing up blood in the same washroom which was even more gross to watch. None of this was appropriate by any means.
Then other teens later on stop to the store and Carrie asks the clerk Sue for a key to the washroom and she gets harsh with her which looked believeably unpleasant to watch all of this unravel.
There's also some gross stuff one of them does to a fellow whom is sleeping which was more inappropriate to watch as well as some of them puking. I was thinking to myself "I can't wait for this film to end!"
However, there was an effective scene at night in the corner store when Sue picks up a can that fell on the floor and is attacked by a zombie but then it gets lame again when she tries to get away but taking breaks while puffing her cigarette and then gets raped by this zombie which was not the least bit funny.
Then a couple of other kids arrive at the motel with the clerk Sunny acting creepy towards them and saying stuff not clearly which came across as sleazy and offensive in which this was all supposed to make this person creepy and mysterious but this fell flat making these moments look lame.

Carrie suddenly turns into a zombie and asks chubby Jason to fuck her which is scary to watch but the terror unravels after what she does to him which offers mild cannibalism. This looked intense to watch but nothing to brag about either.
Meanwhile Jason's gay lover is jerking off lying down near an alley which was of course stupid to watch along with Sunny catching him in the act. Stupid as fuck.
Then he goes into his room and sees Jason lying there face down naked as he actually rims him and tries to fuck him which looked genuinely gross which was incredibly uncalled for but what's worst is his cock is stuck up his ass and can't get it out even when Jason himself turns into a zombie. If this sounds lame trust me it's to the extreme lame!!!!
But an improvement happens when Dirk ditches Pam when he finds out she cheated on him and getting aggressive as well as going outside and getting aquainted with nice girl Christine as their discussions flowed well. Probably the best scene in this god awful flick.

Aferwards, the two of them struggle against their friend whom are now zombies as there's some fast action on all of this but a ton of gross stuff that goes on in this story. For example, Cornelius jerks off in front of a police officer and the results look terribly gross but this is an infection for this officer to become a zombie. Still, totally disgusting.
Also the zombies private parts become a deadly device and I'm not kidding on this. If you want to see a monstrous crotch it's got that too.
In the middle of these battles, Sunny has a dark secret of his own in which he has both Dirk and Pam tied up and gagged to a chair which was well shot and set up making me think of the Saw and Hostel franchise.
Yet, it gets dumb again later on towards the near ending when they escape thinking the nightmare is over but it isn't
Bottom line is that this is a revolting flick that the makers tried to use a similar chemistry of 28 Days Later with alot of perverted and disgusting moments. If I wanted to see something like that I'd watch a movie by Troma Entertainment. It was made on a decent budget for an indie flick as well as it being a film festival driven type of flick but if you haven't seen this one you're not missing out. It isn't funny or scary by any means!

Believe it or not the acting is quite alright in which Trey Harrison (Dirk) nailed it very well with his cocky attitude in which he comes out strong as to someone not to cross with either. He had the right looks for this part. Plus shows off a nice versatality with his charming attitude as well as coming out heroic into all that he did when battling against the terror that surrounds him. He was a decent character actor.
Rebecca C. Kasek (Christine) showed her craft well as the innocent girl next door type in which she showed off a nice outgoing and likeable attitude. She offered alot of great energy and aggressions when battling away her nightmares as well as freaking out near the end of her performance bringing it to an extreme.
Nicola Fiore (Pam) does her job well by being skanky as well as having a good stuck up behavior. She came across well as a rebellious teen and rolling with the punches along with having the right looks and appeal for this role.
Toni Ann Gambale (Carrie) made her role believeable as someone mellow and soft spoken in which she studied this terrifically well. Also adds a great versatality when she turns into a zombie acting wild and crazy with her vicious behavior. She was one of the best in the cast.
John Walsh (Jason) stood out the most in his supporting role as the chubby and geeky kind in which he reacts well to doing things as well as being high strung in which he seemed to really know on what he was doing here. Nice pointers for this fellow.
Wayne W. Johnson (Cornelius) really jumped into action big time in his role as a vicious zombie in which he showed inspiring energy when attacking or reacting to being sick or in pain as he certainly knew on what to do in each scene while having to behave this way.
Kera O'Bryon (Sue) certainly disguised herself nicely by looking creepy like as well as a grouchy and crazed clerk at a store in which she seemed to know on how to act intimidating by behaving this way.
Al Lawler (Sunny) however was off as an eccentric type working at a motel in which he was supposed to act strange and creepy but fails to comes across like he was supposed to be this way. He was a little too over the top. He was very annoying.

A fully naked corpse is revealed
A woman is fornicating with breasts and butt revealed
Guy is lying face down on a bed butt revealed along with another fellow with his pants down butt revealed as well in a motel room

A face of a zombie is mangled
Another zombies face is scarred
Broken glass is stabbed in someone
Woman's crotch is bitten off
Parts of a chubby guy's body is bitten off
An ear is chewed off
Many violent bloodsheds

Paul Amos does a fantastic job with his music in this film by having strong classical music in which there's many banging sounds with supsenseful violin music and deep tones too. PLus strong chanting sounds and stuff like that. It sounded very mainstream for a small indie flick such as this one and the only thing going for this piece of trash.

Christine: Carrie's dead! She's trying to kill us!!!

Freddy: He's dead tired

Speaking Vagina: Fuck me!
Dirk: You've been fucked! (Shoots the vagina)

Christine: Fuck you bitch!!!!